Peer Learning

Peer Learning Session on “Preparation For Cma Exam”
Date: 22/09/2022
The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance organised a peer learning session on 22nd September, 2022 from 10am to 11.00 am for the second year B.Com CMA students. The session was conducted by Mr. Aaron Joseph Thomas, student of final year B.Com P4 who completed part1 of CMA Exam in the first attempt. The main objective of the session was to provide the students detailed guidelines on preparing for a highly competitive professional exam such as CMA.

Mr. Aaron shared his ideas and views on how to clear CMA exam and also shared his experiences and challenges he faced during the preparation. He encouraged the students to prepare for the exam with a clear vision and focus. The speaker explained the importance of daily practice of questions, increasing the pace of solving the problems and also the need to have a time frame of preparation. Mr. Aaron suggested various platforms like google, YouTube where the students can access more relevant information related to their exam.

The session concluded with an open discussion wherein Mr. Aaron clarified the doubts and queries raised by the students and thereby made the session interactive and informative.

Elon Musk Buys Twitter for $ 44 Billion: Tesla Boss or Darag Agrawal Who Will Run Twitter
Date: 28/04/2022
Nagashree G S, from B.Com P2 shared insights on Elon Musk buyout of Twitter for $ 44 billion. The objective of the discussion was to draw out the strategies of Elon Musk on buying the most popular Social- Media called Twitter. Tesla CEO, who is also the world’s wealthiest person, wanted to buy and privatize Twitter because he thinks it’s not living up to its potential as a platform for free speech.

Musk wished to make the service “better than ever” with new features, such as getting rid of automated “spam bots” and making its algorithms open to the public to increase trust. The participants had an open discussion on Elon Musk’s strategies that drive him to pursue big.
The session was interactive and informative.

Student Presentations Academic Year 2021-22
Date: 08.04.2022
Dealing with risks associated with fraud is on no bank’s wish list, but it is a fact – frauds are on the rise and will continue to rise, especially within the current business environment. While there is no doubt that banks are making investments to enhance their fraud risk management framework, monitoring systems and controls, however it appears that these efforts have not been sufficient. Gowri A S from B. Com ACCA presented on banking scandals. The aim of this session was to bring in awareness about banking frauds and its effects. This session was a brief presentation about India’s biggest bank fraud- ABG Shipyard Case which was declared India’s biggest bank fraud surpassing all other cases. The session was very much interactive and informative.

Student Presentations Academic Year 2021-22
Date: 07.04.2022
Money laundering is a financial crime that relies on stealth and flying under the radar. Understandably, detection poses a significant challenge in this field. Money laundering legislation have been created and implemented in countries all over the globe, and global organisations such as the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) regulate the global banking industry’s activities. Yet money laundering remains a threat and a phenomenon that is hard to track. Despite its incognito nature, there are some statistical insights available on this global crime that costs the world around USD 2 trillion every year. A session on Money Laundering was conducted by Bhavaya Nagar from VI Semester B.COM ACCA. The presenter spoke about the Banking giant HSBC which was fined £63.9m by the UK's financial regulator for "unacceptable failings" of its anti-money laundering systems. The speaker also covered some important aspects of the case including Introduction about HSBC Bank, Charges against HSBC money laundering case 2012, new era for HSBC bank, Anti-money laundering system and the shutdown of the case. The session was informative and interactive.

Date: 01/04/2022
Non-fungible tokens are the latest hype train in the block chain world. They’re still very much in their infancy stage, but they’re beginning to showcase themselves as incredibly useful tools for promoting the ownership and the authenticity of all assets. A session on Non Fungible Tokens was conducted by student Raghu from from Vl Sem B.Com P2 in order to make the participants aware of the concepts of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The session begins with the speaker giving the meaning of NFT and how they work and the best NFT’s to invest in. The session was concluded by taking a glance at the most popular and costliest NFTs which were sold in the previous year (2021). The session was highly informative and interactive.

Inspirational Success Story of Manof Aggarwal
Date: 25/03/2022
Sadhana of BCom P2 sharing her thoughts on the Best Apps available for students to apply for jobs
An issue that plagues the lives of most students when they graduate is finding a job. After spending several years studying and carefully selecting ones majors, students, naturally, want to be able to get a good job that meets their needs. These requirements can be related to the industry they will eventually work in, the salary and compensation they will receive and the kinds of flexibility they will get in terms of timings.

Going down the traditional route of job hunting can be a tedious and cumbersome task — many recent graduates often struggle with having to send their CVs to several employers and never hearing back from them. Months are often spent tracking down good jobs through ones networks or university career fairs, often to no avail.

A session was conducted by Sadhana of B.Com P2 in order to create awareness on search engines for jobs and higher studies abroad. With the advent of websites and applications, the process of job hunting has become several times easier. By simply downloading an app to one’s phone, and with the touch of just a few buttons, students are able to find jobs in no time! In fact, surveys have found that 78% of Millennials used their mobile devices to find jobs as of 2016 and these figures are on an upward trajectory. She also shared information on the various appas that could be downloaded for jobseekers.

Risk and Return Analysis of Investments
Date: 10/03/2021
Mr Mohammed Muzammil of V Sem B.Com P2 took over the session on risk and return analysis of investments. The speaker highlighted the investment avenues and also the risks and returns associated with each form of investment. Statistical data was presented to explain the risks and returns associated with each investment using five year data.
The session was well appreciated by all the participants.

Student Presentations Academic Year 2021-22
Date: 04/03/2022
A session was conducted by Abhishek K from VI B.COM P2 on the impact of crude oil prices due to Russia and Ukraine war. The main objective of this session was to bring in awareness on the effect of prices of crude oil due to Russia invasion on Ukraine. The speaker started with a brief background of the Russia – Ukraine war and over the loss of Russia's power and influence since the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the rise of the Crude oil prices during the build-up of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s special military operation in the Soviet-era constituent, Ukraine, backed externally by the US-dominated military alliance called NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). The session was a thought provoking session and captured the attention of the students.

Student Presentations Academic Year 2021-22
Date: 04.02.2022
Accounting scandals have been on the rise and it necessitates the learners to be aware of the scandals and the impact of the same on the economy.A session on Accounting Scandal that took place in Luckin Coffee 2022 was conducted by the student Monish.S from BCom ACCA. The session covered the Introduction about Luckin Coffee, Founders and the Accounting Scandal that took place 2020. The presenter also threw light on the adoption of new chairman, Re-structuring of Luckin Coffee, and the scandal in depth. The session was informative and interactive.

Collaborative Learning Session for CA and CS Aspirants
Date: 04/02/2022
The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance, Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous), organized Collaborative learning session on 4th February 2022 for first year CA and CS aspirants. The speakers were Mr Manoj Kumar, Mr Vinay C and Ms Vasundhara B K from VI Semester BCOM P1. The speakers gave an introduction of the professional courses – CA and CS and the career prospects. They discussed on various aspects like registration, examination, subjects to be prepared, online resources for various subjects. It proved to be a very informative session as the participants were able to clarify their doubts. The speakers urged the students to maintain a healthy study life balance.

Motivational Session on Breakthrough Towards Excellence
Date: 28/10/2021
Classes Attended & Number of beneficiaries: 50 students, III Sem B. Com P1
Objective: To enlighten the students on the importance of CA/CS courses and the ways of clearing CA foundations and CSEET.
It is a well-known fact that CA/CS exams are difficult to clear and the pass percentage of the number of students who cleared CA foundations or CSEET is considerably low and the dropout rate keeps increasing and many students aren’t registering themselves for further attempts. In this regard, a motivational session was conducted by the students of V BCOM P1 for their juniors i.e., III BCOM P1.

The speakers addressed the students on the importance of clearing the professional examination and encouraged them to continue their journey in the professional course. They also emphasised on subjects such as problem solving, systematic approach, time management and self-care.

The following are the agendas that were covered in the session:
• How to crack the foundation papers.
• Various portals, from which they can find Study material.
• Familiarizing the ICAI & ICSI portals to the students.
• Motivation and guidance from seniors.
• Sharing personal study experience of students who have cleared the professional exams.
• Importance of participating in different fests conducted by college and how it helps them in becoming a better professional.
• Clearing relevant queries related to the professional courses.

On Peer Learning on Most Commonly Used Terms In Income Tax
Date: 27-10-2021
The session involved explanation of 5 commonly used terms in Income tax which was conducted on 27/10/2021. The terms are as follows: Exemptions, Rebate, Deductions, Average rate of tax, and Marginal rate of tax. The session involved an explanation of all the 5 terms with suitable examples to clear the concepts. The concepts provide a clear understanding of jargons used in Income tax. Also, the understanding of them is important to understand various provisions and case laws related to income tax. The presenter also gave illustrations and brain storming activities to help students comprehend the terms with ease.

Peer Learning on the Topic “Meaning of Relative as Per Income Tax Act”
Date: 24/9/2021
Classes Attended & Number of beneficiaries: 65
Name and details of the Resource Person: Miss Vemula
Objective: To encourage learning through Peer involvement, encourage teach and learn and build team spirit and collaborative learning amongst the students

The student Vemula from BCom PI (Batch 2019-22) took up the topic “meaning of relative under the Income Tax Act” for discussion with the students. She gave a diagrammatic representation to explain the meaning of the term relative as per the Act. During the interaction, she also gave four illustrations for brain storming and give clarity to the concept discussed during the session. The students interacted well with the speaker and the main objective of students initiating and participating in the learning process was well achieved.

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