Technical Communities

The Department believes that Information Technology is a rapidly evolving discipline. It is important that we contribute to technology in a way that our students can devote themselves to take the maximal advantage of modern computer science to solve a wide range of technological problems based on their interest / specialization. The objective is to hone technical skills demanded by today's professionals by providing a sound technical platform and the required knowledge base. It prepares them to meet the challenges faced by today's IT professional by exposing them to wide array of cutting-edge technologies. Students can select their own specialization, through which they can improve their skills. The different communities are Networking, System Administration, Security, Enterprise solutions, Mobile Computing and Embedded Systems. Each community is headed by different faculty members. Student can be the member of these communities after their first semester. Students can select their own specialization, prepare on the domain. They can showcase their talents on the respective domain during the Technical Community Presentation.

Technical Community Presentation
Date: 17.10.2020
Time: 9:15am – 11:00 am
Participants: I, II, III Year MCA and I, II Year M.Sc. CS Students : 139 students
Presenters: 21 Students
Mode: Zoom Platform
Objective: Technical Community is one of the best practices of the department. The students form a forum based on their domain specific interest and update their knowledge by monthly meetings.

The technical community forum helps the students conduct activities such as Seminars / Presentations, Workshops / Peer Teaching, Training on latest trends, development of prototypes etc. They meet on the third Saturdays of every month. The list of Technical Communities for the academic year 2020 - 2021 is identified as Current Trend in Programming Technologies, Computer Architecture & Operations (OS, Hardware, IoT), Networking & Security, Software Engineering & Project Management, Analytics Era / Research & Development and Creative Design (UI/UX Design, Web Design). The students enroll for any of the two communities of their interest. They were assigned with one community based on the availability and first come first serve basis.

On 17th October 2020, the first presentation of the technical community took place in six different online venues based on the community. The list of the communities and the activities conducted are described below:
1. Current Trends in Programming Technologies
a. Faculty Coordinator : Dr. Vinothina
b. Student Coordinators : Mr. Shekar C – III Year MCA
Mr. Niteesh Kumar Mahato – II Year MCA

The session started with a small introductory note by Dr. Vinothina C, Faculty in-charge. The first presentation was done by Meghasri B (V Sem MCA). She gave a brief introduction to Ruby Programming. She also gave a small demo session using Ruby. Then Niteesh Kumar (III Sem MCA) did a detailed presentation on Introduction to Dart and Flutter Framework. The students were able to understand the basic knowledge on the demo session on Dart and Flutter framework. Finally Shekar C (V Sem MCA) gave an Introduction to Postman Tool. The session was concluded by Prof Vinothina V where she shared her views and suggested some tips that can be taken to consideration for the coming sessions.
1. Computer Architecture & Operations
a. Faculty Coordinator : Dr. Muruganantham A
b. Student Coordinators : Ms. Sheryl Madhu – III Year MCA
Mr. Nikhil – II Year MCA

The session started with a silent prayer. Prof. Muruganantham gave a brief introduction about computer architecture. Then there was a brief introduction of the students. Then both the student coordinators did a presentation. Sheryl Madhu of V SEM MCA presented about computer architecture, evolution of computer architecture and the types of computer architecture. Nikhil of III SEM MCA presented IoT architecture, history of IoT and various IoT applications. Few questions were asked by the participants on the topic that was being presented. Prof.Muruganantham gave the concluding remarks.
1. Networking & Security
a. Faculty Coordinator : Dr. Kumar R
b. Student Coordinators : Mr. Xavier Pearl A – III Year MCA
Mr. Angwyn Rodrigues / Mr. Atul Joy P – II Year MCA

The session started with the brief introduction of the community by Dr. Kumar. The session had presentations by the students and a quiz. There were presentations on Introduction to Basics of Computer Network, OSI, TCP/IP & UDP and Addressing in Computer Networking. Mr. Xavier Pearl did a presentation on Data Communication Network, Components of DCN, Application of DCN, Types of communication, Computer Network, Types of Network, Network Topology, Point to Point, Bus Topology, Star Topology, Ring Topology, Mesh Topology, Tree Topology, Daisy Chain, Hybrid Topology, and protocols. Mr. Sijoy S Samuel, discussed the OSI model: Open System Interconnection, Layers of OSI: Physical, Data Link, Network, Transport, Session, Presentation, Application, TCP/IP model and UDP : User Program Protocol. Finally there was a quiz conducted on Networking by Ms. Sherley Gracia with 20 questions. Mr. Sony John, Ms. Megha, Mr. Arun, Mr. Sijoy S Samuel and Mr. Manoj scored the highest in the quiz.
1. Software Engineering & Project Management
a. Faculty Coordinator : Dr. Velmurugan R
b. Student Coordinators : Mr. Sanoop Devassia – III Year MCA
Mr. Nidhish PP – II Year MCA

The session commenced with a silent prayer followed by Prof. Velmurugan R, giving an introduction to the objectives of the group. The session was then handed over to the students who presented the following topics: Mr. Melvin Ebenezer (V semester MCA), presented on the topic "Top 10 software development tools" and explained about the importance and features of the 10 tools. Ms. Adira KK (V semester MCA) presented on the topic "MongoDB Basics", covering the basics of MongoDB with a demo on steps involved to create a database, drop a database, and create collections. Mr. Sanjay N (V semester MCA), presented on the topic “Current Trends in Software Development” and also discussed their benefits. Ms. Bhavana N (I semester MCA), presented on the topic “Software Hosting and version Control using Github”, the final presentation was from Nidhish PP (V semester MCA), on the topic “Laravel (PHP Framework)”, where he showed a demo on how to create a basic form in Laravel (PHP Framework). Mr. Ajit Kumar of III semester MCA was the moderator for the session. The Session concluded with appreciating the team leader for leading the team, and the students who presented their topics.
1. Analytics Era
a. Faculty Coordinator : Prof. Vani C
b. Student Coordinators : Mr. Syed Faizan Ismail – III Year MCA
Mr. Nikhil Hari – II Year MSc CS

The session started with Ms. Yuvashree S of V MCA, introducing the session to the audience and then handed over the session to the presenters. Mr. Abhash, and Ms. Pavitra from III MCA conducted the quiz on Analytics where all the students in the group actively participated.

After the quiz, Mr.Nikhil Hari of III Msc, presented the topic Analytics Era-the importance of Analytics in our day-to-day lives, types of Analysis that can be done, what and how they can be implemented effortlessly. He also demonstrated how semantics analysis works and enlighted the audience by creating a keen interest in them. He built a model from a dataset available on GitHub and presented a live working on the same and also provided useful resources to encourage self-exploration of Analysis. Ms.Tabu K of V MCA, demonstrated the Random Forest Classification, with supervised learning algorithms and predicted the results of a plant-based dataset. She made the session active by asking the participants related questions and gave valuable insight.
1. Creative Design
a. Faculty Coordinator : Prof. Aruna Devi K
b. Student Coordinators : Mr. Atul Ashish Xalxo - III Year MCA
Ms. Blinsia Pereira – II Year MCA

The session started with the opening note by Prof. Aruna Devi. Then Ms. Blinsia of II Year MCA started the session with the hands-on introduction of Adobe XD and the advanced features of the same. She then guided participants to follow the steps for installing Adobe XD on their systems. Then Mr. Sathya Babu of III Year MCA showed one complete prototype application and explained about the flow of the application and then encouraged the participants to follow the session. Mr. Atul Ashish introduced the participants to the different tools of the Adobe XD. The session concluded with participants designing basic wireframing models. The session was a knowledge enriching experience for the participants. The participants gained an overall awareness of the technology and they also got a hands-on demonstration on how to install and work with the Adobe XD. They also learned how to prototype an application with the help of UX design and wireframing features.

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