Best Practices

The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance has implemented several best practices to enhance the learning experience and professional development of its students. These best practices include

1. Readers Island: Readers Island, an initiative by the Department of Professional Accounting and Finance, aims to cultivate curiosity and a lifelong learning habit. While numerous book-related YouTube channels are emerging, the importance lies in instilling a love for reading in students from a young age, as it plays a vital role in their educational growth. Reading serves as a potent tool to stimulate imagination and nurture their natural curiosity, empowering students in their quest for knowledge

2. Professional Interface Forum (PIF): Professional Interface Forum (PIF) - is an exclusive platform for B.Com Professional course students pursuing their degree with professional courses like CA/CS, CMA, and ACCA. It is a remarkable club that mentors students to become "Industry ready" scholars. The club offers a unique learning system with a seamless progression curve, integrating extra mural activities to develop students into full-stack professionals.

The club's activities are a perfect blend of fun, academics, and personal growth. Led by faculty members with entrepreneurial expertise, it provides a memorable experience for young minds. This program is highly recommended for those aiming to excel in professional careers related to banking, insurance, finance, or software domains.

The Professional Interface Forum, comprising club members, meets weekly to enhance their skill sets and engage with like-minded individuals. They discuss important aspects of professional studies, share updates from professional bodies' websites, arrange guest lectures, facilitate peer-to-peer learning sessions, and provide exam preparation tips. The club also conducts inspirational sessions to boost learners' confidence and equip them with a deep understanding of the business world.

3. Alumni Mentorship Programme The Alumni Mentoring Programme connects students with their alumni, who act as guides, facilitators, and sources of inspiration. Its main objective is to foster alumni engagement with their alma mater and provide a platform for sharing valuable experiences. Alumni mentors share their professional and personal expertise, helping students prepare for exams and navigate challenges.

Mentors offer meaningful guidance on exam preparation strategies and provide career and personal development advice. Their insights on managing change and overcoming difficulties have a profound impact. Mentors are encouraged to regularly connect with mentees through calls, meetings, or email, based on individual needs and preferences.

House of Thespians
Date: 09 March 2023
The Reader’s Island Club of the Department of Professional Accounting and Finance functions with the overt aim to develop the literary capabilities of the students and give flair to their creative aptitude. A skill development Activity, titled “House of Thespians” was organized on 09.03.2023 as an intra-department competition by the club. The groups selected a book and enacted the story in the book. The competition helped in bringing out the characters alive from the world of literature and gave creativity a boost. The enactment of various scenes from various books left an unforgettable memory in the minds of the participants as well as the audience.

The performances were judged by Dr. Sneha Suresh and Professor Aasha S and the criteria for judgment were a story, dialogue delivery, characterization, and costumes. The winners were as follows:
Ist Position: II Year P7
IInd Position: II Year P3
IIIrd Position: II Year P1
The activity helped in enhancing the interpersonal skills, acting skills, and communication skills of the students.

Reader’s Island Club - Master of Words (Spell Bee Competition)
Date: 27 October 2022
The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance organized a session on Human Values. The idea was conceptualised by Dr. Nidhi Raj Gupta- Asst Prof.-Kristu Jayanti College. Human Values refer to those values which are at the core of being human. The values which are considered basic inherent values in humans include truth, honesty, loyalty, love, peace, etc. because they bring out the fundamental goodness of human beings and society at large. This session was aimed at imparting an attitude of gratitude among the students.

Siddharth Mahajan – (II Year BA) , explained how important it is to be thankful and show gratitude. Being born with a visual impairment, he was able to narrate his own life practices and how he would battle all odds of life with his undying spirit. He also spoke about the three A’s of life – Acceptance, Admiration, and Appreciation. Siddharth shared a few glimpses of his life and how he coped up with the challenges of his life and his ability to convert every difficulty into opportunity.

Few self-realization activities were conducted to sensitize the students on being appreciative of the gifts and talents one possesses and the need to use those talents for fulfillment and gratification. The students enjoyed the session as they posed several questions.

Reader’s Island Club - Master of Words (Spell Bee Competition)
Date: 27 October 2022
The “Master of Words” competition was held on the 27th October 2022. The main intention was to enhance the spelling and literary skills of the participants. The event comprised of three rounds viz. Word Play, Magic Spell and Spellabrate. The first round of the competition was (Word Play) which was a written round. The participants were required to verbally spell the words. 27students participated in the competition. The second round was the Magic Spell which was also a written round. Here the difficulty level was slightly higher than the first round. A total of 15 participants moved on to the second round. The final round (spellabrate) was an oral round. This difficulty level was much higher for this round. The students performed extremely well and displayed a competitive spirit. The judges for this round were Dr. Nidhi Raj Gupta and Dr Reenu Mohan. The participants were yet again given five words to spell. All the finalists performed extremely well in this round.

Skill Development Activity on Book Buzz
Date: 29th September 2022
"There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island." — Walt Disney.

Of all the skills, one may have imbibed growing up, arguably none are more important than the ability to read. Each book that you read is an opportunity to learn something new. Reading teaches new perspectives. Also, reading is an effective way of boosting your memory and enhancing your focus.

The Reader’s Island Club of Department of Professional Accounting and Finance, Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous) in association with the Library and Information Centre organized an event titled “Book Buzz” on 29th September 2022 for all the students.

The aim of the activity was to promote book reading habits among the students. Book reading is an essential activity especially for those want to rise above the ordinary. The students were required to pick up a book and finish reading it in a week’s time. The students creatively projected the story of the book through a representation on chart papers leading to a visual delight and quick comprehension of the contents of a book through a creative demonstration. Around 60 students participated in the event. The participants were judged based on creativity, material used and portrayal of the story.

Expert Talk on a Stairway To Sempiternity
Date: 16/09/2022
The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance, Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous), organized an expert talk on 16th September 2022 for the Second year B.Com students of P1, P2 and P6. The talk was given by Prof Susan Sanny, Faculty member of the Department of English. Mam discussed the various benefits of reading habits especially for Commerce students. It was an interactive session involving various activities for the students. Prof.Susan also discussed the valuable points to be taken care while reading. She quoted examples of various personalities who developed their reading habits and became successful. She concluded by stating that we must strive to learn to broaden our horizons and also shared the insights with a story of frog in the well.

At the end of the session the Reader's Island club, the book review club of the Department was inaugurated. The coordinators of this club are Mr. Travis Jonathan Rozario and Ms.Sandhya from V Semester B.Com ACCA. Ms.Sandhya gave an insight on the objectives of the club and shared the various events that were planned to be conducted. Mr. Travis delivered the vote of thanks. It was an enriching and informative session.

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