Certificate Programme

In order to strengthen the teaching-learning ambience, and to prepare the students to meet the challenges of the global work environment, along with the MCA course, the certificate courses are conducted. The following Certificate Courses will be offered for the academic year 2014-2015.

The Objectives of the course are:
• Understand the importance of the web as a medium of communication.
• Understand the principles of creating an effective web page, including an in-depth Consideration of information architecture.
• Become familiar with graphic design principles that relate to web design and learn how to implement these theories into practice.
• Develop skills in analyzing the usability of a web site.

• Basics of Web page, Website and Internet
• Java Script

Getting Acquainted with Excel
The Excel Environment,Title Bar, Menu Bar, Standard Toolbar,Formatting Toolbar, the Ribbon, File Tab and Backstage View, Microsoft Office Button, Quick Access Toolbar, Scroll Bars, Formula Bar, Workbook Window, Status Bar, Task Pane,

Creating Basic Spreadsheets.
Creating a New Workbook, Saving Workbooks, Closing Workbooks, Opening Workbooks, Selecting Cells, Entering Text Into Cells, Entering Numbers Into Cells, Pick From List, Zooming the Spreadsheet, Renaming Workbooks, Working with Excel File Formats.

Using Ranges.
Using Ranges, Selecting Ranges, Entering Information Into a Range, Using AutoFill(4 Hours)

Creating Formulas.
Using Formulas, Formula Functions, Using AutoSum, Inserting Functions, Editing a Range, Using the Paste Function.

Copying & Pasting Formulas
Absolute References and Relative References, Cutting, Copying & Pasting, AutoFilling Cells, Drag & Drop Cutting, Copying & Pasting, Using Undo, Using Redo

Columns & Rows
Selecting Columns & Rows, Changing Column Width & Row Height, AutoFitting Columns & Rows, Hiding/Unhiding Columns & Rows, Inserting & Deleting Columns & Rows (4 Hours)

Formatting Spreadsheets
Using the Formatting Toolbar, Using the Format Cells Dialog Box, The Number Tab, The Alignment Tab Font Tab, Border Tab, Patterns Tab, Clearing All Formatting from Cells, Copying All Formatting from Cells to Another Area. Conditional Formatting & AutoFormatting

Setting Spreadsheet Layout
Working with Page Breaks, Viewing the Header and Footer, The Page Setup Dialog Box

Consolidating Spreadsheets
Using Data Consolidation,

Spreadsheet Charts
Creating Charts, Moving and Resizing Charts, The Chart Toolbar, Formatting Chart Objects, Changing, the Chart Type, Showing and Hiding the Legend, Showing and Hiding the Data Table, Choosing a Chart Layout, Choosing a Chart Style, Printing Charts, Deleting Charts(6 Hours)

Editing and Formatting Charts
Changing Chart Sub-types, Changing the Data Range, Changing Chart Titles, Repositioning the Legend Adding Data Labels, Formatting a Data Series, Chart Axis Formatting,

Creating PivotTables, Manipulating a PivotTable, Using the PivotTable Toolbar, Changing Data Field, Properties, Displaying a PivotChart, Setting PivotTable Options, . Adding Subtotals to PivotTables

Sorting Data
Sorting Data, Custom Sort Orders, Sorting Options,

AutoFiltering Data
AutoFilter, Using the Top 10 AutoFilter, Using the Custom AutoFilter, Turning Off the AutoFilter (6 hours)

Lookup and Functions
Lookup and Functions, Lookup Functions, Logical Functions, Using the AND and OR Functions

Making Macros
Recording Macros, Running Macros, Deleting Macros

Spreadsheet Tools
Moving between Spreadsheets, Selecting Multiple Spreadsheets, Inserting and Deleting Spreadsheets Renaming Spreadsheets, Splitting the Screen, Freezing Panes, Copying and Moving Entire Worksheets Cutting, Copying and Pasting Data between Spreadsheets, Printing Multiple Spreadsheets, Hiding Spreadsheets (6 Hours)

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