Social Outreach Program

Date: 29th August, 2019
Department: MANAGEMENT
Class and No of Beneficiaries attended: III BBA BA (53 students)
Venue: TRITHWA ASHRAM, Thanisandra Main Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Time: 1:45PM to 4:30PM
Faculty in Charge: Prof. Steffi Joan

We reached during their lunch time, so we started off by serving them lunch, while also interacting with them. They were delighted to see us there, and some also initiated conversations. They were all very sweet women. The sisters who run the ashram were with us, guiding us. They told us, that all these women are brought from streets, railway stations, etc. as they were found abandoned by their families because of their mental condition.

Our visit there was an unforgettable lesson. There we learnt more about true life and sharing and caring. There were around 45-50 inmates in the home. They were all middle aged women and above. Their physical condition was quite good. There are many recreational facilities available to them and these facilities were properly used by them. However, all of them were lonely and craving for love and affection. We spoke to them, shared our love and we sang songs for them and danced. The care shown to them by the sisters was indeed inspiring.

Date: 22/08/2019
Department: MANAGEMENT
Class and No of Beneficiaries attended: III-BBA “B” (63 students)
Venue: RAYS OF HOPE, KANNUR Bangalore
Time: 1:45PM to 4:30PM
Faculty in Charge: Prof. Manjunath S Gowda

At first, it wasn’t so easy to get them to interact with all of us. We also had a small game presented to them. And towards the end, we were surprised to see the most of the kids dancing and enjoying with us. Later they sang songs and made us to sing too and got comfortable with everyone. All of them were happy and excited to see the students visiting them and helping them. Before we left, we gifted them and took many pictures. As we left, they asked us to visit them once again and they also welcomed us to celebrate our birthdays with the children. The kids were very happy that we visited them.

This experience was definitely an eye opener for each one of us as college students. We, the BBA students are so blessed and lucky to have been a part of this wonderful programme. And we would be extremely glad for more opportunities like this. This experience helped us learn so much about the life of those people, and the difficulties they face in such an age.

PLACE: Sandesh, Bangalore
Date: 23/8/18
Time: 1.45 pm to 4.30 pm
On 23rd August 2018, 31 students of III BBA A Batch along with the class animator Prof. Roshen Therese, visited Sandesh a community that empowers and dignifies intellectually disabled individuals. Mr. Anil, the caretaker spoke to the group about the organization and briefed about Sandesh which is an eight year old day care for the mentally challenged that aims to create communities and working space for members with intellectual and developmental disabilities, that will provide care, skills, and opportunities to support members so that they can grow to their full potential. They have about 65 members who are under the comforting care of 20 staff members. The students performed various dance and musical performances which the members enjoyed. Sandhya, a member of the Sandesh organization also danced enthusiastically. The programme ended with the students and the members of Sandesh dancing together. The day ended on a happy note.

Place:- Guanella Preethi Nivas, Bangalore
Date:- 06/09/18
Time:- 1.45 PM to 4.30 PM
On September 6th the students along with the class animator Professor Manjunath.S visited Guanella Preethi Nivas for the social outreach program. There were 25 members in the old age home and the students and the class animator were welcomed by Fr.Lourdh and the brothers of the home. The students were given a chance to interact with the elderly members of the home and every student mingled with enthusiasm and conducted activities to entertain the old men and few members of the home sang for us in return. The head of the members of the house thanked the students for the performances and their caring attitude and wished them luck for their future endeavors

Organization: The Home Of Faith Orphanage, Kothanur, Bangalore
Date: 16th August 2018
Time: 1.45 pm to 2.00 pm
56 students from III BBA C Batch along with class animator Prof. Mamtha D and Prof. Soma Sundaram visited The Home Of Faith Orphanage 16th August 2018. There were around 40 children and 2 caretakers to welcome the group. The children of the home displayed their beautiful talents whilst the students joined them enthusiastically in the cultural performances. A small group of boys had even composed their own song (titled ‘True love never ends’). The students conducted indoor activities like painting a family tree with each child’s hand print for the home and fun games like musical chair and outdoor activities like throw ball, running races, football, kabaddi and a very intense lemon and spoon championship. The visit reminded students to appreciate the little things in life instead of being tied over insignifiact and immaterial things and apppreciate the bigger picture.

PLACE: Trithwa Ashrama (Akasaparavakal)
Date: 5/9/18
Time: 1.45 pm to 4.30 pm
On the 5th of September 2018, III BBA D consisting of 63 people along with Class Animator Prof. Steffi Thomas visited Trithwa Ashrama, a home of 41 aged and differently abled women. Students conducted various activities and one of the residents performed a cheerful dance to a Tamil song and she was joined by another resident and a couple of students who danced along with her. After this the students painted palm prints of all the residents on a canvas in which students had already placed their palm prints on. Students left this as a memento there for the residents to remember our visit. It was inspiring to watch the enthusiasm and excitement of the residents and the experiences they shared gave everyone a lot to think about

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