To nurture the educational experience of the International students in the campus, International Students Forum (ISF) was established in 2007. Educational culture prevailing in the campus opens its door to overseas students. The college is witnessing a growth in the number of International students over the years. In the current academic year , Kristu Jayanti College has students from Benin (Dahomey), Cote D'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, Mauritius , Republic of Cameroon, Republic of Congo, Republic of Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Republic of Maldives, Thailand, United Republic of Tanzania and United States of America. The International Students Forum (ISF) directed by the Vice-Principal and faculty coordinator caters to the requirements of students. The services offered by the forum are:

  • Facilitating acquisition of residential permit, renewal of passport, updating visa
  • Supporting in arrangement of accommodation
  • Organizing international cultural fest, food festivals
  • Study Trips
  • Conducting language enhancement programme
  • Counseling
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