Career Opportunities

Biotechnology being a research oriented science course has great scope in India as well as abroad. There are many applications of biotechnology such as developing drugs and vaccines. The career opportunity for a bio technologist ranges from careers in academics to industry and others.

After a B.Sc. in Biotechnology there are various opportunities for students in India, where a student can opt for higher studies for improving skills and up-gradation of degree or a student can go for jobs in the biotechnology companies, research institutes, Pharma companies, universities and colleges.

There is a big scope for graduates in sales dept of biotechnology companies making devices and machines for research, these organizations contract graduates for their showcasing and deals.

There is scope for graduates to work as Lab technicians in research institutes and industries for handeling sophisticated instruments and generating data.

A graduate in Biotechnology can become a technical assistant, research associate, while a post-graduate or a PhD. holder can be a research scientist or can join a teaching fraternity. Bio technologists can join as a freelance journalist, scientific reporter or in the field of management.

Microbiologists play a significant role in the society through research and applications for the betterment of mankind. Careers for microbiologists can be in Hospitals / Clinical laboratories, Food industry, Environmental pollution management, Research labs etc.

As a graduate or postgraduate in Microbiology, one can be placed as a technical assistant or project assistant in a research laboratory. Microbiology is an interdisciplinary subject that provides opportunity in various applied fields- Bacteriology, Environmental Microbiology, Industrial and food Microbiology etc. Bio technologists and Microbiologists can join as a freelance journalist, scientific reporter or in the field of management.

Career Orientation
The career orientation session- DISHA 2024 delved into important topics for final-year undergraduate students. We were presented with various career paths in emerging fields and motivated to align them with our interests. The session also informed the importance of continuous skill development through extracurricular activities and internships along with our regular coursework. We were explained the advantages of choosing our college for PG programs in Life sciences, including renowned faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a strong alumni network, all contributing to a supportive learning environment and upcoming career opportunities. The orientation ended with the current PG students sharing their experiences and the resource persons clarifying the doubts of the attendees.

Career orientation program - ‘Build your career in Forensic Science’
A career orientation programme titled ‘Build your career in Forensic Science’ was organized for the IV and VI semester BSc Forensic Science on 24th February, 2022 9AM. The resource persons of the session were faculty members of the Unit of Forensic Science at Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore. The objective of the session was to enlighten the students about the different career opportunities available and provide tips and ideas to prepare, seek and attempt for the different opportunities available.

Session 1 on ‘Opportunities for higher education and jobs’ was handled by Mr. Don Caeiro and Mr. Jeremiah Justus M. During the first half of the session Mr. Don explained to the students about the different options available for pursuing higher studies in Forensic science both in India and abroad. The strengths of different courses, their weaknesses, possible outcomes etc. were presented in detail. In the next half of the session Mr. Jeremiah introduced them to the recruitment rules, tips for seeking jobs, ways to prepare for jobs and how to choose jobs based on the student’s interests. A roadmap to start early in choosing jobs was explained.

Session 2 on ‘Competitive Exams and Research’ was handled by Ms. Chetna Tidke and Dr. Shayani Ghosh. Ms. Chetna listed the different competitive exams which are relevant to forensic science pursuing students. She listed the requirements, eligibility and weightage for FACT and FACT+ exams. Following that Dr. Shayani explained the process of preparing and clearing UGC NET JRF exams. She explained the procedure for PhD registration and elaborated the weightage involved in clearing JRF.

Career And Capability Enhancement, Session I
The Department of Life Sciences in association with the Centre for Employability and Corporate Relations (CECR), organized the session I of the Career and Capability Enhancement Training for the postgraduate students of the Department of Life Sciences on 26th June 2019. The resource person for the session was Prof. Sen B. Mathews, Director, Centre for Employability and Corporate Relations, Kristu Jayanti College.

The 3 hour session started with an introduction of the speaker by Dr. A. L. Calistus Jude, Dean, Faculty of Sciences. Taking excerpts from the Stephen R. Covey best seller 7 habits of highly successful people Prof. Mathews elaborated on the importance of pro-activeness, consistency, effective prioritization, vision based approach and synergizing as key qualities towards building a fulfilling career. The students were trained on practical and effective tips for tackling interviews with a focus on how to deliver a self- introduction. A brief overview of the various career opportunities available to Life Science graduates was also included. The session was kept alive and interactive through group activities and interactions, which served to train the students in the dynamics of teamwork. The students received the session with enthusiasm and excitement because of the activity oriented approach of the training and the realization that such sessions would enhance their employability prospects manifold.

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