International Collaboration

The Office of International and Domestic Relations at Kristu Jayanti College is responsible for the institution’s global engagement. The office serves as the primary support service for all international students. Programmes offered at present are available to all International students as and when they seek admission in the institution, subject to the guidelines of University and AICTE. We promote interculuture exchange, foster a global environment and broaden opportunities to students by offering various international programs. We provide information and assistance to international students and scholars to help them adapt to life in Bengaluru, and assist them to live in a cultural setting different to their home country.

To initiate and promote fruitful academic relationships between institutions
To promote faculty and student exchange with partner universities and institutions
To organize knowledge enrichment programmes in collaboration with partnering institutions
To mould students as global citizens

Initiate and maintain fruitful strategic partnerships with domestic and international institutions of repute
Provide support and guidance for visit and exchange between partnering institutions
Host important international dignitaries, faculty and students
Arrange foreign exposure programmes
Provide support for acquisition of residential permit, renewal of passport and updation of Visa
Organizing international culture fests, food festivals and other activities that promote intercultural harmony
Offer counselling and mentoring services to international students.

What we do

  • Being a nodal centre for student movement abroad.
  • Provide support and guidance for foreign exchange and international students in the campus.
  • Initiate and maintain fruitful strategic partnerships with prestigious institutions around the world.
  • To welcome important international visitors to our campus.
  • Arrange staff foreign exposure programmes for the faculty members.

Students who are interested to make use of this opportunity may contact the Office of International and Domestic Relations at Kristu Jayanti college.

Contact Persons

Fr. Emmanuel P.J.
Director, International Affairs
Kristu Jayanti College
Bangalore 77, India

Mr. Stephen Deepak
Co-ordinator, Office of International and Domestic Relations,
Kristu Jayanti College


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