Jayantian Culture

Kristu Jayanti College Bengaluru, caters towards imparting holistic education and nurture the knowledge, skills, values and attitude among the Jayantians. KJC believes in the motto ‘Education prepares one to face the challenges of life by bringing out the best in him/her’ and has nurtured a culture that molds the overall growth of an Individual.


Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 4.30 PM
Saturday: 9 AM to 12.50 PM
Forenoon: Four Sessions with 10 minute break after each session
Lunch Break: 12.50 p.m. to 1.45 p.m
Afternoon: Three Sessions with 05 minute break after each Session


Students can access information regarding their academic and examination from multiple sources like department, examination office, college hand book, college website (www.kristujayanti.edu.in), college email, notice boards and signage - TV display.


Students are expected to conduct themselves in a worthy manner in their dress, demeanour and be committed to uphold the value systems of the college.

  • The dress code is complete formal on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for the undergraduate students.
  • Boys: Formal shirts, tie, formal trousers and formal shoes
  • Girls: Salwar Kameez with Dupatta, Western formals (formal shirt and formal trouser)
  • On special occasions – Uniform Suit / Complete formal attire
  • On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, undergraduate students can wear informal dress (Decent T- shirt, preferably collared and without printed /words /images and jeans) / shirt, trousers, salwar kameez with dupatta.
  • For postgraduate programmes the dress code is complete formal for five days in a week. Informal dress code on one day of the week will be decided by the respective department.
  • Students should be dressed modestly in conformance to the Department/programme requirements
  • Uniform suit is to be worn as per the specification of the respective department
  • Low waist, cargo trouser, sleeveless top, transparent, tight or loose attire, any distasteful writings or picture on shirt or T-shirt or sweater are generally considered inappropriate and are not entertained on campus.
  • Body piercing, tattooing and colouring of hair are not allowed


  • Identity card to be worn always
  • Kristu Jayanti College is a ragging free campus. Ragging is banned inside and outside college and in the hostels and any other place of accommodation. There will be zero tolerance to ragging. Even interaction between juniors and seniors is discouraged in the initial weeks to prevent ragging. The Anti Ragging Committee monitors the discipline. The details of the Committee members are displayed in the college website and in the Notice Board
  • Medium of communication in campus is English
  • Usage of cell phones within the college building is permitted with prior permission.
  • Students coming in their respective vechiles should collect entry pass (stickers) from the office for their vechicles.
  • Students should possess all necessary documents pertaining to their vehicle. Riders can park their vehicle inside the campus only when they wear helmets and riding in triples, over speeding, etc., is a punishable offence
  • Smoking / chewing tobacco/ using intoxicating substance are banned in and around the college. Such behaviour are punishable
  • Any notice to be displayed should carry the signature of the authorities of the college
  • 85% attendance in every subject is encouraged, attendance is taken separately for each period, current affairs and club activities attendance is mandatory, submission of leave form is compulsory and it must be signed by Parent / Guardian & it is verified by the class animator and recommended by Head of the Departments
  • College offers a special prize for 100% attendance
  • Students must have a minimum of 75% attendance to be permitted to write the examinations. Leave application will be accepted only if the actual attendance is above 60% and application for leave of absence may be rejected by the Principal based on the genuineness
  • The attendance and progress report of each student is available at the campus management system. Students and parents can access it and monitor the progress by using the password given; parents can get their user name and password, from college office during the time of admissions.
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