Equal Opportunity Cell


The following members shall constitute the Equal Opportunity Cell of Kristu Jayanti College

Dr. Riya Singh
Dr. Deenu Nadayil
Dr. Jisha V G
Dr. Britto Jacob S
Dr. P Roopa
Dr. Cynthia Sara James
Dr. Mohan Kumar
Dr. Kumar Raja N P
Mr. Jithin Joseph
Ms. Devikrishna Sabu
Dr. Akshaya I
Ms. Loitongbam Jaya Devi
Ms. Anjali Barla
Ms. Nikitha S Patani
Ms. Keerthi Vijayan
Mr. Kenneth Wilson Bavachan
Ms. Vishnu Priya

Expert Talk on Hemophilia Disease
Date: 28 February 2024
Equal Opportunity Cell in association with Department of Life Sciences organized an expert talk commemorating Rare Disease Day, focusing on Hemophilia Disease, held on February 28, 2024, at the A1 Audi in the Admin Block. The session witnessed active participation from students of VI BTG and VI MBG classes. Led by Dr. Santhosh Manivannan, Vice President of the Hemophilia Society, Bengaluru Chapter, the talk provided a comprehensive overview of Hemophilia Disease, covering its definition, types, genetics, and severity. Dr. Manivannan also discussed the different types of bleeds associated with hemophilia, highlighting their impact on individuals' daily lives.

Moreover, Dr. Manivannan delved into societal aspects, outlining various programs and initiatives aimed at managing hemophilia in Bangalore society, including government lobbying, effective management strategies, open clinics, and educational and empowerment programs for youth and women.

The interactive session allowed attendees to engage with Dr. Manivannan, deepening their understanding of hemophilia and its management. It also served as a platform for students to learn about ongoing research initiatives and advancements in the field, inspiring potential avenues for future study and involvement.

Beneficiaries: The session was attended by 106 students from the various departments of Kristu jayanti College.

Poster Making Competition - “Strenght in Unity
Date: 31 October 2023
The aim of the National Unity Day is to preserve the unity and integrity of India and to make people aware of the ideas of staying together and uplifting society. It also aims to reaffirm the solidarity among the people of India and to maintain the spirit of "unity in diversity" among the people.

National Unity Day in India is a day designated to commemorate the former Deputy Prime Minister, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. He was an influential politician who was also instrumental in the integration of the country.

On the commemoration of National Unity day 2023, the Equal Opportunity Cell of Kristu Jayanti College was orgainsed a Poster making Competition on 31st October 2023 at 12: 30 p.m onwards in A1 Audi, 2nd floor, Admin Block. The theme of completion was “Strength in Unity.

The students were asked to prepare handmade posters in front of teachers only. Three winners were selected from 14 entries. 1. N. Shakti Mahaeshwari (IIIrd Semester, B.com Business Analytics) bagged the first prize, Soumeya Tomar (BA) bagged 2nd prize, Avinandan Majumder (B. Sc MBGE) bagged 3rd Prize. The e-certificates to the winners through mail. On 11th November 2023.

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