International Lecture Series

Cyber ethics- A Social Work Perspective
As part of the International Lecture Series, the Department of Social Work organized a lecture on ‘Cyber ethics- A Social Work Perspective’ on 16th February 2018. The expert speaker for the lecture was Mr. Abhishek Clifford Jacob, Chief Executive Officer, RESCUE, Mysore. Mr. Justin K Jose, student of II MSW delivered the welcome address and Dr. Jonas Richard A, Head of the Department of Social Work felicitated the gathering and addressed the need and importance of cyberethics in the fast growing world of technology.

The word cyber ethics refers to a code of safe and responsible behavior for the Internet user community. Practicing good cyber ethics involves understanding the risks of harmful and illegal behavior online and learn how to protect ourselves, and other Internet users, from such behavior. It also involves teaching young people that may not realize the possible for harm to themselves and others, that use the Internet safely and responsibly

The session began with a visual representation of a film trailer which exhibited the extremity of girls who are trafficked and are abused in the Western countries. The resource person mentioned the four giants faced in the worlds today which are the mass gang rape of teenage girls, baby genocide, advertising rape and 37 million deaths of secret World War III. Human trafficking is considered as the second largest criminal activity. The solution for all these kind of callous activity is cyberethics.

The suitable remedies which can be suggested for all these acts can be strengthening the media campaigns, conducting PTA meetings in educational institutions, introducing parental software, blocking the porn websites across the country.

The discussion ended with the question and answer session where the students raised their queries about the implementation of rules and regulations, remedies for human trafficking and the importance to eliminate such social issues from the society. The program ended with a vote of thanks by Ms. Aishwarya Aravind, student of I MSW.

Child Protection and Advocacy
An International Lecture Series on Child Protection and Advocacy was organised by the Department of Social Work on 6th February 2017. Dr. Valentina Calcaterra, Researcher & Social Worker, Catholic University of Milan, Italy address the students on this topic.

Dr. Valentina Calcaterra introduced the concept of Relational Approach in Social Work. The approach aims at engaging existing networks of individuals with problems to enhance their resilience and capacity to resolve difficulties. The highlighted feature of the approach is that it engages, mobilises and develops both supportive and problem- solving networks as mentioned by the speaker. She stated that the term network refers to family members, friends, teachers and any other significant factors who have a contribution to make in problem- solving.

The speaker elaborated the process of placing children under foster care through family group conference and assessments done by the Social Worker. The various questions regarding the difference between Social Work practice in Italy and India, family group conference, problems faced by youth in Italy, measures to prevent sexual abuse among children, challenges faced by Social Workers in Italy and the role of National Social Work Council of Italy were discussed.

Social Work Licensing in Australia
The Department of Social Work organized an international lecture series on the topic Social Work Licensing in Australia on 16 February 2017. The lecture aimed at educating the students on the scope of Social work and on the various requirements of a Social Worker to work in Australia. Mr. Jomet Mani, Managing Director, YESTE Migration Counseling, Australia was the resource person.

Mr. Mani highlighted that field work and internship hours are significant and their successful completion could result in enriched practical knowledge and increased opportunity to work abroad. He briefed the students on the migration procedure and the skill requirements of a Social Worker in Australia.

Mr. Mani suggested that registration in the Australian professional bodies of Social Work like Australian Association of Social Work (AASW) and Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA) could guide aspiring Social Workers on migration to Australia. Further the various roles played by such professional bodies were discussed.

Understanding Social Withdrawal of Young People in Hong Kong
The Department of Social Work organized an international lecture series on Understanding Social Withdrawal of Young People in Hong Kong on 16 February 2017. The expert lecture aimed to enlighten the participants on the various Social issues faced by the migrant youth in Hong Kong and the professional services provided to them by Don Bosco South Asian Youth Services. Rev. Fr. Dolphie Sequirra Director, Don Bosco South Asian Youth Services, Hong Kong gave insight about the issue.

Fr. Sequirra stated that minorities the South Asian community were the vulnerable population. The critical aspects on the social issues such as discrimination, racism, economic deprivation, social degradation, unemployment, cultural differences, inequality in treatment, stereotyping faced by t ethnic minorities. Fr. Sequirra concluded that it is important to embrace diversity and accommodate and accept multiculturalism. The speaker was delighted to clarify doubts of students regarding the activities of youth in DB-SAYS, reason for migration from India and recent policies for the welfare of the migrants.

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