Student Colloquium

Debate on “Economics Of War”
The economics club has organised a debate on “Economics of war”,on 7th March 2022, .The discussion involved Ms. Arya Rajeev from the Economics MA department, as the moderator with eight contestants from 1V th semester BA economics department. The session began with a welcome to speech by Mr Joel John followed by introductory speech by Ms Arya Rajeev. It consists of two rounds. First was an impromptu round where two people from the same team debated with each other. Team one Raghav Agrawal and Daniya Khattiv debated on the topic “Is crypto currency – Boon or Bane”. And the second team Navana s and Abin Mathew debated on the topic “ Is E-Commerce – Sustainable business model?” followed by the next team Ayeishani Yadav and Shannan Sarvanan debated on “Deglobalization- is the way forward to the Indian economic growth?” And the last team Bharani Vel Karthik and Vipin Raut debated on “Is India still a favourite among foreign investors”. Out of the four teams two teams got selected for the final round and they debated on the topic “ Economics of war”. The second round was for 15 minutes. After that the concluding remarks were given by Ms Arya Rajeev and the session ended with a vote of thanks delivered by Ms. Christy Johnson.

Industrial Interaction Forum Debate on ‘Corporate Subsides’
Department of Economics organized a Debate as a part of Industrial interaction forum on ‘Corporate Subsidies’ on 19th November 2021.The Moderator divided students into two groups and conducted a debate on the prescribed topic. Students had participated actively and expressed their views on both for and against of the farm bill. The students started with the meaning of corporate subsidies and given a few examples, viz energy, agriculture, and transportation. The students stated that, implementation of the corporate subsidies, is important to encourage production and consumption in specific industries. Since the government helps suppliers through tax credit or reimbursement, the lower overall price of their goods and services would increase final demand. They also stated that, misuse of subsidies by the corporate sector would lead them to face huge losses. The panel discussion concluded by Dr.Raju V, moderator of the event by giving significant imminent and view on the topics discussed.

Panel Discussion on ‘National Agricultural Policy’
Department of Economics organized a Panel discussion on ‘National Agricultural policy’on 17th November 2021. Ms.Jomol George, was the Moderator and Students of I MA Economics were the student panelists for the discussion from Kristujayanti College, (Autonomous) Bangalore. The panelists discussed different aspects of the National agricultural policy and opined that, the policy seeks to represent the vast unused prospective of Indian agriculture and aims at completing a growth rate in excess of 4 per cent per annum in the agriculture sector. It also seeks to accomplish growth with parity, i.e., growth, which is extensive across regions and agriculturalists.The panel discussion concluded by Jomol George, moderator of the event by giving significant impending and view on the topics discussed.

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