Extension Activities

Extension Service Program Webinar on Nurturing A Cyber Safe World in Association with Euro School (WhiteField)
Date: 09 February 2022
Webinar was officially Inaugurated by the teachers of EuroSchool, and Chief Guest of the webinar was Dr. Kumar R, Head of the Department Computer Science [PG], Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous), the webinar was started with a power point presentation by Dr. Ranjitha M, Faculty, Department Computer Science [PG], Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous), followed by Mr. Atif Khan, Student, 4th Semester MCA. The seminar had informative content delivered on the topic Nurturing a cyber safe world. Topics such as Types of Cyber Crimes, Overcoming Cyber Crimes, ways of staying protected on the Internet, how hacking works, different types of hackers, why hackers hack and many such topics were covered.

The Students of EuroSchool were interactive and had asked set of question to Dr Ranjitha M and Mr. Atif Khan. Most Questions were answered. The webinar was conducted for one hour from 3 pm to 4 pm. Soon after the presentations, the webinar was concluded with a vote of thanks from the teachers of EuroSchool whitefield.

Computer Literacy Programme and Career Guidance Programme
On September 9, 2022, the Department of Computer Science [PG] organised a Computer Literacy programme in collaboration with the IEEE student chapter. Students from the CSPG department visited the Sri Siddhartha Sannivasa High school in Kothanur, Bengaluru. The program's goal was to teach elementary school students about computer basics and to provide career guidance. There were a total of seven sessions. The first six sessions were held in the morning.

The first session was conducted by Ms. Arpitha HS and Ms. Lavanya G on the topic “Basics of Computer”. The session started off with the speakers explaining about parts of a computer and its types. The working of computer and types of memory were discussed too. A video describing the parts of computer was shown and the speakers concluded the session by explaining the various uses of computer. The second session was handled by Ms. Chaithra S and Mr. Ravikiran of III sem MCA on the topic “Basics of network”. The presentation began with a video showing how messages, images, and other multimedia are passed and shared between computers. The binary language and frequency modulation were also covered. Later, the speakers discussed the fundamentals of the Internet, such as PAN, LAN, and WAN, as well as the evolution of the Internet. The session concluded with a discussion on the topic of Internet generation.

The third session titled “Email” was conducted by Ms. Bhavani and Ms. Bhavyashree. The speakers first spoke about the basics of Email. The working of Email was discussed. Email address and message components were also discussed. Later a demo on how to send a mail with all the required fields was shown to students. The fourth session was handled by Ms. Rachel and Ms. Sushmitha of III sem MCA on the topic “Zoom basics”. The speakers educated the students on various functionalities that are available in zoom. Also a live demo on the same was shown. The fifth session “Microsoft Office” was conducted by Mr. Sai Prakash and Ms. Ayesha ML of III sem MCA. The speakers first started the session by giving an introduction about general MS office functionalities. MS word, Excel, MS Powerpoint and their functions were discussed. A demo also shown for the same. The sixth session “HTML Concept/ Web Technology” was handled by Mr. Mycal A and Mr. Arjun. Introduction to HTML, its basics, various html codes were explained by the speakers. A demo on how to create a web page using different html tags was also shown. The last session of the day was the career guidance session that aimed at educating and advising the students to choose the right path after completing their 10th Standard. Opportunities available and job roles for each field namely science stream, commerce stream, arts stream and humanities stream was discussed. The speakers gave general guidelines on choosing the right stream based on the student’s interest marked the conclusion.

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