Management Workshop

Koushala 2022 – a Skill based Service Management Exhibition
Department of Management inaugurated Koushala 2022 – a Skill based Service Management Exhibition organized by Department of Management exclusively for the Final Year BBA students as part of their academic curriculum and also with respect to the subject Service Management on 18th November 2022 at 9.30 am in the A2 Auditorium. The exhibition was aimed at providing a platform for the students in refining their ideas, fostering experiential learning on various service sector in the country and providing an integrative learning experience. The Chief Guest for the day was Mr. Aneesh Jose Chimmen, Assistant Vice President, Deutsche Bank, Bangalore. The Inauguration Ceremony began with the lighting of the lamp. Dr. Geethu Anna Mathew, Faculty Coordinator for Koushala 2022 informed the gathering about the exhibition’s prerequisites and encouraged the participants.

Chief Guest Mr.Aneesh Jose Chimmen, Assistant Vice President, Deutsche Bank addressed the gathering by deliberating on the transformation of institution in organizing the various events and activities to encourage the students in different skills and ability. He pointed out the competition level prevailing in the corporate world and stressed on how every student has to enrich their skills and knowledge in preparation for the opportunities to build their career. Further he talked about the current market scenario in India and competency level required for the students to meet the present corporate world. He encouraged the students to be unique and make their own mark before graduating and entering the real world.

Koushala 2022 assessed the student’s innovative and creative thoughts in exhibiting their working model related to service sector in new dimensions. The competition had two levels- the first level where students formed their team consisting of 5 members which featured 69 teams from all the 6 sections and present their ideas and the second level where 5 teams were selected from each section which featured 27 teams for finalists. These teams prepared their working models for exhibition in the competition. Service model exhibits ranging from PUS, Event management, Pet recreation centre, AI in Retail services, Resort to Amusement park, Transportation to Tourism services, Hospitality to health care services, Communication to consultancy services, and so on were on display.

Koushala 2022 Exhibition concluded with the valedictory ceremony held at 3.00 pm in the Main Auditorium. The Valedictory Ceremony began with a warm welcome from the Student Coordinator Mr. Alen Binu followed by feedback from participants. It assessed the student’s innovative and creative thoughts in exhibiting their working model related to service sector in new dimensions. The participants found this experiential learning process extremely useful as they were able to apply subject knowledge to practical situations.

In this exhibition, students learned to express their innovative ideas and developed self-confidence among themselves. Overall eight teams out of 27 teams were selected, the first prize winning team was awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 2000, Second prize winning team was awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 1000 and remaining six teams with a consolation prize of Rs. 500 each and it were felicitated by Dr. Aloysius Edward J, Dean, Faculty of Commerce & Management alongside Prof. C. Surendranatha Reddy, Head, Department of Management.

Virtuoso - Management Workshop
Virtuoso 2022 is a workshop intended to be stepping stone for confidently taking part in the events of the Management Fest. It was initiated on 25/08/2022, with a briefing to the students of the first year by the coordinators of the Final years. The 10 sections of the first years was divided into 3 venues for the conduct of the events with A, B, C sections, D, E, HTM sections and AM & BA [A, B] in the separate venues. The events selected for Virtuoso were Marketing, Finance, HR, Entrepreneurship and Best Manager. Open registration comprising of a maximum of four members was done by the first years in any of the five events. It was compulsory to register in any one event for all the students. For all the events two teams were selected from each venue. The two teams were given new final rounds and among them the best performing teams were appreciated.

This involves rounds such as creative advertising, analyzing competitors. For prelims the round involved creative selling of sustainable footwear and electric meters. For finals the teams had to rebrand and remarket the Pepsi brand, and on the spot creative advertisement.

This involves the money matters of the company. The preliminary round involved a question on tax increase on crypto- currency and the analysis of a selected stock. The final round involved a case study on company not doing well and the management of its assets and liabilities.

HR involves the motivation of employees. For prelims the round involved various scenarios both prepared and on the spot. For finals the round involved role play of different HR situations found in companies, the teams were asked to react to it

Entrepreneurship: This involves the challenges in starting the business. The prelims involved a survey of the successful businesses near our college, and based on the lessons to come up with a good business. For finals they had to come up with a business idea involving controversial business persons as the PR person of their company.

Best Manager: This event is an individual event and involves identifying the manager who can take stress and react with balance and creativity. The prelims round involved creative resume and on the spot topic talk, and finals involves stress round on starting a business

The students got a strong understanding into the management events conducted, and their attitude towards each event. The various rounds in Marketing, Finance, HR, Entrepreneurship & Best manager was visualized by them for the first time.

Virtuoso - Management Workshop
Virtuoso is a workshop conducted in the Department of Management on 12th October 2021 with a theme, “Sustainability Buzz”. It was organized for the first year students by the final year students of the Department of Management. For the second time Virtuoso 2021, is organized in the Virtual mode. The entire event was conducted online. The final year students in addition to the design of the events had the challenge of conducting the events virtually. Virtuoso 2021 consisted of five events- Human Resource, Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship Development Programme, and Best Manager. Every first year student had to enroll in one event. Virtuoso helped the students to learn about several crucial skills needed in the corporate such as presentation, strategy, etc. They were given a wholesome learning experience of various functional departments in a business organization and its functioning. There were three rounds for all events. 1st round for Aptitude test on the respective event; 2nd round for report writing on the cases given; and 3rd round for Presentation on a given task. All the activities was conducted in two batches.

BATCH 1: Section- A, B, C, & D
BATCH 2: Section- BA-A, BA-B, AM-A & AM-B

Social Responsibility Week - “Good Health and Well Being”
Social responsibility is a virtuous theory in which individuals are accountable for fulfilling their civic duty, and the actions of an individual must benefit the whole of society. In this way, there must be a balance between economic growth and the welfare of society and the environment. When it comes to Social Responsibility they are of various types like Environmental responsibility, Human rights responsibility, Philanthropic responsibility, Economic responsibility and many more. With this motto the department of management organized SOCIAL RESPONSIBILTY WEEK 2021 with the theme “Good Health and Well-being” from 15th may 2021 to 20th may 2021 where in different events were scheduled for the BBA Students to participate. The objective of conducting this event is to make students aware of their social responsibilities which they must follow and practice in order to contribute for the upliftment of the society. The event also aimed at improving the leadership kills and encouraged students to come out with solutions that solve the current social issues of the society.

Guest Lecture – 15th May 2021.
The inauguration of Social Responsibility week began at 10:00 AM on 15th may 2021by presidential address given by Rev. Dr. Augustine George, Principal Kristu Jayanti College and the session was followed by a guest lecture addressed by the chief guest Shri. Shantanu Dutta, Senior specialist, Thought Leadership, International Justice Mission, New Delhi who shares his insights related to the reponsibitilites to be adopted by citizens. He began with a definition given by WHO on health, then elaborated on the current pandemic situation and related it to the responsibility we have towards stopping the spread. Mr. Shantanu classified wellness the theme of SR Week into four types namely: Spiritual Wellness, mental Wellness, Physical Wellness, Social and Emotional wellness. Mr. Dutta also spoke about the current macro health situation that has hampered the world which has lead to mental stress to a lot of people and student community. Finally he winded up by elaborating the wellness and the measures to be taken to keep up Good health and well-being.

Social Speaker Event (SR WEEK) - 17th May 2021 (Monday)
The event planned for student to register and participate for day 2 was Social Speaker where in student had to form a group of two and speak on the current social issue related topic by expressing their opinion and thoughts. A total of 27 teams (54 participants) registered and participated for the event from first, second and final year BBA. Some of the topics given were Is electric vehicle safe for environment, How to prevent the usage of plastic in day-to-day life, Green environment – Its significance for Mother Earth & Mankind etc. The main objective of this event is to make students brainstorm ideas and opinion in order to understand the view of the people related to a major problem faced by the society.

Social Crisis (Case Study discussion) - 18th May 2021 (Tuesday)
On the third day of SR Week Social Crisis was planned for students to register and participate where in students had to group themselves into a team of four and present their views on the case given by the jury. A total of 23 teams (92 participants) registered and participated for the event. Crisis refers to a situation where a macro economic issue has affected the life of an individual. These Crisis not only affect the individual but the economy as a whole. Social Crisis involves the problems faced by industries, society and individual and how is it affecting the standards of the society and its needs. This event helped students to work as a team and come out with ideas that work as real time solutions to solve problems related to aspects mentioned in the case.

Social Entrepreneur - 19th May 2021 (Wednesday)
On the fourth day and important activity related to the course was planned - Social Entrepreneur. A Social Entrepreneur is a person who pursues novel applications that have the potential to solve community-based problems. These individuals are willing to take on the risk and effort to create positive changes in society through their initiatives. A total of 21 teams (84 participants) registered and participated for the event, students had to group themselves into a team of four and present their views on the start up ideas with their marketing, financial and other strategies required for the business with their USP.

The major objective of the event was to enhance student’s creative idea which will be connected with society development. In this event, each team presented their Business Plan to the panel of judges. The main aspect in terms of overview will be to enhance the knowledge of the participants in the direction of society development and entrepreneurship.

The Visionary (Poster making Event) - 20th May 2021 (Thursday)
Creativity and imagination is the mother of all inventions. The last event planned for SR Week was the Visionary which is a poster presentation event. A total of 56 participants registered and presented their creative posters which enhanced their imagination. Unlike other events this was a solo event therein the students got an opportunity to prove their imagination in the form of a poster based on the theme “Good Health and Well- Being”. One of the best and simple ways to venture your creativity is through posters the event involves all the aspect relating to art and the creative part. In this event the participant created a poster with its at most creativity and displayed an art that reflected the current social concern faced by society at large and also had to present it before the panel of judges. Finally the SR Week winded up with a valedictory session on 20th may 2021 at 4:00 pm the presidential address was given by Dr. Aloysius Edward, Dean Faculty of Commerce and Management, who briefed that the social responsibility is every single individuals responsibility toward the society. The chief guest for the session was Ms. Neenu Thomas Dsouza, Director of Odisha Projects, International Justice Mission, Odisha. Who addressed the gathering on the experiences that she has gained by working in different projects across the nations and also shared her views on how migrants workers have been affected during the pandemic and the measures taken by International justice mission to help them.

National Workshop on advanced statistical analysis using SPSS
Department of Management organized a five day National Workshop on advanced statistical analysis using SPSS from 14th December 2020 to 18th December 2020. SPSS is a comprehensive and flexible statistical analysis and data management solution. The workshop is aimed to equip academicians, Researchers and industries Stakeholders to Gain practical insight on data collection tools, Statistical tools along with application of Technology of data processing and statistical analysis in social science research. It was an great opportunity to the participants to have an hands-on experience on SPSS. It will help the researcher to analyse the data with multidisciplinary data. The workshop started on 14th December 2019 at 5.30 pm with the inauguration ceremony addressed by Rev Dr. Augustine George Principal Kristu Jayanti College Autonomous Bangalore. His motivational speech was filled with energy that could be felt by the resource person as well as participants.

Day 1 : Dec 14th : Introduction to SPSS, Descriptive Statistics, Data Summarization, Graphical presentations Day Dr. Joythi Manoj was the resource person , she gave a brief introduction of SPSS , discussed in detail about the Data entry, setting variables in Spss. How graphical representation can be presented in Spss with a specific data.

Day 2: Dec 15th : Tests of Hypothesis-One means test, two-means test, ANOVA, Chi square test. The session took by Dr. Joythi Manoj she explained clearly how to frame a hypothesis and how we can use Anova and Chi Square to test the framed hypothesis. She helped the participants to check the analysis the data in a most efficient way.

Day3: Dec 16th: Regression Day This session taken by Dr. Vinoth Balakrishnan, Sir Session was an enlighting to all the participants in using Regression method in Data analysis in a most efficient way. This session was very helpful for the researchers who haven’t experienced the analysis tool using regression.

Day 4: Dec 17th: Multiple Regression and Discriminant Analysis Day This session taken by Dr. Joythi Manoj were she explained in depth Explained the versatility in using Multiple regression and demonstrated how to analyse data in SPSS which was an important part of this session , the participants could able to understand Multiple regression and Discriminant Analysis efficiently.

Day5: Dec 18th : Factor Analysis and Cluster Analysis This session taken by Dr. Joythi Manoj, in this session she discussed various factor analyzing tool and how to cluster Analysis a Data , It was an add on advantage for the participants for acquiring the knowledge in detail and using it for their future research. Thus, the workshop was an enriching session for all the participants on advanced statistical analysis using SPSS.

VIRTUOSO 2020 - Management Workshop
The Department of Management aims at creating holistic management professionals with a zeal for innovation and excellence. Through its various skill enriching activities, the department brings out the best and empowers the young visionaries to soar into (broaden their horizons), the horizon. Virtuoso, the management workshop is one such unique platform. It marks the first activity of the department for the academic year 2020. The workshop aims at giving the students an exposure to the verticals of management. And with regard to this there are several rounds organized. The rounds are simulations of business scenario to enhance learning skills of the students. It is organized by final year students for fresher’s (first year students) of the department. The workshop is divided into six events, namely: Best CEO, Human Resource, Marketing, Finance, Business Quiz and Entrepreneurship. Each team comprises of 17 students and one team leader is appointed among them. The Virtuoso has 2 preparatory rounds and 1 finale round. There is no elimination during the preparatory rounds. 5 best teams are selected for the finale round based on the scores.

Inauguration Session:
The inauguration session was held on 25th September 2020. The session marked the beginning of the Virtuoso Event 2020. The Chief Guest for the session was Shri.Amit Khanna, General Manager, Human Resource, Bangalore International Airport Limited, Bengaluru. Through his inspirational words, he gave us an insight about the dynamic world of business and the new trends. He briefed about how we can become more compatible, skilled and prepare ourselves for the future. His words were an eye opener for all of us.
he following events were conducted for the first year students:
Entrepreneurship Development Program:
Entrepreneurship & Development Program Event was conducted on 25th September
Briefing for all first year students about the event was on 19th of September and the very next day the EDP group was accompanied by 63 students. The EDP event had three different types of cases designed to majorly focus on skill Upliftment, Creative thinking and Risk management. 58 students out of 63 presented their ideas, views and solutions to the problems given.

The event took place on zoom platform at 3.30 PM. It was a management workshop that gears up the first years in the field of finance and shapes them as a competent Individual for their prospective future. There were 38 students who registered for this Event. There were two tasks assigned to the participants, they had an option to choose one based on their interest and prepare a presentation. The task at hand was:
TASK 1: Harry and Meghan’s Exit - As a financial advisor of Harry and Meghan, they had to come up with an investment plan for Harry and Meghan.
TASK 2: IL & FS Crisis – Being a CFO of the IL & FS group, they had to come up with solutions to maximize and satisfy the wealth of their investors and also to recover the huge debt amount of the group.

The event was conducted virtually through Zoom platform and students were given the option to opt for any event out of the 5. There were 112 students who opted for marketing event. They were given 3 tasks on 20th September, 2020 (Sunday), out of which they were to choose any one and make a PowerPoint presentation on it. Two were case studies titled 30K Cashback and The Minimalist Logo; the third task was to make an advertisement video on the listed products. On the day of the event, all the participants presented their solutions for the task, each participant was given 2 minutes for the presentation and the judges were allotted 1 minute for questioning. The event started at 11:15 am and ended at 1:15 pm. Overall the event went smoothly and was successful.

Human Resource:
On September 19th, a briefing session on the event Human Resources of “VIRTUOSO 2020” to the 1st SEM BBA Students was organized. The registrations for the event were open from 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The event saw 93 enrollments in total. The participants were divided into 4 batches and each batch was given a case study. The case study was released to the participants on 20th September at 11:00 a.m. via the participant’s email. On September 21st at 5:30 p.m. the Event Coordinators organized a Discussion Session for the participants, in which all the guidelines and instructions were given to the participants about the event. The participants were asked to prepare a PowerPoint Presentation for the solutions and on September 23rd the submission for the same was closed. All the 93 Participants successfully completed the PowerPoint Presentation within the deadline. On September 24th, the participants were again divided into 3 batches for their final presentations. On September 25th at 2:15 p.m. the event took place virtually in 3 batches. The participants came out with real time solutions for the case study. The event recorded no absentees and was concluded at 4:00 p.m.

Best Manager:
There were 3 tasks assigned to the participants among which they could select any one and present. The task was assigned to them on 24th September 2020. A total number of 35 participants took part in the event and were later divided into 2 batches, batch 1 had 25 participants from CGMA, B and C section and batch 2 had 10 participants from D, BA and AM section. The event took place on 25th September 2020 and it was judged by Professor Hari Bhaskar and Professor Somasundaram.

Valedictory Session:
The Event ended on 25th September with the valedictory session. The session was held between 4:15- 4:45pm. Dean of Commerce and Management Dr. Aloysious Edward addressed all the students and the faculty members. He was really proud about the conduct of the event. He spoke about how efficiently the event was conducted irrespective of all the circumstances, through online platform.

Virtuoso has helped the students learn about several crucial skills needed in the Corporate such as presentation, strategy skills, etc. They were given a wholesome learning experience of various functional departments in a business organization and its functioning. Three teams were selected as the best performers of Virtuoso 2020-2021. 316 students participated in the workshop.

Savishkar, a management exhibition held annually at Kristu Jayanti college(Autonomous), Bengaluru organised by the Department of Management, a grandeur platform for all the 1st year BBA students to showcase their management concepts and ideologies through hand crafted model both static model and working models . It is an exhibition held to give all the young management aspirants an opportunity to showcase their Innovative ideas and logical skills induced in their management concept.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Ms. Arthi Sunil – Founder director Indriya Lifestyle Ventures as the Chief Guest along with Principal Rev. Fr. Josekutty PD of Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous) Bengaluru. There were 35 Exhibits through which the chief guest experienced the varied innovative ideas of the students. There were topics covered from all the aspects of innovative, futuristic, Pragmatic Concepts which have the potential to bring a herculean change in the society through solutions. There were exhibits such as Hydraulic Industrial Estate, Gyro buses in Airports, Innovative Waste Management Energy, Dust Management, Stock Exchange, Production Diversification of Cannabis, Service Sector, Education Sector, Mining Industry, Desalination Plant, Quilance, Supermarket, PK Courier Services, A 360 Efficace De Porteuse, Smart Gate and Airtaurent. Chief guest Made a appreciable Compliments on the efforts presented by the students and stated “ In creative and Incredible ideas, energetic Presentations. It was overwhelming comment which encouraged the student a lot. The exhibition was the grant success which imbibes the students with great Zeal and Experience.

Innovatio 2020
Innovatio 2020 is a Business Plan competition conducted exclusively for the final year students of the Department of Management (BBA). With the “entrepreneurship buzz” going around in the nation and dynamicity of the environment, Innovatio 2020 is a platform where students are encouraged to identify an innovative business idea and present a detailed plan covering all aspects of the business. The main purpose of this competition is to develop entrepreneurship ability, and to inculcate the needed confidence and knowledge to start a business. The programme was conducted on 24th January, 2020 at the Mini Audi 1at 12.00pm in administration block. Innovatio was inaugurated by Mr. Paniraj Murthy, CEO & Logistics, NextStep Logistics Pvt Ltd. and Ms. Shobha Satish, Founder & Director, NextStep Logistics Pvt Ltd. The guest addressed and emphasized about passion being integral to an entrepreneur and successful business. For Innovatio, the 240 final year BBA students are divided into teams of 3 members and put through a screening round. After the screening round, 5 teams from each section of final year BBA is selected for the stage round. The stage round on 24th January, 2020 witnessed a number of ideas ranging from Bio Motors, Flora, WeStitch, Vandi, Notify and so on. The Judges for the day were Prof. Stephen Deepak, School of Management and Prof. Manjunath S, Department of Management. The presentations came to close by 4:30 pm and the valedictory was conducted on the same day. The valedictory was was graced with the presence of Prof. Surendranath Reddy, Head, Department of Management and the faculty coordinators of Innovatio 2020. The Head of the department along with the Judges felicitated the winners of Innovatio 2020. Innovatio 2020 has provided a platform for the budding entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas and gather opinions on the areas of improvement. On the whole, the knowledge acquired from Innovatio will prove to be really useful for the students in the years to come.

Koushala 2019

Koushala is a Service Management Exhibition curated exclusively by the students of second year. The aim of this specific exhibition is to enlighten the participants about various sectors in the service industry and to enable them to exhibit their creativity and vision in the form of a model.

The Department of Management inaugurated Koushala 2019 on the 20th of September 2019 at 9.50 am in the Mini Auditorium II. The Chief Guest for the day was Shri Vijay Anand K, General Manager and Human Resource Manager of Frozen Bottle. The inauguration ceremony began with the lighting of the lamp. Prof.T.Somasundaram, Faculty Coordinator for Koushala 2019 informed the gathering about the exhibition’s pre requisites and encouraged the participants by stating a quote by Jim Rohn, “Service to others leads to greatness.” Later Rev. Fr. Emmanuel P J, Director - Jayantian Extension Services and Kristu Jayanti College of Law spoke a few inspiring words. Then the Chief Guest addressed the gathering where he mentioned the importance of having knowledge about the service industry and referred to sources such as National Daily Economic Times. Shri Vijay also elucidated few examples from his life such as the target of ‘Frozen Bottle’ to open 140 stores by March 2020 and the ways in which he motivates his employees and his colleagues. Further he went on to appraise the current market scenario in India. Before finishing, Shri Vijay said to the students, “Don’t be one among them. Be unique and make your own mark before graduating and entering the real world.”

The participants were divided into teams of 7-8 members who showcased their innovative models and distinctive ideas pertaining to a particular service sector or industry such as Hospitality industry, Entertainment industry, Cruise industry, Postal System, Water theme Park, Agricultural industry, Tourism industry and many other service sectors. Each team was judged based on their ability to think out of the box and their presentation skills which made the exhibition look vibrant and colourful.

The exhibition concluded with the valedictory ceremony held at 4.00 pm in the Main Auditorium. The valedictory ceremony began with a warm welcome from Student coordinator Mr.Jason Joseph followed by feedback from participants. The participants found this experiential learning process extremely useful as they were able to apply subject knowledge to practical situations.

Followed by the feedback was a report on Koushala 2019 presented by Dr. Geetu Anna Mathew, Faculty Coordinator for Koushala 2019. Then came the prize distribution session for the overall best performing teams including 6 consolation prize winners and 2 teams who won 1st and 2nd place respectively were felicitated by Rev. Fr. Emmanuel P J alongside Prof.C.Surendranath Reddy, Head, Department of Management. The vote of thanks was presented by Student Coordinator Ms.Neha Eapen. All good things come to an end and so did the event of Koushala 2019.


Virtuoso means "a person who is extremely skilled at something". Just like it's meaning, the department of management organizes Virtuoso - A management workshop exclusively for the First year students of BBA to prepare them to be skilled management professionals. The department of management inaugurated Virtuoso 2019 on 12th July at 9 am in the main auditorium. The chief guest for the day was Mr. Vinod Modi, founder of secured life science. The inauguration began with the lighting of the lamp. Later, Fr. Augustine George, Vice Principal & Director, International Affairs addressed the gathering. In his address, he mentioned about the 3 important pillars in every individual's life that is Attitude, Skill, and Knowledge which are necessary to maintain right balance in life. He further added that the application of knowledge in practical situation serves the purpose of learning. This was followed by the Chief guest, Mr. Vinod Modi's address. He emphasized on success by sharing a motivational story about a young boy through which he shares the mantra of success that is to believe in your teachers. He further mentioned that people fail to succeed in the modern world because people fail to adapt. He advised the students not to analyze the situation too much and also not to take oneself seriously. He then shared an interesting story about a group of men who depict various reflections on a problem. He concluded by appreciating the department for organising such programs which inculcates in the student the need for the application of knowledge in a real-world scenario and encouraged the students to be more human than mere machines. The inauguration geared up the students to perform in the finals of various events.

The 358 first year BBA students were divided into 21 teams of 17 each, which will accommodate 6 events of the workshop. The events included in the workshop were Finance, Human Resource, Entrepreneurship development, Marketing, Business Quiz and Best CEO. Every event constituted of two preparatory rounds and a finale. The preparatory rounds were conducted on the 6th and 10th of July respectively, which hence geared up the students for the finals on 12th July, 2019.

Finance means "dealing with money". But money itself has different aspects. The finance event consisted of 3 participants per team. The finance event tested it's participants on various terms of finance, Financial analysis and Situational judgement case studies across the Preparatory rounds and finals. It proved to be a great learning for all the participants as they were exposed to the actual meaning of finance.

"Great vision without great people is irrelevant." But acquiring and retaining great people in an organisation is possible only when an effective Human resource system is in place. The human resource event also consisted 3 participants per team. This event tested the participants in teamwork, coordination and other core functions of human resource management like recruitment across the Preparatory rounds and finals. The participants experienced a thorough learning in dealing with people.

"It's not about ideas, it's about making ideas happen." One such event is Entrepreneurship development. This event also consisted 3 participants per team. The participants were asked to pitch their ideas and ways of execution in different contexts across the rounds. The entrepreneurs of this workshop learnt different approaches of pitching a plan and the industry set standards of a business plan to have the competitive edge.

"Strong customer relationships drive sales, sustainability, and growth." For this, one has to Think like a customer and Act like a customer. A good marketer is the one who can do so. Marketing event consisted of 4 participants per team. This event provided a platform to the participants to understand the customer, to develop products as per the Market expectations and also to involve in continuous research.

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest". Business quiz is one such event that tests the participants about current affairs, business icons and the key periods in business world. There were 3 participants from each team and gained a variety of knowledge through this event with utmost curiosity.

An event which is the combination of all the core aspects as well as soft skill aspects of the corporate is the Best CEO. There is one Best CEO from each team. The Best CEO has to go through a bunch of things from formulating strategies to handling stress while dealing with any task. The best CEO participants were taught to handle stress, situation judgements and various approaches towards a task.

All the events constituting the workshop came to an end with the Valedictory session of Virtuoso 2019 at 4 pm in the Main Auditorium. The Valedictory session began with the feedback of the participants from different events. The participants found the tasks challenging and as a test to their abilities which motivated them to work on improving their knowledge and skills. Most of participants felt this workshop as a great learning experience since Virtuoso 2019 is their first activity in the college. Followed by the feedback session, the Overall best performing teams were felicitated by Rev. Fr. Emmanuel P J, Director of Jayantian Extension services alongside Mr. Surendranath Reddy, Head of Department of Managemet. On the whole, Virtuoso 2019 ended on a high note and served as a great boost to the students for the years to come.

The word Savishkar means having manifestation or making an exhibition of any power or talent. Savishkar is a management exhibition organised to develop the skills of the 1st year BBA students. The exhibition was a one day event held on 20-February 2019. The students were divided into teams of 8 each and totally 42 teams participated in the exhibition. The class animators assigned various management topics to different teams.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the principal Rev. Fr. Josekutty P.D and two chief guests, Dr Per Markus Anderson, Associate Dean for Global Learning Concordia College, Minnesota, USA and Prof. Christopher J. Mason, Interim Director, Offutt School of Business. The Principal emphasised on the knowledge and its importance the students are groomed with. This exhibition integrated the skills of students in management and art to exhibit their innovations with a sense of competitiveness. Different teams were assigned with various topics. Some of the topics are Airport system, QR scan ATM, L&T Defence, Aeroplane manufacturing, etc. The exhibition witnessed great teamwork and knowledge of the students in the form of exhibits. The exhibits were judged by two Faculties .

Rev. Fr. Emmanuel P.J and Mr. Surendranath Reddy, Head of Department of Management felicitated the winners during the Valedictory ceremony. The teams were judged on their performance with respect to the different criteria such as presentation, fluency, knowledge and spontaneity to the various questions posted to them and cash prizes were awarded to the winner along with 5 consolation prizes. On the whole, SAVISHKAR served as an important element of positive learning in the field of management and hence the event ended in a lively mood as the students celebrated with great energy and pleasure, which would be a great boost in their hearts in the years to come.

Department of BBA organized a discussion forum on the Union Budget 2019 for the students on 6th February 2019 in Main Auditorium . The students were divided into six teams and each team had two students who were assigned to present their respective topics such as Indian railways, Defence system of India, Women-led India, Impact on Agricultural sector, Gratuity, GST, Income tax and Unorganized sectors. All the participants were very good with their presentations and discussion forum. From this session, the students got to learn various aspects of the Union Budget and they highlighted on the key points which were discussed in the Budget Union 2019.

(1) 12 crore farmers with under 5 acres of land can get annual income support of Rs 6000 directly into their bank accounts.
(2) 3 crore salaried, pensioners to gain between Rs 500 and Rs 3600 a year in the tax savings due to higher standard deduction.
(3) 10 crore unorganized sector workers eligible to get pension up to Rs 3000 a month after age 60 on a contribution of up to Rs 100 while working.
(4) The main gainers from the Budget are Tax payers, Investors and Businessmen.
The students imbibed a lot of vital information from the session. Overall it was an interesting and interactive Session.

Social Responsibility Week 2019
The department of management inaugurated its Social Responsibility Week 2019 on 7th of January at 3:30 pm in the main auditorium. The theme for the week was United Nations Sustainable development goal-I, Poverty. The chief guests for the day were Mr. Dilip Kumar, president, Fora Recycling, Ms. Samitha Manoharan, Head, CSR, Target Corporation and Mr. Sriram CA, Target Corporation. The inauguration began with Prof. Manjunath's prelude about the week and the theme. This was followed by Rev. Fr. Josekutty P.D, the Principal addressing the gathering. In his address, he stated that social responsibility is the outcome of individual responsibility and a minor change will also result in real change. He also mentioned about the college being the Universal hub for United Nations sustainable development goals(UNSDG). With this, Rev. Fr. Josekutty P.D handed over the session to the chief guest, Mr.Dilip Kumar. Mr. Dilip emphasized on the importance of triple bottom line point in CSR. He mentioned that companies should find out the hazards caused by them and take necessary steps as a part of their CSR. He also appreciated the department for organizing such programs which inculcates the need for social responsibility in students. Mr. Dilip Kumar's address was followed by Ms. Samitha Manoharan, who introduced Target Corporation and its CSR activities to the gathering. She stated that Target is engaged in CSR activities even before it was made mandatory by law. Further, Mr. Sriram took over the session and concluded by encouraging the students to take full advantage of CSR week and the opportunities. The inauguration ended on a high note and served as a great start for the week.

Social revolution
In this event, students come up with different social issues and provide practical solutions to it. There were 12 teams consisting of 2 participants each. The participants were from first year and second year. Some of the issues presented by the teams were Poverty, Pollution, Hunger, and Traffic.

Social Entrepreneurship
Social Entrepreneurship is an event in which students present their business models based on some social issue. These models are solutions to various social issues. There were 14 teams consisting of 2 participants each. The participants were from first year and second year. Some of the issues covered by the business models were Road accidents, Hunger, waste disposal and Agriculture.

Poster Making
Poster making is an event which brings out the artistic side of students. There were 41 participants from the first years and second years. The participants were given the topic "Eradication Of Poverty" on the spot. The participants were required to come up with a handmade poster within 1 hour. This event really turned out to be a visual treat.

A tableau is a piece of art such as a sculpture or painting that shows a scene. The students were required to show a scene that represents a social issue for 1 minute. There were 8 teams consisting of 8 students each. Some of the issues presented by them were Dowry, Women Harassment and Hunger.

Short Film Making
"Every short film story is a golden opportunity to showcase creativity"
In this event, students were required to make short films not more than minutes on a social issue. There were 10 teams consisting of 2 students each. Some of the issues presented were Hunger, Cyberbullying, Depression, and poverty.

Social Responsibility week 2019 ended on a high note. The valedictory session began with the feedbacks of participants from the first year and second year. There were 628 students who participated in the SR Week.They gained awareness about various social issues and different ways to solve the issues. They got inspired and motivated to be more socially responsible individuals. The feedback session was followed by Rev.Fr. Lijo P Thomas's address to the students. He appreciated the efforts of the department for organizing such an event. He emphasized on the practice of giving back to the society. He also mentioned how people have increased being active on social media rather than being socially active. He concluded by encouraging the students to be more aware and responsible about the society. There were 2 winners for each of the events conducted. The winners were felicitated with Certificates by Rev. Fr. Lijo P Thomas. The Social Responsibility week 2019 served as an important period for the enrichment of students' participation in the society. Hence the event ended on a lively mood as the students celebrated with great energy and motivation to be more socially responsible, which would be a great boost in their hearts in the years to come.

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