Consultancy Policy
'The institute shall open its services and share its knowledge resources for the mutual benefit of institutions, industry and neighborhood'.

Exclusive Centres for Consultancy Services:

  • Centre for Continuing Professional Development (CCPD)- Imparts training to teachers of schools and colleges on psycho-social understanding of learners
  • Centre for Life Skill Education (CLSE)- Trains youth and teachers of various educational institutions, NGOs and other organisations in the ten core life skills
  • Centre for Employability and Corporate Relations (CECR)- Conducts training programmes on soft skills and offers placement extension services to neighbourhood institutions
  • Department of Social Work and Psychology organize training programmes for government school teachers on positive disciplining in collaboration with World Vision India
  • IQAC- Organises workshops on quality sustenance and enhancement of other higher education institutions

KJC Centre for Statistical Analysis in Research and Analytics (SARA)
The Centre for Statistical Analysis in Research and Analytics (SARA) functions with the aim of enriching the knowledge in the field of Statistics and Research Methodology of students, researchers, companies and professionals. The centre focus on mentoring and assisting in statistical analysis of various research and analytical problems that arise in the field of Social Sciences, Bioscience, Psychology, IT and Business. The centre works to enhance the ability of the clients to solve complicated business queries and research problems through the analysis of large data sets.

Empowering researchers, academicians and corporate executives in the field of Statistics and Analytics

Services Offered
Consultancy services and training are provided on all concepts of statistical and econometric analysis: to mention a few: data visualisation, inferential analysis, regression, data and dimension reduction, clustering and classification, prediction, time- series analysis, ARIMA and GARCH modelling, smoothing of time series and forecasting, quality control and reliability analysis, design of experiments. Training on statistical and econometric analysis using SPSS, e-views, Gretl, R Python are also provided to industry and researchers.

The centre can offer training programmes to corporates, academicians and research scholars. The Training programmes that are offered include

Corporate training on

  • Application of Statistics in Business Analytics
  • Statistical Analysis for Data Science using R Software
  • Statistical Analysis for Data Science using Python Software
  • Statistical Analysis for Data Science using SPSS Software
  • Business forecasting using ARIMA/GARCH
  • Predictive Analytics

Certificate courses offered:
Offering Certificate programmes are a part of the service of the centre; the courses offered are

  • Analytics using R Software
  • Analytics using Python
  • Research methodology using SPSS
  • Applied Econometrics using Gretl
  • Biostatistics using SPSS
  • Psychometric statistical methods using SPSS

Workshop on “Consultancy Process”
Date: 31/10/2020
Time: 3.00 PM – 4.00 PM
Topic: Workshop on “Consultancy Process”
Resource Person: Dr. Pennan Chinnasamy, Professor Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. Director, Rural Data Research Analysis (RUDRA)
Platform: ZOOM
Beneficiaries: Teachers

Dr.Pennan enlightened the role of faculty members in research and consultancy process which helps in the academic career of the individual and also to the institution. He pointed that the synergy in Collaborative research is essential at the present stage of education. He explained the importance of Ph. D in undertaking research and consultancy process offered by Government and Non-government organizations in India. Dr.Pennan elaborated the approaches and strategies used for applying Projects and thereby generating funds from different schemes in DST, DBT etc. He also discussed the probabilities of developing a separate lab through consultancy and research and thereby enumerating research that is useful to the society and the public. He pointed out the linkage between the progress in society and research by researching a long-term career perspective. Dr Pennan answered the question of the faculty members that faculty floating from the institution does not affect the project work. The workshop came to an end with the vote of thanks proposed by Dr Vinothina, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science.

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