Inter Collegiate Fest La Fête 2020
Day 1- the beginning of literary fest
La Fete is an annual inter collegiate fest that takes place at Kristu Jayanti College, Autonomous, Bengaluru. The fest is organised and conducted by the humanities department of the college. This year the theme of the event was “Reminiscing the decade 2010-2020”. Students from various institutions like Surana College, CMS, Presidency College, Mount Carmel College and many more had taken part in it.

The inaugural function was headed by the Vice Principal Rev. Father Dr .Augustine George; this was followed by an introductory note from the chief guest of the event, Mr Rajashekara S who is the senior assistant editor of the Bangalore Mirror. Mr Rajashekara spoke about the importance towards the awareness of world affairs and also emphasized on the benefits of taking part in fests for the students. The director of Kristu Jayanti College of law, Rev. Father Emmanuel PJ was also present among others in the inaugural function.

On the first day of the fest there were various interesting events that were held like Modern Politician, Air crash, Quan Sat, JAM and Spill the Socie- Tea.

Modern Politician was an event where participants are expected to be well aware of global politics and general knowledge.

Then there was another event called the Air crash;

Air crash is an event that deals with the hypothetical situations; where the participants are given the roles of famous personalities. These personalities are the passengers of a crashing plane with only one parachute. The participants are supposed to reason out and explain the importance of the personalities, which are allotted to them to acquire the parachute. Quan Sat is treasure hunt where the participants have to search for hidden clues around the campus.

JAM is an abbreviation for Just a Minute where the participants’ speaking and language skills are put to test.

The events conducted at La Fete 2020 helps students in various ways and developing skills such as public speaking, leadership and team work.

Day 2- The competition continues…..
The second day had many challenging events for the participants. The day was divided into three sessions. The morning session had one of the most interesting events and that’s bamboozled. In the event bamboozled, each participant is allotted different personalities and characters and they undergo various rigorous rounds and are expected to adhere to their allotted character’s behaviour and personality throughout.

Trilogy is an event in which the participants would take part in various rounds and will have to recollect the facts about the various events that occurred in the last decade. The best event of the day was the Movie Scrutiny, a movie is screened to the participants and they have to write a review and scrutinize the movie. The movie screened in La Fete 2020 was Jallikattu 2019. The afternoon session had the events Shabhdo Ka Jaadu and ADDZAPP in which participants had to pitch an advertisement for a product which was given to them.

La – Fete was indeed a successful event, as it paved an easy way to the literary enthusiasts to participate in events and at the end of the day, the ultimate take away from the fest was ‘A pure learning spirit’..

Humantra 2K19
The annual intra collegiate fest Humantra 2K19 of Humanities department was organized on 17 September 2019. The fest with the theme “The Great Indian Cinema” offered a platform for the students to exhibit their creative and organizational talents. The inaugural session was held at 11.00 am. Dr. V. N. Pauline, faculty coordinator of Humantra welcomed the gathering. The fest was inaugurated by Vidhya Shankar, the Artistic Director at Bengaluru International Film Festival in the main auditorium. Rev. Dr. Augustine George, Vice Principal, Kristu Jayanti College presided over the inaugural ceremony. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel P. J, Director, Kristu Jayanti College of Law, Dr. Gopakumar. A. V, Dean of Humanities and Dr. Thomas Palayoor, Head of the Department of English shared the dais.

The chief guest in his inaugural address highlighted the transition from word based perception of the older generation to visual based perception of the new generation. He emphasized on the quality of Indian movies which makes them unique. He also specified the artistic essence in Indian movies especially in Malayalam and Bengali movies. He opined that the Kannada film industry is rooted in history, Malayalam on emotions, Tamil on the socio political aspects and Telugu on the techno economic aspects. He pointed out that cinema as an entertainment and modern visual communication system is more effective than photography and other mediums. Rev. Dr. Augustine George appreciated the Humanities student fraternity for their dedicated involvement in all the activities of the department. He emphasised that cinema portrays life and culture and educates the audience. He added that beyond cinematography, sound effect and acting, cinema connects with the emotions and feelings of the audience.

Rev. Fr. Emmanuel P. J. felicitated the chief guest Mr. Vidhya Shankar by presenting him a memento. Tesma Jomin, the student coordinator of Humantra 2K19 proposed the vote of thanks.

The competitive events of Humantra 2K19 commenced in various venues from 11.30 am onwards. The events of the fest were Iconic Masquerade, Declamation, Sandalwood, Aircrash, Celluloid, Addzaap, Behind the Scene, Jam and Hindi Ka Safar. The fest enthralled the students with diverse events focused on the various arenas of the Humanities department.

The valedictory session of the fest was conducted in the main auditorium at 3.30 pm. Prof Alna Mariya Isac, faculty coordinator delivered the welcome address. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel P. J, Director of Kristu Jayanti College of Law addressed the gathering. He appreciated the students and marveled at their talents. Prof. Carmel Mariya and Prof Anusha announced the results. The dignitaries on the dais distributed the prize to the winners. Swaminathan, student Coordinator of Humantra 2K19 expressed his gratitude to each and everyone who dedicated their service and time for the successful completion of the event.

Fade In 2019: Intra Collegiate film festival
15 years ago, Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore constituted a film club for the film lovers within the campus. FADE-IN, the flagship program of film club was started in Kristu Jayanti College which is a humongous interest for film lovers. FADE-IN 2019 a two intra-collegiate film fest was inaugurated on 23 August 2019 at 9.30 AM. Shri. TR Gopalakrishnan, Former Editor, The Week was the Chief Guest. He addressed the students on the career scope as film Journalists and the new style that can be adopted from the film technique for breaking news. “The trend of our generation was going to a movie together and now it is fading away due to the unlimited availability of visual entertainment through various gadgets”, he opined.”

Imagine producing news as a cinema on a show time basis, people will get special interest to watch the news if that’s the case” he added. Also shared so many innovative views on emerging techniques from film and journalism to tell a real-life story and enlightened the Jayantians in an extraordinary manner. “The two-day fest enabled us to appreciate the different genres of films prepared at the different era with different techniques”, said Sachin Nair, III semester JPCS Student.

The number of efforts put by the management and coordinators to make the fest successful was admirable. Fade In 2019 began by paying homage to Shri. Girish Karnad, the popular playwright, actor, administrator, and public intellectual. One of the famous scripts “the blaze presentation” was played and students were enlightened by the screenplay in it. The two-day fest screened 06 films from Indian and International panorama.

Delphia 2019
Title: Delphia 2019
Date: 23/08/2019
Number of beneficiaries: 570 In-house: 570
List of Resource Persons with details:
[Inauguration, Sessions and Valedictory]
1. Inauguration - Rev. Fr. Augustine George
2. Valedictory – Rev. Fr. Emmanuel P.J.

Objective: To celebrate the written word by authors across cultures and to give students a glimpse into the wondrous world of literature with the aim of fostering love for literatures and cultures.

Session I:
Delphia 2019, the Intra Collegiate Fest with the theme Words, Worlds and Wonders began with the promotion in the Quadrangle on 22nd August, 2019. The promotion was followed by the inaugural session on 23rd August, 2019. The Vice Principal of Kristu Jayanti College, Rev. Fr. Augustine George inaugurated the fest. The inaugural session was presided over by Dr. Thomas Palayoor, Head of the Department of English (UG). In his inaugural speech Rev. Fr. Augustine George congratulated the Department and the students for conducting the fest. He also stressed the significant impact of literature on human life. The Dean, Dr. Gopakumar A.V upheld Delphia to be a monumental learning experience for the students. The inauguration was followed by Live Exhibition which unfurled literatures from different cultures to the audience. The beneficiaries embarked on a journey through different continents and cultures.

Session II:
The fest enthralled the beneficiaries through a multitude of competitions namely: Psyche, Colour Panorama, Fortune bug, Slam Poetry, Carnivalesque and Moot Thyself. The competitors excelled in each genre through their mesmerizing performances. The winners were awarded prizes at the valedictory function which was presided over by Dr. Thomas Palayoor, Head of the English Department. The chief guest of the valedictory function was Rev. Fr Emmanuel P.J, Director Kristu Jayanti College of Law. He congratulated the students and encouraged them to explore the numerous opportunities offered by the department in the college.

Beneficiaries were exposed to glimpses of different cultures through performances from literature which helped to inculcate a greater passion for culture and literature making them both relevant in today’s socio political and cultural scenario.

Delphia 2018: The Gothic Chronicles
The Erudite Club of Kristu Jayanti College organized Delphia 2018, the Intra Collegiate Fest portraying The Gothic Chronicles on 28 November 2018. The fest aimed to proffer a fortuity for the students to cognize the Gothic Literature and its transcendental realm.

The Principal of Kristu Jayanti College, Rev. Fr. Josekutty P. D inaugurated the fest. The inaugural session was presided over by Dr Thomas Palayoor, Head of the Department of English (UG). In his inaugural speech Rev. Fr. Josekutty P. D exhorted the students to imbibe the eternal values from the literature.

It was followed by the promotion of the fest highlighting the different aspects of gothic narration in the quadrangle. Live Exhibition which unfurled the different layers of the gothic territory of literature was the cynosure of the fest. The exhibition was a museum of learning which gave tribute to the classics in Gothic literature. King Vikram with Betal on his back acted as the tour guides for the exhibition. Edgar Allan Poe reciting the death of his lover ‘Anabelle Lee’, A scene from Shakespeare's Macbeth, Hansel, and Gretel with the creepy child consuming witch, and the birth of Frankenstein by Mary Shelly were recreated in the exhibition. The live exhibition tour ended with Count Dracula and his humorous side. Students traversed into the gothic enclave through its unparalleled magical and mystical representation.

Various competitions like - As You Like It, Creative Writing, Slam Poetry, JAM, Literary quiz, and Narrative Wars- were also organized as a part of the fest. The competitors excelled in each genre through their mesmerizing performance. The winners were given away the prizes at the valedictory function.

Inter Collegiate Fest La Fête 2019
Date: 23 January, 2019
Number of beneficiaries: 860 In-house: 800 External: 60
Resource Person with details: Shri. Sumesh Senan, CEO, Clicksmiths, Media Production Company
Objective: To enable the participants to express themselves and the society through the lens of the myriad visual art forms.
Session I: Inauguration
Inter collegiate fest La Fête 2019 began with promotion in the quadrangle was witnessed by Shri. Sumesh Senan, CEO of Clicksmiths Media Production Company, and was followed by inauguration which was held in the Main Auditorium at 10 am on January 23, 2019.

La Fête 2019 was inaugurated by Shri. Sumesh Senan, CEO of Clicksmiths Media Production Company said “We cannot imagine a world without art. Without art, the world will be a dark place to live in. Art is all about freedom of speech and expression. Art has helped everyone to think with various thoughts.” He also highlighted the role of visual arts in shaping the minds of young generation for a just and humane world.

He also mentioned the need of communication skill for an artist. “Instead of just being creative, you need to communicate well so as to interact and attract your audience. Communication skill will help on selling products and values.” He concluded the speech by mentioning the efforts of artist towards the society.

Fr. Josekutty P D, Principal, Kristu Jayanti College Presided over the inauguration function said the formula of ASP (Aim, Strive, and Perseverance) to reach success in one’s life. Quoting from the renowned late social reformer, seer, Sree Sree Shivakumara Swami, “Without wasting time, knowledge must be achieved", the principal encouraged the students to be socially responsible citizen.

Students from various colleges participated in the inaugural session. The Programme coordinator of La Fête 2019, Ms. Sucheta Sankar welcomed the gathering and student coordinator, Mr. Vinayak S Chandargi proposed vote of thanks.

Various competitions were held in four venues simultaneously immediately after the inaugural session of La Fête. In venue No 1 Main Auditorium the preliminary round of Congress of the Elite, a modern day portrayal of the actual Congress of the Elite was conducted. In venue No 2 Room no 309 Picturesque, a combination of pencil sketching and cartooning was organized. In Mini Audi 3 Ek Suhana Safar, journey of rediscovering the beauty of Hindi language was organized.

In Venue 4 Room No 506 Kannada Antharanga, an exploration of the artistic imagination of Kannada language was conducted. The second session of events in the forenoon was held in three venues. Oikonomos, a casting of the budget, was conducted in Main auditorium. The first round of Luminary, a hunt for the most confident and witty personalities was held in Mini Auditorium 3. Visualizing Vonder a platform for expressing creative thoughts through visualization was organized in Room No 506.

Session II:
Events were held in five different venues after the lunch break. Word Strokes, focused on the aesthetics of word play was held in Eco Park. In Room No 501 Vox Populi, a model of parliamentary system was organized. The prelims of Narrators Wars was organized in Mini Audi and Obscura in Room No. 506. JAM( Just A Minute), an all round fun event of mind over mouth was held in Mini Audi 2.

Date: January 24, 2019
Session: I
The second day of the fest commenced with the final round of Congress of the Elite in Mini Audi 2. Students from Presidency College bagged the first prize. In Mini Audi 3 the contest of Dissolve which extended a chance to demonstrate filmmaking skills and tell the ocean of stories was held. The event Snapshot, which encouraged photography enthusiasts to discover their creativity, was organized in the same venue.

The event of Daily Bugle, showcasing the journalistic talents of participants was conducted in Mini Audi 2. The final round of Obscura, the challenging event which disclosed the pedantic level of students through quiz was conducted in Mini Audi 3. The final round of Oikonomos, the economic event of budget allocation and crisis management was held in Mini Audi 2. Bamboozled, an event that demands sharp, quick and logical reasoning took place in Mini Audi 3.

Session: 2
The final round of Luminary, the personality contest was held in Mini Audi 3. The final round of Narrator wars, a platform for creative narration and interminable imagination was conducted in Mini Audi 2.

The valedictory function of La Fête 2019 was inaugurated by Rev Fr Augustine George, Vice Principal, Kristu Jayanti College. Fr Augustan Fr Augustan George congratulated the winners of the fest from different colleges. Father acknowledged the dedication, commitment, organization and team work of the department of humanities. Dr. Gopakumar A V, Dean of Humanities; Prof. Remya B, Head of the Department of History; Prof. Cynthia Charles, Programme Coordinator; and Mr. Thanseeh Ahamed, Student Coordinator were also present.

Prof. A Anusha announced the results and Rev Fr Augustine George distributed the certificates and trophies to the winners. Presidency College bagged the overall trophy of La Fête 2019 and S Aravinda from the same college was awarded with the Star of La Fête 2019. Garden City college of Bangalore won the runners up trophy.

Humantra- 2018
Date: 6 to 9th August 2018
Name of the event: Humantra 2018 – Trailblazers: Inspire and Ignite
Number of Participants: 321(Male =130+ Female=191)

The skills can be portrayed in the linguistic spontaneity, intellectual sharpness of personality and creative activities; Humantra-2018 is the intra-collegiate fest that hosted by the Department of Humanities of Kristu Jayanti College which provided a platform for a holistic growth for the students. The grant day of the Fest was on 9th of August 2018 while the prelims were conducted from 6th of August 2018 onwards.

There were 14 events for the fest like: JAM, Resistencia, Media Wars, Jone’s Assistant, Modern Politician, Pretentious Persona, Kannada Kusuma, Histoury, Economica, Esquissor, Celluloid, Snapshot and Inquisitive. The inaugural function was held in the Main Auditorium of Kristu Jayanti College at 10 am. This fest was held in high esteem by the honourable chief guest Dr. Albert Joseph Smith, Principal of St. Joseph’s Evening College, Bangalore. There was a very good response from the students, a total of 321 students participated in the event. “Humantra is an open platform where I could develop my innate talents by expressing it without any fear. I am so happy that I could win the prestigious prize of the event, ‘The Star of Humantra’. opined Maria Shaji, from III JPs Eng.

Fade In 2018: Intra Collegiate film festival
The film club of Kristu Jayanti College in association with Department of Journalism and Mass Communication organized a two-day intra-collegiate festival at Mini Audi III, on 6 & 7 of August 2018. The Chief Guest for the event was Prof. N. Manu Chakravarthy, a National Award Winner and also an academician with an experience of 38 years. “Cinema can’t be held responsible for creating the good or bad character or bring about revolution instead cinema is made as such things already exist in the society,” said Prof. N. Manu Chakravarthy. Contrasting to the fact that movies are a huge investment, he believes that though movies are a huge investment, they aren’t just investment or a source of gaining the invested capital, but is more as it educates of what the society is all about to the people.

Illuminating further, he opined, “Many people have started writing reviews which are of commercial movies, which include some story plot and credits. In art movies, such things are not possible. They help you to theorize and bring into picture things mostly metaphoric by the screenplay and director’s mind.” He also threw some light into the work of Shri Girish Kasarvalli and said “Kasarvalli made characters of strong women, who fight their own dilemma and win as one attractive factor in all his films. Apart from that, it was rain which was present in all his work.” Cinema is that art which is distinct from all other works of art at the same time is not too, it can deal with every fundamental issue of the entire world. The possibilities are endless- diverse representation of the world, he added.

Other dignitaries on the dais were Rev. Fr. Josekutty PD, Principal, Dr. Gopakumar AV, Dean of Humanities, Dr. Juby Thomas, Coordinator film club, Mr. Nithin T Mathew, the student representative. Around 200 Students had the opportunity to watch and discuss 06 Indian and international films.

Delphia 2016
The Department of English organized the annual intra collegiate fest ‘Delphia 2016’ hosted by the Erudite club on August 20, 2016 in Kristu Jayanti College. Rev.Fr. Augustine George, Vice Principal inaugurated the fest and released Department publication Expressions. Various events were organized to celebrate such as Masquerade, Paper Presentation, Literary Quiz and the live exhibition. As it was also the 400th death anniversary of William Shakespeare, the students enacted one of his well-known plays, ‘As you like it’ which also turned out to be the highlight of the day. “English is not only a means of language but also a path to culture,” stated Rev. Fr. Augustine George, the Vice Principal. He told the students about the English language conveying the profundity of thoughts and richness of emotions along with connecting minds. Prof. Jithu Tom Eapen, Programme Coordinator, Department of English, emphasized on English being the key that unlocks doors to scientific and technical developments. Moreover, he also mentioned how Delphia is an attempt on remembering the forgotten names in the world of literature.

Humantra 2016
The Humanities Department of Kristu Jayanti College hosted an intra-collegiate fest, Humantra 2016 with the theme Renaissance - Revival of Talents on September 23, 2016. This fest serves as a platform for many of the exuberant youth in the humanities division, to articulate their skills in an extremely competitive manner. It also guides them into leading a path towards their future endeavors. Fr. Lijo P Thomas, Financial Administrator inaugurated the fest. In his inaugural address he spoke about the connotative meaning of Humanity, referring it to as an ‘academic discipline that study human culture.’ He further went on to speak about the three important aspects of Renaissance – firstly, the power of looking into the past for power and inspiration; Secondly, it shows us the importance of continual revival or exploration; and finally on the fact that change is the only thing that is ever constant. The fest consisted of 14 events namely, Media Jamboree, Envisionize, Third Eye, JAM, Modern Politician, Inquizitive,Debate, Quintessence, Hindi Ka Safar, Neena Nana, Budget Allocation, Histo- Hub and Short- Film making, with the students divided into 15 groups, each assigned with a team leader.

La Fete 2017
“La Fete 2017” – a two day Inter-Collegiate Arts Fest with the theme of Social Realism: the ground reality by the Humanities Department of Kristu Jayanti College was organized on 20 to 21 February 2017. The theme of the fest was to highlight the naturalistic realism focusing specifically on social issues and hardships of everyday life. La Fete was inaugurated by Shri A S Chandramouli, Former Deputy Director of Doordarshan, Bengaluru Kendra.

Shri Mouli also released the video of La Fete 2017 and addressed the gathering with details of experiences from his time in the media field. Impressed by the importance and relevance of the theme of the fest, he gave us instances in his life where he experienced the lack of realism portrayed by the media and government alike. “The truth is in between the lines. What is the truth? I don’t know. Social realism is like a mirage and everything is manipulated.” He went on to predict that the event is going to be bright and prominent, as the theme is ‘explosive.

Film and Photography club of Kristu Jayanti College organized a two-day film festival ‘Fade In’ on July 27- 28, 2017. Shri. Georgekutty AL, Founder Editor of Deep Focus Magazine and Secretary, Bangalore Film Society inaugurated the festival. Rev. Fr. Josekutty PD, Principal; Rev. Fr. Augustine George, Vice- Principal; Rev. Fr. Emmanuel PJ, Faculty, Department of Psychology, Dr. Gopakumar AV, Dean, Faculty of Humanities; Ms. Paulumi Guha Biswas, Faculty Coordinator, Film and Photography Club; Mr. Jomin John, Student Coordinator, Fade In Film Festival were also present during the inauguration. This year being the twenty fifth death anniversary of legendary film maker Satyajit Ray, the film festival paid tribute by screening his masterpieces like, ‘Pather Panchali’, ‘Charulatha’. Fade in also screened other Indian and International classics like, ‘The Salesman’ Directed by Asghar Farhadi; ‘The Great Dictator’ Directed by Charlie Chaplin; ‘Run Lola Run’ Directed by Tom Tykwer; and ‘Kaakka Muttai’ Directed by M. Manikandan.

Delphia 2017
The English Department of Kristu Jayanti College hosted an intra-collegiate fest, Delphia 2017 with the theme Literature and Myth on August 22, 2017. This fest serves as a platform for the students to express their creativity, thought and vision in an artistic manner. Principal Rev. Fr. Josekutty P.D inaugurated the fest and spoke to the audience about the significance of myth in literature and life.

The live exhibition was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Principal who eulogized the students enthusiastically. The exhibition showcased the mythical traditions of Greek, Indian, Norse and Egyptian cultures and attracted large number of audiences and won their appreciation. The fest presented a number of events and prominent among them - Poetry Recitation, Debate, Spell Bee and ‘Just A Minute’ (JAM), won a lot of encouragement. Students from various B.A batches took part in the events and won prizes. The valedictory function was graced by Rev. Fr. Augustine George, the Vice-principal of the college who delivered the valedictory address and prizes were given to the winners.

Humantra 2017
The Department of Humanities, Kristu Jayanti College organized an intra-collegiate fest on 22, September 2017. The theme of the fest “ Back to the 90s” captured and preserved the nostalgia of the 90’s through various events such as JAM , Histoury, Lime Light, Weldosia, Cosplay, Photography, Politica Disputandum, Puzzle Economique, The 90’s game show, Picturesque, Treasure Hunt, Hindi Ka Saffar, Maathu Manthana, Poster making etc. Accommodating events from specific areas, Humantra offered a platform for students from all the streams to exhibit their talents in interesting as well as challenging ways. Fr. Issac PJ, Principal, Mary Matha College, Periyakulam, Theni inaugurated the fest making it unique with his visionary ideas on education and perseverance. The inaugural session was graced by the presence of Fr. Josekutty P.D (Principal), Dr Gopakumar A V (Dean, Department of Humanities). As the feedback conveys, the students who participated in various events marked it as an important part of the process of learning which is very relevant to make education effective. The valedictory ceremony was graced by the presence of Fr. Augustine George (Vice Principal), Fr. Immanuel PJ (Department of Psychology) Dr. Gopakumar (Dean, Department of Humanities).

Humantra 2014
Humantra 2014 began with a formal function at Kristu Jayanti College. This fest was a platform for the students of humanities to showcase their talents. The festival was inaugurated in the presence of Chief Guest Mr. Aruldas Suresh, Assistant Manager, Times of India.

While addressing the gathering Mr. Aruldas said, “We need a little inspiration to get us going. We need someone to find our colours”. He said that being from a corporate world, dealing with societal relationship is important. Throughout our career, we are dealing with many lives from the society. He shared three facts learn, love, lead.

Fade-in 2014
Kristu Jayanti College organized a film festival ‘Fade In’ on August 22– 25, 2014 for the students of the Humanities Department. The festival ‘FADE IN’ witnessed screening of retrospective regional movies and international.

The program was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Josekutty P D, Principal, by officially launching the film festival video put together by the final year students. In his inaugural address, Rev. Fr. Josekutty P.D, congratulated and appreciated the film and photography club, he said, “Words many times are not conclusive or cannot be believed always, actions prove the credibility”. He reminded the students not to forget the contributions of various artists in different areas and eras of film history. He also encouraged them to explore new dynamics of cinema and be creative thinkers and evaluators.

La Fete – The Inter collegiate fest with the theme ‘Rise for humanity’ inaugurated
The sixth edition of ‘La Fete’ with the theme “rise for humanity” was organized on 06 March 2015. The Fest brought together eighty participant’s from over twenty colleges participating in various event like, cartooning, just a minute (JAM), mock press, photography, creative writing, logo designing, debate and many more. “La Fete is one of the most popular arts fest in Bangalore and now it is even popular in many other parts of the country. It provides us immense creative ideas and is a platform to compete with the best talents in the city”, said Mr. Tejonidhi Paul, a participant from Jain University.

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