Club and Association

In Humanities department, structured strategies are adapted for both slow learners and advanced learners. The sub-department functions under a club viz., Psychology Club, Journalism Club, Literature Club Political Science Club and a Movie Club. These clubs function actively throughout the year to encourage active participation to showcase innate talents and enhance their skills. Students are made to involve with zest and enthusiasm in all extension activities and outreach programs to have a firsthand experience with the underprivileged and marginalized sect of the society for a holistic development. Subject teachers and class teachers support and motivate students in all aspects. Most importantly student support services like counseling sessions, personality development programs, soft skill training, women empowerment and career guidance and placement assistance focus on progression of students to higher education and employment.

With all in house training and participation on the placement cell finds the right job for the right candidate and ensures every individual a safe place in the job market. Quality enhancement cell initiate new policies for a better outcome with regard to academics and co-curricular activities. Suggestions from the student council and feedback from the alumni are considered and implemented for the well-being of the students.

"Failures that Changed History" - History Square
“The Department of History in association with the History Club on 27/11/19 made use of the History Square, in creating awareness regarding failures and how important personalities like Amitabh Bachchan, Stephen King and Albert Einstein, who had been rejected in life at many places, did not heed the negativity in being rejected but rather strived on to their goal with a positive mindset. This edition of the History Square aimed to educate the students on how failures are not a dead end in life, but rather stepping stones. In the edition, the portrayal of Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC, who revolutionized the culinary history of the world making elite food available to the masses, is a reminder that age has nothing to do with one’s success. Walt Disney was also mentioned in the wall mainly for his many withdrawals in life. The life of Walt Disney is not the happy Disney that we witness in television today but rather a hard and struggling life, however, he never gave up and went ahead with his ideas and had become a renowned figure throughout the ages to come revolutionizing the cartoons and animated movies that teenagers and children enjoy.”

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