An Intra-Collegiate Fest Cognizance 2019

The 8th Annual Intra-collegiate psychology fest was organized by the Department of Psychology on 26th August 2019 from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm to inculcate the application of different streams of psychology through various extra-curricular activities. Every year this fest is conducted by the students who are pursuing their post-graduation in Psychology for the undergraduate students of psychology. The theme for this year’s fest was “Embracing Inclusiveness”, making the students understand the need for accepting every aspect of our society.

Cognizance 2019 Was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Dr. Jini K. Gopinath, Chief Consultant, Clinical Psychologist at Mind Matters and former Mumbai Indians Performance Coach. In his inaugural address, Dr. Jini K. Gopinath spoke about the amendment made by the Government of India to restructure the disability segment and to introduce “inclusive” education for special kids so that they feel they are as normal as the rest. Secondly, he spoke about the incidence rates of cardiovascular disorders based on a study by Narayana Hrudayalaya and St. John’s Hospital, Bangalore, which concluded that the old scales that were used earlier does not apply to the current generation as the primary factor that contributed to CVD was found to be stress. Lastly, he put forth the importance of personal therapy for Psychology students and practitioners to protect one from the emotional burnout.

A total of 481 undergraduate students participated in the event. The participants were put into 10 different teams consisting of the first, second and third-year students, each team was named after an Indian Psychologist who contributed immensely in different fields of psychology. These teams participated in over 8 different- on stage and off stage competitions such as -

Off-stage events

On stage events

Persona (Face Painting)

Horus Thema (Theme dance)

Snapshot (Photography)

Psycho Mime (Mime)

Billboard (Poster making)

Charisma (PersonalityContest)

Silver Screen (Film Making)

Brainstorm (Quiz)

The valedictory session was chaired by Rev. Fr. Lijo P Thomas, Financial Administrator, who appreciated the department for the successful conduct of the event and also congratulated the participants and winners for their active participation. The event ended with the prize distribution. Cognizance 2019 provided the students with the platform to showcase their talents and organizing skills. The winners were overwhelmed as they were awarded with trophies and certificates for their excellent performance.

Proceedings of Day 1
The 4th National conference Insight with the theme “Modern Tools and Technology in Research: Trans-disciplinary Perspectives” began with 88 delegates from different parts of India. The inaugural session commenced at 9:30 am with the invocation song sung by the department choir and welcome address by Dr. Krishnan Bhatt followed by lighting of the lamp. In the conference prelude Dr. Molly Joy elaborated on the conference theme and the significance of having an inclusive dialogue with experts in research and applied psychology. She also spoke on the relevance of the transdisciplinary approach and use of modern research tools. She also mentioned about the publication of papers in UGC approved International Journal of Psychological Science (IJPS), with a high impact factor of 6.696. Out of the 60 Papers received 21 were selected for the same.

In his presidential address Rev. Fr. Josekutty P.D., Principal Kristu Jayanti College spoke on the significance of a transdisciplinary approach and the need for efficient use of modern tools and techniques in research. He also emphasized on the importance of sharing this knowledge and its application for the overall wellbeing and growth of the society.

The Chief Guest for the session Mr. Girish Kumar was introduced by Ms. Kavita .R. In his inaugural address Mr. Girish Kumar spoke about the substantial impact of research on the society. And the relevance of modern tools and techniques that are helpful in the accuracy of data analysis. He also accentuated on the need to master the various tools and techniques in research. The inaugural session ended with the vote of thanks by Ms. Sanjna Sajan, Conference Student coordinator.

The first Panel Discussion was moderated by Dr. Ashok H.S. which began at 10:45am with a discussion on Positive psychology led by Mr. Sreesha, Pegasus Institute, Bangalore who emphasized on the application and significance of appreciative inquiry, Appreciative Experiential learning and participative action research.

The second discussion on educational psychology was led by Dr. Srikanta Swamy who pointed out the application of technology for efficient teaching learning practices, and how information technology, instructional technology, smart board, flip over classroom need to be used to empower the learners.

Dr. Surendra Veeriah spoke on the two psychological dimensions in psycho oncology: psychosocial and psychobiological. He also emphasized on the need to focus on quality of life and further research in the field.

The discussion on cognitive neuroscience was led by Dr. Jamuna Rajeshwaran who gave emphasis on the relevance of neurofeedback in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with different levels of brain damage and the need for further research and application of modern techniques in this process.

Four scientific sessions were conducted in different venues on day one and two in which 32 papers were presented on positive psychology, educational psychology, clinical psychology and industrial psychology. The best paper was selected and will be announced during the valedictory ceremony. Day one ended with a cultural program.

Proceedings of Day 2
The second panel session was moderated by Mr. N.P. Singh who began the session with an emphasis that psychology is the future for national security of our country. Mr. Bhaskar Roy gave an introduction to Nano technology and discussed the difference between micro, macro and Nano scales and their size comparison. He also elaborated on the application of nanotechnology in various areas of day to day life. In her discussion on forensic psychology Dr. Malini Subramanyam accentuated the role of various techniques like brain mapping and narco-analysis to unearth the exact details of various crimes. She elaborated on how the brain waves reveal the participation of the convict in the crime.

Dr. Vijay Mishra in his discussion on quantum physics spoke on the various developments in the field of quantum physics and how human beings perceive what they see. He also mentioned about quantum Mysticism, the role of Nano science engineering and cell culture. Mr. Sailesh R. elaborated on artificial intelligence and the difference between artificial intelligence and human intelligence. Mr. N.P Singh concluded the session by the role of psychologists in managing combat stress. The positive and negative aspects of combat stress and the various stressors in the life of a combat.

The valedictory ceremony was attended by Shri N. P. Singh, Chief Guest accompanied by Rev. Fr. Augustine George, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel P. J., Dean Dr. Gopakumar A.V., HOD Dr. Molly Joy, Faculty coordinator Shri Vigraanth Bapu K. G., and student coordinator Ms. Shruti Chandran. The guests praised the success of the conference and also emphasized on the need for usage of tools and techniques in research. The vote of thanks was proposed by Shri. Vigraanth Bapu K. G.

Stimuli 2k18’ An Inter-Collegiate Psychology Fest
Department of Psychology of Kristu Jayanti College organised the fourth National level inter-collegiate Psychology fest ‘Stimuli 2k18’ on 17 September 2018. This fest is conducted by the students who are pursuing their post-graduation in Psychology to the students of psychology across the country. The theme of this year’s fest was ‘The colours to your Meraki’.

Teacher Co–Ordinators – Mr. Vigraanth Bapu K G, Mrs. Rajalakshmi V, Mrs. Amani K
Student Co–Ordinators – Ms. Annie Bennedict, Mr.Cherian Kurian, Ms. Dhwani Jain, Ms. Julia Jacob, and Ms. Sharalien Maria

Dr L N Suman, Head, Department of Clinical Psychology was the chief guest for the day. She congratulated the team for organising a psychology fest and appreciated the effort taken by the organisers and participants for the fest.

“The fest is a platform to hone your skills in order to prepare you for the real world. You need to have a goal and focus. That will help a person to know they are doing, how well they are doing and how to improve it,” said Dr L N Suman.
She explained how the world will offer a lot of barriers and troubles, external and internal obstacles and the need to face and overcome it in life.

Fr Augustine George, Vice Principal, Kristu Jayanti College who delivered the presidential address spoke about the importance of fests as a learning experience. He remarked that one can share and receive ideas and establish networks through fests. He said “These fests help to find the core competence in each one of us. Through involvement and commitment I believe you are enhancing your learnin.”

Following the inaugural session, the fest was declared open during the promotional event by Rev. Fr. Augiestine George, Vice Principal, Kristu Jayanti College. Then the various events started off simultaneously in different venues. The fest witnessed participation from 14 colleges across the country with 108 participants. The events of the fest included a variety of on-stage and off-stage events such as Charisma, Snapshot, Hours Thema, Psychomime, Billboard, Brainstorm, Persona and Silver screen.

During the valedictory function, Rev. Fr. Emmaneul P J, delivered the Valedictory address where he shared the history of Kristu Jayanti College and also explained the relevance of the fest in honing an in-depth skill in the field of psychology. Feedback session gave an insight about the students from other colleges where all were astonished by the hospitality and co-ordination in the fest that made it a grand success. Post the feedback session the results for various events were announced. Indian Institute of Psychology and Research, Bangalore bagged the overall trophy and the runner-up trophy was shared by Kateel Ashok Pai Memorial Institute, Shimoga and Surana PG College, Bangalore.

Cognizance 2018

Date: 16th and 21st, August 2018
Time: 9am – 5 pm
The 7th Annual Intra-collegiate psychology fest was organized by the Department of Psychology to inculcate the application of different streams of psychology through various extra-curricular activities. This fest is conducted by the students who are pursuing their post graduation in Psychology to the undergraduate students of psychology.

Teacher Co–Ordinators – Mr. Vigraanth Bapu K G, Mrs. Rajalakshmi V, Mrs. Asha M, Mrs. Amani K
Student Co–Ordinators – Ms. Lydia Raju, Mr. Nikhil Menon, Ms. Shalom Senorita, Ms. Priyanka Jaswal, Ms. Blessy Thomas The theme for this year’s fest was “The colours to your Meraki”, where meraki is putting soul, creativty and love into the work we do. The 450 undergraduate students were put into 10 different teams consisting of the first, second and third year students, each team were named after some unique characterstics/traits in different languages, the team names are as follows
1. Elysian – Greek – Word beautiful and divinely inspiring
2. Solasta – Latin –Luminous & shining
3. Aeonian – Greek – Everlasting
4. Bonzer – Australian – Remarkable, wonderful
5. Selcouth – English – Strange
6. Mad’ouk – Arabian – Experience makes you strong
7. Metanoia – Greek – New way of thinking
8. Sophrosyne – Greek – Healthy state of mind, self control, deep awareness of one true self leading to true happiness
9. Eunoia - Greek – Beautiful thinking
10. Elan – French – Vigorous, sprit and enthusiasm

These teams particpated over 8 different on stage and off stage competetions such as

Off stage events

On stage events

Persona (Face Painting)

Horus Thema (Theme dance)

Snapshot (Photography)

Psycho Mime (Mime)

Billboard (Poster making)

Charisma (PersonalityContest)

Silver Screen (Film Making)

Brainstorm (Quiz)

The fest spanned over two days. On day 1, the students submitted the Photographs and Short Flims and also participated in the prelims for Brain Strom and Charisma, simultaneously the finals for Persona and Bill Board was held.

The final day of Cognizance 2k18 started of with the innagural session where Rev. Fr. Principle Josekutty P D, while delivering the inagural address applauded the team for having the tagline of “Think Beyond” because as a Psychologist it becomes important to think beyond what is obvious and through these extra curricular activities students are made to think beyound their regular curriculum. Followed by Rev. Fr. Principle, the Chief Guest of the day, Dr. Yesudas in his key note address spoke about the importance of letting go negative thoughts, he told we have to monitor our thoughts and gave an beautiful analogy where birds can fly over your head but we cannot let them make a nest there.

Following the inagural session the finals of Brain strom was held. After a sincilating rounds of Quiz, the students were awed by the silent performance of their friends in Psycho Mime. Post lunch the events resumed with finals of Charisma, where the participants were made to go through various rounds to show case their uniquness. The last event to happen was Horus Thema, where the students dressed up brightly danced in unison to showcase their flow of energy.

In the valedictory session Rev. Fr. Vice Principle Augustine George suggested that participating in the events are more importatnt than winning. He later on questioned the students “If given a chance to participate again how many will do so?” Father emphasized on to the relevance of the experiences gained and wanting to improve over and over as the important trait of a Jayantian. During the feedback session a student of Second year BA said she had gained confidence to speak in the public after participating in this fest last year.The valedictory program got over with the prize distribution ceremony. The overall champions of Cognizance 2k18 was team Melanoia and the runners-up was bagged by team Selcouth.

Cognizance 2016
The Postgraduate students of Psychology organized an intra-collegiate Fest Cognizance, on 24th August 2016 with the theme“Think Beyond”. The Fest was inaugurated by Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma Clinical Psychologist, NIMHANS, Bangalore at 9.30 am in the Mini Auditorium II, who addressed the gathering about the growing need for awareness on using technology safely. The inauguration was followed by stage events which included Quiz, Spell Bee, Turn Coat, Personality, and Psychodrama. The off stage events included Face painting and Poster Making.

The winners were recognized and appreciated with the prizes during the valedictory ceremony presided by Fr. Lijo P Thomas Kristu Jayanti College.The fest concluded at 5.30 PM.

Cognizance 2015
“The foremost ingredient of being a psychologist is not understanding others, but it is understanding oneself,” said the Chief Guest, Dr. Tony Sam George, Director, Centre for Research, Christ University, as he addressed the gathering during the inaugural function of the annual intra Collegiate Psychology fest, Cognizance 2015 on August 18, 2015. The function began with a screening of an introductory fest video by the Department, which was followed by a short film paying tribute to the late former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. The function ended with a vote of thanks by the student coordinator, Benita Mohan.

Cognizance 2014
Department of Psychology organized an intra collegiate fest Cognizance – 2014, on 26th August 2014 with the tag line “Think Beyond”. The program started at 9:30 AM in the college Mini Auditorium. Prof Stella Annathani, H.O.D. Psychology, National College, Bangalore inaugurated the fest.

Insight 2014
Department of Psychology organized a national level fest ‘Insight’ on 24 March 2014. The fest was inaugurated by Dr. Catherene George, Aviation Psychologist, DRDO Bangalore. Fest witnessed a participation of 150 students in various competitions held.

Cognizance 2013
Department of Psychology organized an inter collegiate fest on 26th march 2013 for the undergraduate students. The Chief Guest was Ms. Elizabeth Benjamin from Ashalaya. Fr. Sebastian, Principal, Kristu Jayanti College presided over the event.

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