Field Visit

Industrial visit to Dairy Day's Manufacturing Facility
Date: 25-30 January 2024
The industrial visit to Dairy Day's manufacturing facility was an insightful and educational experience for the II Year students of the Department of Professional Accounting and Finance. The visit aimed at deepening the understanding of production, supply chain management, and customer-centric approaches in these industries.

Dairy Day, a prominent player in the dairy industry, with its state-of-the-art production facility was a great learning experience. The visit commenced with an insightful presentation on the company's history, values, and commitment to quality. The manufacturing unit showcased advanced technologies employed in the production of various dairy products, from milk processing to the creation of ice creams and other delicacies.

The highlight of the Dairy Day visit was the emphasis on quality control and hygiene standards. The students witnessed meticulous testing procedures implemented to ensure the safety and purity of their products. The interactive session with the production team shed light on the challenges faced in the dairy industry, including supply chain complexities and the importance of sustainable practices.

The students also visited IKEA. The sprawling IKEA store not only showcased an extensive range of products but also provided an immersive experience into the company's unique business model. The students were enlightened about IKEA's commitment to sustainability, affordability, and innovation in design. The visit to IKEA included a guided tour through their showroom, where we explored diverse room setups and learned about the functionality and design principles behind each piece of furniture. A discussion with the store manager highlighted the company's global supply chain strategies, emphasizing the importance of efficient logistics and sustainable sourcing practices.

Experiential Learning through Field Visit
Date: 30/08/2023
The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance facilitated an immersive learning experience for 52 students for the Vth Semester B Com P7 (Batch 2021-24). On August 30th, 2023, these students embarked on an industrial visit to The Dairy Classic Ice Creams Pvt. Ltd in Bangalore, Karnataka, gaining valuable hands-on insights into the industry. The visit provided them with a practical understanding of the ice cream production industry, safety protocols, quality control measures, and auditing procedures. The students were taken on a guided tour through various learning stations within the Dairy Day facility. Each station was designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the ice cream production process, from the initial stages to the final product reaching the market, the trip was not only informative but also aligned with the students' academic pursuits by offering them a glimpse into the practical aspects of the business world. Special attention was given to the handling of the cold storage area where temperatures could reach as low as -20 degrees Celsius. This instruction ensured the well-being of the students and highlighted the company's commitment to maintaining a safe work environment, operational insight, quality control and cold chain management.

Experiential Learning through Field Visit
Date: 29th September 2022
Department of Professional Accounting and Finance, Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous) arranged an Industrial Visit for 78 students of PAF V P4 to UNIBIQ Huskur Rd, Bengaluru on 29th September 2022.

Industrial visit always gives out of the classroom experience. Students explore and understand practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. It gives the exposure to current work practices as opposed to theoretical knowledge being taught in their classrooms.

First of all, students were given “Head cap” as safety measurement. Then taken for orientation session, followed by Question and Answer round. The UNIBIQ Plant Manager, briefed about company structure, factory capabilities and working and historical decisions. Students were asking many questions regarding administration, Manufacturing accounting, Branding, Business Policies, inventory Management, Marketing, Word of Mouth, costing and finance. After a healthy discussion, they being directed in small batch to the factory.

It was a huge factory, the baking smell was arousing appetite considerably. The process of cookies starts from flour classification, and mixture with desired amount of secret ingredients. Then through automated way, it goes for molding & cutting in specified variety. Then goes for baking through food conveyors. Then shifted to cooling conveyer. After cooling, manually they discard the odd ones and forward for the packaging. Packaging was also fully automated but supervised by group of people. Rolls of plastic sheet as rapper being rolled there, as cookies were arriving, roller was giving appropriate size, and it packed lastly. Then shifted to cartons and forwarded for logistics.

Once visit to factory was over, UNIBIQ as a token, gifted cookies to all of the students. Then students approached the factory outlet of UNIBIQ for good offers.

Visit also included, breakfast and lunch to all of the students. Students learnt a lot through this practical exposure. They were happy and carried this sweet cookies memory. Faculty in charge for this visit were Dr. Nidhi R Gupta and Prof. Aneesha K Shaji form PAF department.

Industrial visit to UNIBIC, Peenya, Karnataka
Date: 27 September 2022
The Department of Professional Accounting and Finance organised an industrial visit to UNIBIC on September 27, 2022. The UNIBIC factory in Peenya, Bangalore, Karnataka was visited by about 51 students from V- B Com ACCA as part of experiential learning.

The students were provided an opportunity to visit the manufacturing unit of the biscuit factory. The company manager, Mr. Sanath, started with a brief introduction of the background of the company. UNIBIC India was incorporated in August 2004 to produce world class biscuits in a niche, unique and premium segment. He also shared manufacturing process of the cookiesa= and displayed a robust product development process with the involvement of senior management, marketing and sales along with the R & D team which brings the best of consumer insights and innovating thinking to the creation of new variants. It is the first biscuit company to have put up a “wire cutting” technology which provides superior quality products and is the only method available to make real cookie.

Thus, the industrial visit gave the students an opportunity to learn about the production process and also witness the factory processes. Students also gained knowledge of costing techniques and policies that is practised by UNIBIC. The industrial visit was an amazing learning experience for all the students.

Field visit to Sula Vineyards Channapatna, Karnataka
Date: 19-05-2022
A Field visit to Sula Vineyards was organized by the Department of Professional Accounting and Finance on 19th May 2022. Around 66 students from Vl BCom ACCA visited the Sula Vineyard premises located at Channapatna, Karnataka

The students got an opportunity to visit the cellar room. The process of fermentation was also briefed to all the students. The students were led to a room where the barrels of wine were placed and stored. The differences between white wine and red wine were also disclosed and the fermentation as well as the storage period for both the categories of wine were also explained. The bottling and labeling process of wine was also explained to the students. The process of obtaining government approvals and distribution of the wine to the outlets were also briefed.

This industrial visit helped each one of us to experience the art of winemaking and also the students were inspired by the sustainability procedures followed by Sula Vineyards such as reducing the carbon footprint, installation of drip of irrigation system use of solar energy. Industrial visit to Sula Vineyard was an enriching experience for all the students.

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