Aptitude Enhancement Program

Aptitude states the competency of a person to learn or acquire knowledge. Students are continuously trained and tested on Aptitude from the First Semester. Aptitude tests aim to gauge an individual's personality, inclination, ability and attraction within designated fields. There are various kinds of these tests which address a person's quantitative (mathematics, logic, objective) and qualitative (attitude, perspective, subjective) abilities. The tests calculate their individual talents and interests, to determine which fields they may do the best in and which field needs more attention. It can also help a student to recognize where their skill levels and the specific jobs that matches them. These tests may also be referred as career planning tests and can be administered on paper or done on the computer.

  • Student having sound knowledge in the subject is In-charge of the Aptitude Program.
  • The core Aptitude of the program is divided into Technical Aptitude, Quantitative Skills developing Mathematical Skills, and Verbal Reasoning developing the English Language.