Pradarshan - “Mosaic Maneuvers: Crafting Commerce Masterpieces”
Date: 16 February 2024
The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance at Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous) orchestrated a captivating Intracollegiate Commerce exhibition titled "PRADARSHAN 2024" on February 16, 2024. With the overarching theme "Mosaic Maneuvers: Crafting Commerce Masterpieces," the event was meticulously designed to spark the creativity and imagination of both I and II year students.

Nestled within an atmosphere pulsating with innovation and metamorphosis, "PRADARSHAN 2024" served as a platform for over 105 teams to unveil their dynamic and cutting-edge models. These models were not merely displays but embodiments of the future of Commerce, ingeniously integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their frameworks.

UTHAN 2024: Commerce Carnival - A Festival of Infinite Business Realms!
Date: 09 February 2024
UTHAN 2024, the annual Commerce Carnival, unfolded on 09 February 2024, marking a celebration of talent, innovation, and collaboration in the world of business. With the theme "A Festival of Infinite Business Realms," the event aimed to provide participants with a platform to explore and showcase their skills, talents and entrepreneurial visions.

The fest commenced with an inaugural address by Mr. Ajit Abraham- Shell P&T & Downstream businesses. Certified as a Lean practitioner and MCIPS, Mr. Abraham's insights set the tone for the fest, inspiring participants to navigate challenges and demonstrate leadership in the business realm.

Participants engaged in a series of competitive events, including Best CEO, Portfolio Manager, Corporate Relations, Business Quiz, Entrepreneurship Development and Best CFO. These competitions tested participants' strategic thinking, problem-solving abilities and business acumen, pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity. UTHAN 2024 served as a testament to the power of innovation, collaboration, and passion in driving business success.

Intra-Collegiate Fest Samruddhi 2023
Date: 25 September 2023
"Samruddhi 2023," the annual intra-collegiate commerce fest hosted by the Department of Professional Accounting and Finance. This spectacular event, which unfolded from September 13th to September 25th, 2023, was a celebration of talent, innovation, and sustainability. "Samruddhi" has always been synonymous with excellence, and this year's theme, "Fusion of Futures: Innovation x Sustainability," was no exception. The event served as a Launchpad for almost 800 students to reach the highest echelons of professional success. It provided them with a unique platform to showcase their skills and abilities, ultimately empowering them to excel in their future careers.

Diverse and Exciting Events

Samruddhi 2023 featured a diverse range of competitions designed to immerse participants in the corporate world's dynamic scenarios and to hone their professional skills. Here's a quick overview of the six stimulating events:

Best CEO: Participants stepped into the shoes of a Chief Executive Officer, making critical decisions to navigate their virtual companies to success. Best CFO: The role of Chief Financial Officer was brought to life as participants managed finances, investments, and financial strategies.

Best Entrepreneur: This event allowed budding entrepreneurs to pitch their innovative business ideas and showcase their entrepreneurial acumen.

Corporate Relations: Participants honed their skills in managing relationships and communications within a corporate setting, a vital aspect of any successful business.

Portfolio Manager: In this event, students took on the role of a portfolio manager, making investment decisions to grow their virtual portfolios.

Business Quiz: A test of knowledge, strategy, and quick thinking.

Pradharshan 2023 - An Intra Collegiate Commerce Exhibition
Date: 12 April 2023
The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance organized “Pradharshan 2023”, an intra-collegiate commerce exhibition on 12th April 2023. The participants were the I and II Year B. Com students Rev. Fr. Deepu Joy, Director – of the Student Welfare Office and Faculty member-Department of Life Sciences, who inaugurated the exhibition and appreciated the students for their creativity and inventiveness.

The main objective of the exhibition was to encourage the students to be innovative, creative and develop a better understanding of the commercial world. The theme of the exhibition was Innovation and Sustainability in the commercial world. The event witnessed an overwhelming response and more than 90 models were put on display.

The exhibition covered various topics such as Finance, Logistics, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Stock Market, Banking, and Manufacturing services. Students depicted team effort, creativity, and innovative ideas in the presentation of their models.

Rev. Father Joshy Mathew, Director, HR Department presided over the valedictory session and commended the efforts and the ingenuity of the students in making the models and also presented the prizes to the winners of the exhibition.

The winners were awarded cash prizes for the best model. The winners were as follows:
1. Team Rolex - First Year
2. Team Partons - Second year
3. Team Bull & Bears – First Year
The event concluded well and the chief takeaways from the event include real-life scenarios in the commercial world, increased awareness of the functionalities of the different aspects involved in the field of Commerce, and a hands-on experience on the model depiction and model building for students paving the way for creative thinking, nurturing innovative abilities and team building.

Model United Nations [MUN]
Date: 24 April 2023
The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance organised MUN on 24th April 2023. Participating in MUN helps students develop leadership skills, research, writing, public speaking, and problem-solving skills. Moreover, coming up with solutions that are acceptable to a majority of the representatives also inculcates skills in negotiation, conflict resolution, and cooperation.

The goal of holding this event was to divulge the delegates who are the participants in present world problems and provide them with a model of the UN conference which served as a platform to think, discuss and debate as representatives of various countries with one another with the goal of finding suitable resolutions that could help aid the countries in their struggle against these problems. MUN imbibes skills like research, public speaking, debate, and a thorough knowledge of specific problems that are faced by various countries of the world. It included 4 committees along with an international press presence in each committee. The committees and their agendas were

1. UNHRC - United Nations Human Rights Council
This council combats current world issues with regard to violation of human rights, discrimination on any ground, inequality, and injustice. The agenda was “Combating the rising level of human rights violations due to intolerance; gender, ethnicity, refugees”.

2. UNSC - United Nations Security Council
The primary responsibility of the UNSC Council is the maintenance of international peace and security. The agenda of the council was focused on the topic “Addressing the need for disarmament in the Ukrainian and Russian borders”.

3. UNGA - United Nations General Assembly
It provides a unique forum for multilateral discussion of the full spectrum of international issues covered by the Charter of the United Nations. The agendas of the Council were “Armed Violence in Developed Nations'' & “Issue of Terrorism in Under-Developed Nations.”

4. ECOSOC - Economic and Social Council
This council is formed to discuss and combat the prevalent world problems in relation to economic and social matters. The agenda of the council was ‘Need for creating Sustainable economies through focusing on renewable sources and mobilizing financial resources’

The international press played the role of reporting the live events and news on the activities of each committee.
The participants waged a tough fight and all the committees presented their ideas and thoughts well.

Intercollegiate Fest “UTHAN”
Date: 03 March 2023
Uthan 2023 - the annual intercollegiate fest of the Department of Professional Accounting and Finance was held offline on the 3rd of March 2023. The name originates from the Sanskrit word “Uthan” which means - “rise”. The fest gathered attention from several colleges and universities and was a great success. The inauguration ceremony addressed by Chief Guest, Mr. Gursimran Kalra, the Co-Founder and the COO of Minus Zero Robotics Limited, inspired the youth with his inspirational talk and challenged the students to carry a winning attitude.

UTHAN 2023 is a culmination of different events with the theme of Metaverse. The various events included- Best CEO, Best CFO, Crisis Management, EDP, IPM, Masterminds, and Corporate Relations. The event took off with great zeal and enthusiasm with participants from twelve different colleges in India, waging a tough fight with their competitors.

The events tested the caliber of the participants challenging them through the various rounds to test their logical, critical, managerial, and problem-solving skills. The event organized by the members of the Festing Club was a great success.

The valedictory ceremony was held in the presence of Fr. Deepu Joy-Students Welfare Officer, Dr. Annie Stephen, coordinator- of the Department of Professional Accounting and Finance, Dr. Kiran Kumar, Dr. Poornima, Dr. Sivasankar and Prof Indra-faculty co-ordinators for the event. The overall championship was bagged by the participants of Christ College, Central University, Bengaluru, and the runners-up position by Presidency College, Bengaluru.

Intra collegiate Fest 2022 - Samruddhi
Date: 15 to 20 October 2022
The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance organised Samruddhi- 2022, an annual Intra-departmental fest. It seeks to help the students to achieve the highest level of professional competence and excellence by creating a platform to portray their skills through various events that help them to excel in a corporate environment. Samruddhi 2022 was conducted from 15th October to 20th October 2022. The theme for the fest was “Beyond All Limits – Unleashing the Indian Unicorns” inspired by the recent rise of Unicorns in India. The fest intended to inspire our students to put out their highly desirable and unique corporate talents to paint a picture of how they should deal with the corporate world. Each of the events in this fest were planned with an objective to unleash our students' creativity, build their problem-solving skills and empower their decision-making ability. The events planned include Best CEO, Corporate Relations, Crisis Management, Best Entrepreneur, Innovation and People Management, Élenchos, Best CFO, Portfolio Manager and Business Quiz. Each of these events is planned to give the participants an opportunity to be exposed to the corporate world scenarios and equip one with the ability to cope up with challenges in the professional realm. The preliminary rounds comprised of minimum of 4 rounds in each event. The inaugural session for Samruddhi 2022 was held on 20th October 2022. Ms. Kshema Shetty, Key Account Manager - Wholesale Business Pan India at Mondelez India, Foods Private Limited was the Chief Guest on the occasion. The Valedictory Ceremony was held at 3:30 pm ,Fr. Joshy Mathew, Head Department of English addressed the gathering and congratulated the students on their initiatives and active involvement. The winners were felicitated during the valedictory ceremony and the event was a grand success.

Tagore’s Chandalika
Date: 29th September 2022
Self-consciousness, up to a point, is necessary to self-development; for without an awareness of the dignity of one’s own role or function, one cannot give one’s best to the world. The above lines are taken from one of the dramas of Rabindranath Tagore– Chandalika.

The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance in collaboration with the Kristu Jayanti Theatre Club organized a play titled ‘Tagore’s Chandalika’ on 29th September 2022 for the second year B. Com professional students.

The story that is revealed in the plot is all about discovering new dimensions of life, as well as, discovering one’s inner self. The drama offers many aspects of human approaches, such as, over obsession for something can be as disastrous as gulping poison. Another aspect of the play is discovered through the act of quenching thirsty Buddhist monk, that proves to be a kind of “rebirth” for a girl who is meant to be untouchable. The presence of the mother is a cue of saying that, one should not step out of the boundaries that are set by the religion and society for any person living on this earth. Rebellion against the wall of system and society, is another thing that is portrayed by the drama. The presence of a Buddhist monk in the play, rejuvenates it, bringing whole of a new sense to the play, teachings of Buddha, determination towards life and bringing up the best of a person, is that converts it into a multi-dimensional and psychological drama of intense spiritual conflict. Finally, turning into redemption, along with self-realization, the drama had a tale to tell, that –

Love does not claim possession, but it gives freedom.

The main intent of the event was to make the students understand the concepts taught in the class through innovative approach by enacting the concepts through a play. Rev. Fr. Deepu Joy, Student Welfare Officer, graced the occasion. Fr.Deepu Joy congratulated all the actors and highlighted one of the key takeaways from the play, stating "Self - Humiliation is the greatest sin”.

Uthan’22 - Fest Virtual Inter-Collegiate Commerce Fest
Date: 16th & 17th March 2022
Uthan’22 is the Annual Inter-collegiate commerce fest organized by the Department of Professional Accounting and Finance, Kristu Jayanti College. The fest was organized for two days -16 and 17th of March, 2022. The theme for the fest was “ All the world’s a stage”, a line from Shakespeare play “As you like it”, a tribute to the world of Entertainment that have morphed amidst the challenges of Covid-19 and continued to entertain us during the global shut down, turning into a Rs 1.38 Trillion industry.

The fest had four events:
1) Leadership and Business Management/ Games of Agraga- this event delves deep into the world of Leadership and Management. It tests the participants’ ability to handle various leadership and Public relations challenges. The word Agraga means Leadership in Sanskrit.
2) Innovation and People Management/ Divergent - this event deals with the various challenges faced by a Human Resource manager and Marketing Manager. Effective Marketing and Efficient Human Resources are integral pillars of an organization that are needed for its long term sustainability.
3) Finance and Portfolio Management / Billionaire’s club - Finance is a lifeblood of any organization. This event tests the participants’ ability to raise and manage funds amidst various risks.
4) Entrepreneurial Development Programme / Encanto - Entrepreneur’s are the new stars in town. The event tested the various skills of the participants from starting a firm to making it a Unicorn.
The participants were required to register as a contingent of 4 individuals, Throughout the fest, the participants were put to test in their ability to manage various crisis situations, similar to the VUCA world that we live in. The inaugural ceremony of the virtual inter-collegiate commerce fest-Uthan’22 was held through zoom meeting on 16th march 2022 at 9:30 am. The program started with the invocation song by the college choir. Ms.Theertha Manoj, the commerce club secretary was the M.C. for the inaugural ceremony of the commerce fest Uthan’22. The Guest of Honor for the event was Mr Michael Wargner- Vice President- Miles Education. Dr. Annie Stephen Co-ordinator Department of Professional Accounting and Finance welcomed the Chief Guest. Mr. Michael Wagnar shared an inspirational story as he gave the opening speech. Around 17 teams from colleges in India participated in the fest. The valedictory function was conducted on 17th March, 2022, through zoom at 4:00 p.m. Fr. Deepu Joy Parayil and Dr. Annie Stephen were the dignitaries present.The runners-up for the event were Team Nemo of Christ University, Lavasa and team Penelope of Presidency College, Bengaluru bagged the first prize.

The fest marked the beginning of a new era of competition with the collaboration of all the teaching fraternity and student co-ordinators.

Samruddhi- 2021
The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance organised Samruddhi- 2021, an annual intra-departmental fest. It seeks to help the students to achieve the highest level of professional competence and excellence by creating a platform to portray their skills through various events that help them to excel in a corporate environment.

Samruddhi 2021 was conducted from 7th October to 22nd October 2021. The theme for the fest is “Ignited Minds - A Vision for New India” inspired by the work of late President of India Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. Dr A.P.J Kalam who was also known as Missile Man of India drew a parallel of how an ignition took a rocket to higher levels, he believed that an ignited mind of a youth would help to unleash the power within themselves and take India to a whole new level of development. The word Samruddhi is borrowed from Sanskrit, meaning Excellence and Prosperity. The event is intended to ignite the mind of our students so that they can take India to a greater level of prosperity or “ Samruddhi”. Each of the events in this fest were planned with an objective to unleash our students' creativity, build their problem solving skills and empower their decision making ability. The skills acquired would enable them to lead India into “light and prosperity” in tune with Jayantian moto. The events planned include Best CEO, Corporate Relations, Corporate Strategist, Best Entrepreneur, Innovation and People Management, Élenchos, Best CFO, Portfolio Manager and Business Quiz. Each of these events is planned to give the participants an opportunity to be exposed to the corporate world and to sharpen their professional skills.

The participants of the fest were 1st year and 2nd-year BCom students.. The preliminary rounds commenced from 7th October 2021 to 13th October. The preliminary rounds were mostly conducted online via zoom. There were at least 4 preliminary rounds in each event. The inaugural session for Samruddhi 2021 was held on 22nd October 2021. Mr Pradeep John, C.A., C.S., L.L.B. was the Chief Guest on the occasion. The Valedictory Ceremony was held at 3:30 pm on 22nd October 2021 and Fr Emmanuel, Director- Kristu Jayanti College of Law, addressed the gathering. The winners were felicitated during the valedictory ceremony. Overall, the event was a grand success.

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