Virtual International Conference On “Re-Inventing Business through Digitalization and Innovation (RBTDI)”
The Department of Commerce (UG), Kristu Jayanti College, organized a “Virtual International Conference on “Re-Inventing Business through Digitalization and Innovation (RBTDI)” on 28th & 29th March 2022. The International conference globally received 110 papers out of which 30 papers were selected for presentation and publication. With the participation of 700 participants from industry & Academics. The International Conference was inaugurated by Chief Guest Dr. Martin Meznar, Associate Dean for Global and Civic Engagement, Walker College of Business, Appalachian State University, USA.

Dr. Martin Meznar’s inaugural address was an enriching insight into International Business. He stressed the importance and continuing the changes in the business to transform the business from the National level to the International and to the core. Continuing in digitalization will engage the business leaders to sustain and survive in the current business world.

The two-day Virtual International Conference included 5 keynote sessions and 3 plenary sessions, where the selected papers were presented by academicians and students successfully.

Virtual International Conference on Leveraging Business Opportunities in the Post COVID-19 World
The two-day Virtual International Conference on Leveraging Business Opportunities in the Post COVID-19 World on 28th and 29th January 2021 was hosted by the Department of Commerce, Kristu Jayanti College.

The conference was inaugurated on the 28th of January, 2021 at 9:30am, graced by the presence of Dr. Martin Meznar Associate Dean for Global and Civic Engagement Walker College of Business Appalachian State University, USA.

Prof. Vijayakumar R Head, Department of Commerce, in his welcome speech emphasized on was briefed about the conference Covid-19 is causing tragic loss of life, and the measures needed to fight it have turned our world upside down—affecting billions of people and stopping economies in their tracks, and measures to cope up with Covid-19.

The prelude to the conference was delivered by Conference Convenor Prof. Mathiyarasan.

Dr. Fr. Augustine George. The Principal Welcome all the dignitaries, faculty members from various College, Participants and the student coordinators of the department for their enormous efforts towards Virtual International Conference On Leveraging Business Opportunities in the Post COVID-19 World Dr. Martin Meznar Associate Dean for Global and Civic Engagement Walker College of Business Appalachian State University, USA. In his inaugural speech emphasized the significance of Covid -19 and how its Impact on the life style of society and Economic changes in term of Financial crises faced by the many Industries in the world.

The lot of Opportunities to be positive towards the development of Personal and Economic activities posts Covid -19. Described by Dr. Martin Meznar making an impression on the minds of the delegates as well as on the whole congregation.

Prof.CA Annie Stephen extended her gratitude to all the members and delegates of various educational institutions.

Covid-19 has forced us as individuals, institutions and societies to rethink the way we have conducted ourselves. There is a growing emphasis globally on the need to build back better and ensure resilient and green recovery post Covid-19.

India must view this crisis as an exercise in building institutional and governance capacity in particular, by Leveraging Business Opportunities. Through our international conference we have come across various passive and active resilience in the business sector.

Key note session 1
“India is going to be a “Factory for the World” with this quote
Mr. T R Parasuraman, Deputy Managing Director and member of the Board, Toyota Industries Engine Pvt Ltd. started the session, He highlighted about the current status of Indian manufacturing sector. Specifically, the automobile and infrastructure segments has picked up pace. These segments are eagerly waiting for more opportunities to arise post budget session. The car market is going to grow more in an exponential manner with relation to the population. Only 28 out of 1,000 Indians own a car. This presents a lot of opportunities. The introduction of cobots during the pandemic have helped in semi-automating the manufacturing process. Therefore, India will be able to handle the demands of the new world and thereby set benchmarks in the manufacturing sector.

Key note session 2
The Chief Guest Mr.Thaneshwar Singh, Founder-Ientra Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, approached the gathering by beginning with his entrepreneurial journey, Later he converged on business, entrepreneurship and the market situations post covid 19. The market destruction and New Business Opportunities for aspiring Entrepreneurs in postCovid-19 were discussed in keynote session 2.

Key note session 3
In the keynote session 3, Mr. Rayner , Assistant General Manager (AGM), ,South Indian Bank, Tirupur, emphasized on ECLGS , policies regarding repayment of loans and Reversal of compound interest. He mentioned about Debt Restructuring and its impact on banking and insurance sector. Further he discussed about the various provisions, profitability and challenges faced by the Bankers.

Key note session 4
The discussion of 4th keynote session was about corporate Governance in the pandemic Situation encompassed by Dr Anil Kumar, Associate Professor, Department of Commerce, Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), University of Delhi. He explained How the pandemics brings the business very close to the society. Further he explained the 5 aspects of stakeholder related to pandemic situation, How the Board of Directors struggled to reform the policies and the rate of dividend to the stakeholders. He gave his valuable Suggestion to bring the customers into the business after the pandemic situations.

“7th International Conference on “Enhancing Business Competitiveness for Sustainable Growth”
Objective: Aims to provide a platform to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Enhancing Business Competitiveness for Sustainable Growth

Inauguration: Dr. Martin Meznar, Associate Dean, Global and Civic Engagement Walker College of Business
Dr. Martin ,Meznar, Associate Dean , Global and Civic Engagement walker college of business , Chief Guest of the occasion delivered the inaugural address emphasising on business competitiveness through four main industry that is energy industry , transport , health care and education sector and the changes that might take place in the coming years these industries ,and also threw light on the global responsibility of every individual towards the benefit of society globally which leads to better world .

Valedictory: Mr Jayas Damodaran Country head –Sales programme

The chief guest mentioned the benefit of sustainable development with the live example and also mentioned the core value are the strongest weapon to sustain the business such as trust, customer success , innovation and equality and also highlighted business is the greatest platform for changes and explained the important aspect “giving back is the part of the business”

A total of 40 papers were presented at the international conference related to “Contemporary Practices in Enhancing Business Excellence”

Outcome: The International Conference brought altogether over 89 delegates from States such as USA, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka, who took part in the conference to share their experiences and research findings on the emerging contemporary practices in enhancing business excellence. The international conference embedded and entrenched four Key Note sessions, eight plenary sessions (Paper Presentations) and round table conference to enable delegates to discuss and deliberate emerging contemporary practices in enhancing business excellence. This conference provided a forum and platform for research scholars, educators, students and industrialists to exchange their thoughts and ideas, to communicate and discuss their research findings and to address new issues and challenges in the field of “Enhancing Business Competitiveness for Sustainable Growth” and also to enable the participants to explore possible avenues to foster academic and student exchange, as well as scientific activities within the region and India as a whole.

The two-day International Conference on Building Business Uniqueness towards Industry 4.0 on 14th&15st March, 2019 was hosted by the Department of Commerce, Kristu Jayanti College. The conference hosted over 100 participants from 18 institutions including arts and science colleges, private & public B-schools at state & central level featuring the works of more than 54 academicians, 6 research scholars and 50 students across the globe.

The conference was inaugurated on 14th March, 2019 at 9:30am, graced by the presence of Mr. Thomas Van Berckel, Director, Dutch Roof Consultancy LLP.

Dr. Aloysius Edward, Dean of Commerce and Management in his welcome speech emphasized on the on four Industrial Revolutions and also highlighted the need for development in Indian economy to focus on technology like automation, big data, cloud computing and data analytics.

The prelude to the conference was delivered by conference convenor Prof. Mathiyarasan.

Rev. Fr. Josekutty P D.,The Principal appreciated the faculty members and the student coordinators of the department for their enormous efforts towards the 3rd International Conference.

Mr.Thomas Van Berckel, Director, Dutch Roof Consultancy LLP in his inaugural speech emphasized the significance of culture and values in driving changes into ‘Building Business Uniqueness towards Industry 4.0’. “Culture is about being functional or adapting to changes” said Mr. Berckel, making an impression on the minds of the delegates as well as on the whole congregation.

Prof. Vijayakumar R. Head of the department of Commerce extended his gratitude to all the members and delegates on and off the dais from various educational institutions.

The first keynote session, on the theme “Supply Chain Management in Industry 4.0” was chaired by Dr. Dinesh S Dave, (Professor and Head, Department of Computer Information System and Supply Chain Management, John A Walker College of Business, Appalachian State University).The speaker discussed on the concepts of supply chain management, it's objectives and goals. Adding further he stated that “Globalisation is not reversible and we ought to challenge it”. He gave an insight on the elements of fourth revolution- IoT, robotics and automation. He advocated ‘Third Party Logistics’ as a promising field for aspiring entrepreneurs. He cited the UN report which showed that India will remain the fastest growing economy in 2019-2020. “Technology is not going to solve problems, people are going to; technology is just a tool and the people need to implement it”, remarked Dr. Dave. He concluded by painting a positive picture of Indian economy’s future prospects by tapping the opportunities presented by effective supply chain management.

The second keynote session on “Efficiency Evaluation of the Countries in the World Using Data Envelopment Analysis"was chaired by Dr. P.Mariappan, Coordinator, Department of Acturial Science, Bishop Haber College. The speaker emphasized that Data Envelopment Analysis is necessary to evaluate performance using various ratio analysis, to help companies find areas to improvise and to compare their performances. Usually any comparisons consider only two variables. However DEA helps to integrate multiple variables to find multiple outputs. DEA acts as a hurdle remover.

Dr. Mariappan also defined efficiency in terms of total output and total inputs. He explained how the concept of mathematical modeling is required to understand the applications of DEA. Dr Mariyappan concluded by explaining his research work on the topic ‘Living Efficiency Evaluation using DEA’, for which he was honoured with various awards.

The third keynote session on“Creating Business Uniqueness through tools of Business Analytics” was chaired by Mr Guruprasad Dasappa, General Manager, Products and Innovation at Accenture Operations.

Mr. Guruprasad stated that, “Data Analytics are basically insights in data.” He said that our day-to-day lives are influenced by various variables. Companies that employ data analytics use ‘basket optimization’ as a means to encourage and maximize sales. They view customers as potential data points and looks for methods to maximize cash inflow. He also spoke about how the assembly system of companies are increasingly becoming smarter, how machine learning is influencing industries. He conducted an inclusive activity to better explain machine learning and the importance of selecting an appropriate sample. He concluded his speech by remarking “There has never been so much data in the history of mankind than we have now”.

The fourth keynote session, on "Changing customer experience in the 4th Industrial Revolution" chaired by Mr.Rajarshi Baneriee, Customer Experience analyst, ABB and Ms.Mithila Holla, Innovation catalyst, ABB. The speaker focused on Ms Mithila Holla quoted Albert Einstein, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that used when we created them". Ms Mithila emphasized on trend in digital revolution are customization, shorter product life cycles, efficiency and productivity. The chain in manufacturing industry in the recent digital trend includes suppliers, providers, goods received, warehousing, production, packing, shipping and the end users-the customer. Even if one sector of this chain is affected by any distortion such as delay, failure or faults, it would result in the ultimate result of lack in production and reduced revenue of the company.

Mr.Rajarshi Baneriee concluded by insisting that customer experience matters as it are the new brand and happy customers are the great advocates. He elucidated the benefits of digital media for customers which could co-create solutions to improve customer business.

The fifth keynote session on “Changing Business Models In Industry 4.0”, chaired by Mr. Rohit Mathur, Senior manager and Head, Asia Pacific region, Integration services, citizen identity and public security at Idemia. The speaker focused on what business models are, emphasizing the importance of innovation in the dynamic business environment & cited numerous examples such as the models of uber, airbnb, amazon, Netflix. Mr.Rohit Mathur used “Spotify” as an illustration to explain strategies which led to successful ventures & concluded that “If a product does not solve a problem, the idea is not useful”. He expressed his opinion that it is not only improvement in technology that constitutes innovation but various other factors such as Customer Relationship.

International Conference on Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development
The two- day international conference on Inclusive Business Growth and Sustainable Developmentwas hosted by the UG Department of Commerce on 22February, 2017 at 9: 30AM. Dr. Deniz Parlak, Associate Professor, Dogus University, Istanbul, Turkey was the Chief Guest.

The highlight of the inauguration was the release of a special issue of The International Journal of Management and Social Science Research Review for the International Conference (E-ISSN 2349 6746, ISSN- 2349 6738, Impact Factor 3.996), handed to Vice Principal, Rev. Fr. Augustine George by the Chief Guest.

Around 150 participants from 57 institutions and 14 universities including arts and science colleges, Private &Public B schools at state & center level featuring the works of more than 82 academicians, 13 research scholars and 60 students across the globe participated in the conference.

International Conference on the topic “Risk Management Through Financial & Commodity markets
International Conference on the topic “Risk Management Through Financial & Commodity markets” was organized by Department of Commerce of Kristu Jayanti College on 25 September 2014 in Blessed Kuriakose Elias Auditorium.

Mr. Brock Dykeman, Director Managament Education Vancourer Island University Canada, inaugurated the function. There were 138 participants from various universities and 80 of them presented papers.

Two day National Conference organized by the department of commerce
0 Department of Commerce (UG) organized a two day National level conference on 11-12 September, 2012. The conference was inaugurated by Shri. Manjit Singh, Executive Director, Bangalore Stock Exchange. 85 participants from various institutions in Karnataka participated in the conference.

During the inaugural address Shri. Manjit Singh spoke about the present scenario of the Indian Financial System and the current reforms in Indian Financial Market. Dr. Prassana Chandra, Director of CFM and Dr. Anilkumar Gopal Garag, Director, Bapuji B-schools, Davangere also addressed the participants on various topics.

The two day national conference also witnessed several research paper presentations and discussions.

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