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Kristu Jayanti College has been undertaking several consulting projects across corporate and non-corporate sectors, public systems and government departments and functions, providing analytical and problem solving support. The availability of resources with varied backgrounds with experience and expertise in diversified domains ensures that a variety of client requirements across functional areas can be catered to Corporate Training.

Consulting | Faculty Members involved in Consultancy | Facilities for Consultancy | Contact | Activities

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Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous)
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Contact members for consultancy
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1. Dr. Baba Gnanakumar P
2. Dr. Raja Kamal CH
3. Dr. Arti Singh
4. Dr. Prakash V S
5. Dr. Vinoth B
6. Dr. Swathi P
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Consulting | Faculty Members involved in Consultancy | Facilities for Consultancy | Contact | Activities

Faculty Members involved in Consultancy and Corporate Training
Core Consultancy Domain
Retail Analytics
Educational Analytics
Audience research
Multivariate Statistical Analysis
Waste management,
Mushroom Cultivation
Environmental and Diagnostics
Reproductive Biotechnology and Endocrinology
Clinical Diagnostics
Microbial Technology
Computer Aided Drug Discovery
Herbal cosmetics and medicinal products
Microbiological analysis
Animal and pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Corporate Training Domain
Capacity Building
Tax Planning
Content analysis
Data analytics and Business Intelligence
Psychotherapy & Psychometric Assessment
Group therapy
Mental and Digital Hygiene for Corporates

Name Area of Specialization Department
Dr. Aloysius Edward J Quality Assurance and Enhancement, Outcome Based Education, Business Development & Income Tax Planning School of Management
Dr. Calistus Jude AL Quality Assurance, Human Genetics Life Sciences
Dr. Gopakumar AV Quality Management, Media Studies Humanities
Dr. Baba Gnanakumar P Leadership, Training and Development, Financial Management, Project Development School of Management
Dr. Justin Nelson Michael Quality Assurance, Research and Development School of Management
Mr. Sen B. Mathews Career Guidance, Talent Development, Placement Centre for Employability and Corporate Relations
Dr. Jonas Richard A Human Resource Management Social Work
Mr. A. Sevuga Pandian Operating Systems, Learning Management System, MOOC Computer Science (UG)
Dr. Kumar R. Data Mining, Blockchain Computer Science (PG)
Dr. Velumurugan R. Software Engineering, Project Development Tools Computer Science (PG)
Dr. Muruganantham A. Data Mining, Project Development Tools Computer Science (PG)
Dr. Elcey CD Microbial Technology, Microbial Identification, Bio-remediation Life Sciences
Dr. Aruna Devi K. E-content Development Computer Science (PG)
Mr. Stephen Deepak R. Corporate Training School of Management
Mr. Jeo Joy Examination Management, Document Verification Computer Science (UG)
Dr. Juby Thomas Content Creation and Development Humanities
Mr. Vijayakumar R Taxation Commerce
Mr. Surendranath Reddy Marketing Analytics Management
Dr. Challaraj Emmanuel E.S. Microbiology Life Sciences
Dr M K Baby Finance & Taxation School of Management
Dr.S.Vijayanand Biochemistry Life Sciences
Mr. Jaheer Mukthar KP International Economics, Affordable housing initiatives, Economics
Dr. Ch. Raja Kamal Human Resource Management and Marketing Commerce
Dr.M.K.Rema Counseling and Clinical Psychology Psychology
Mr. Don Caeiro Forensic Science Life Sciences (Forensic Science)
Mr. Vigraanth Bapu K G Clinical Psychology Psychology
Dr. Sangeetha Menon Microbiology Life Sciences
Dr. K.Jagannathan Marketing Management
Mr.R.Haribaskar Finance and Marketing Management
Dr. Esther Shoba R Molecular Biology Life Sciences
Dr.Manikandan Kathirvel Molecular Biology, Recombinant DNA technology Life Sciences
Dr.D. Ravindran Marketing School of Management
Dr. Sriram T Biochemistry Life Sciences
Dr. Gita PC Human Resource Management School of Management
Dr S Gokilavani Banking, Logistics and Supply Chain Management Commerce
Dr. B.Vinoth Applied Statistics Statistics
Dr. Arti Singh Small Scale Industries, Financial Practices Commerce
Dr Annie Stephen Finance and Accounting Professional Accounting and Finance
Dr. Reeni.R Literature English
Dr.V.S.Prakash Data Mining and Network Security Computer Science(UG)
Dr. Sarvesha B S Kannada Literature Kannada
Dr. Kiran Babu N C Education Psychology Psychology
Dr.A.John William General Management, Marketing & HR BBA
Mr. Shashi Kumar M Accounts and Taxation Commerce
Dr. Gopika S Image Processing , Computer Architecture , Computer Network Computer Science
Mr. A.Arun Prakash Finance, Capital Market Analysis (Equity, Commodity, Currency, MFs), Security analysis, Investment and Portfolio Management, Behavioural Finance Department of Management
Mr. John Pradeep Kumar Finance School of Management
Ms. M Chandrakala Accounts, Taxation and Finance Commerce
Dr.Chandrakhanthan.J Marketing, Finance, Consumer Behaviour Commerce
Dr.S.Jayashree Marketing & Finance Professional Accounting and Finance
Ms. Nitty Antony Accountancy and Taxation Commerce
Ashwitha Banking and insurance Commerce
Dr. G. Arockia Stalin Finance Professional Accounting and Finance
K Kiran Kumar Finance Dept. of Professional Accounting & Finance
Dr.Mathiyarasan.M Marketing Commerce(UG)
Ibha Rani Finance and Marketing Commerce
Dr. C. Nagadeepa Accounts and marketing Commerce UG
Biju M Finance, Accounting, Marketing Commerce (UG)
Dr. Jaspreet Kaur Health economics Commerce
Dr.Reenu Mohan Human resource management Professional accounting and finance
Dr. Deepthi Vijayan Counseling Psychology Psychology
Mr. Raghavendra Babu J Finance Commerce
Dr. Dileep Francis Molecular Biology , Bio_Informatics Life Sciences
Ms. Ramya B Contemporary History and Human rights, Quality Accreditation process, Best Practices of Institution and Integration of IKS in curriculum History
Mr. Kenneth Wilson Bavachan Finance, Marketing, Human resource Commerce
Dr.Molly Joy Industrial Psychology, Human Resource Management , Educational Psychology, Social Psychology , Psychotherapy , Counselling Psychology
Dr. Sreedevi Santhosh Cultural Studies and Gender Studies English
Dr. Akhil M.P. Finance Commerce (PG)
Dr Sikha Das Gender and Society, North East India Studies, Intersectionality Sociology
Dr. Syed Muen Linguistic, Translation, Mythology, Islamic Studies Kannada
Dr. Sathish Kumar R Social Work Medical and Psychiatric Social Work
Mr. Suku Thomas Samuel Finance, Marketing Management
Dr. Priyanka Ghosh Commerce Commerce & Management
Mr. S. Britto Jacob Fractional Calculus, Mathematical Biology, Epidemiology Mathematics
Dr.Chandrakala.M Accounts, Finance, Taxation , IB Commerce
Dr. Malathi R Biochemistry Life Sciences
Dr. Shinomol George K Neurotoxicology, neuroscience, environmental toxicology, heavy metal remediation Life Sciences
Dr.R. Mohan Kumar HR/OB/ TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT Commerce (PG)
Dr. Sneha.N Tourism, Hospitality, Marketing Professional Management Studies
Dr.Shobha B.G Accounting and Finance School of Management (MBA)
Dr. Mary Raymer Indian Writings in English, American Literature Drama, ELT English
Ms. Steffi Santhana Mary Historiography and Memory Studies, Theatre Studies English
Dr Nishitha Women's Autobiography, women's narratives English
Consulting | Faculty Members involved in Consultancy | Facilities for Consultancy | Contact | Activities

Facilities on Consultancy

Consulting | Faculty Members involved in Consultancy | Facilities for Consultancy | Contact | Activities


Orientation On Consultancy Strategies
Date: 25 November 2023
On November 25, 2023, the Center for Consultancy and Corporate Training organized a program centered on “Consultancy Strategies” for faculty members of Kristu Jayanti College online in order to equip the faculty members with comprehensive knowledge on how to increase consultancy in college. In a rapidly evolving business landscape, the role of consultants has become increasingly pivotal. The "Orientation on Consultancy Strategies" program is designed to equip participants with the essential skills, knowledge, and strategic insights needed to excel in the dynamic field of consultancy. It was a transformative program that not only imparted knowledge but also instilled the skills and mindset necessary for success in the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of consultancy. Participants of the program were able to prepare meaningful contributions and carve out a successful path in the consultancy domain. The program started with

Learning Outcome:
The Orientation on Consultancy Strategies" program aimed to provide faculty members with valuable insights, tools, and methodologies to enhance their teaching and mentoring capabilities in the field of consultancy. Learning outcomes for faculty members who participated in the program extended beyond personal development to empower them to elevate the quality and relevance of their consultancy-related teachings, ultimately benefiting the students they mentor.

Date: 08 to 10 September 2022
Department of Management Studies, Narayana Engineering College, Gudur, A.P. conducted Value Added Courses for MBA II Semester students on "HR Analytics using Excel" for the Academic Year 2022 – 2023. Dr. Raja Kamal CH from Kristu Jayanti College, Autonomous Bengaluru officiated as the resource person and provided consultancy training sessions. It was a thirty hours training program conducted for MBA students of Narayana Engineering College, Gudur, A.P. from 8rd September 2022 to 10th September 2022 on various topics related to HR data analysis like Data scaling, collection of primary and secondary data, Data collection and decoding, Basics of Excel – Basic formulas in excel, Data analysis using Excel Payroll preparation, Interpretation of results and Reporting.

Date: 12th September 2022.
IOT Academy, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, conducted 7day FDP Program on "Teaching and learning process in Higher Education Institutions". Dr. Raja Kamal CH from Kristu Jayanti College, Autonomous Bengaluru served as the resource person and provided training session on “Effective Student Mentoring Strategies”. It was a one hour training program (online) conducted for different faculty member throughout the nation on 12th September 2022.

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