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Kristu Jayanti Incubation Centre is designed to accelerate the growth and success of budding entrepreneurs through an array of business support resources and services that could include physical space, capital, coaching, common services, and networking connections. It is a unique and highly flexible combination of business development processes, infrastructure and people, designed to nurture new and small businesses by helping them to survive and grow through the difficult and vulnerable early stages of development. The Kristu Jayanti Incubation Centre aims to help the students of the college build a business by providing them with Management Training, Business Plans and prototypes to successfully venture into an enterprise.

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Business Plan Presentation

Prof. Stephen Deepak
Prof. Muruganantham A



Prepare and perform a presentation for investors.
Plan and establish a business that span time.




Idea Cluster Formation

Prof. Muruganantham A
Prof. Stephen Deepak
Prof. Abraham



Identified the student interest in various fields.
Students are clustered into group based on their area of interest.




Business Plan Presentation

Prof. Muruganantham A
Prof. Bala senthil kumar
Prof. Abraham



Prepare and perform a presentation for investors.
Plan and establish a business that span time.




Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp

Prof. Stephen Deepak
School of Management
Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore

Dr.Baba Ganakumar
School of Management
Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore

Mr. Kashyap  Karnala
Mr.Amit Misra Founder

Mr Nayaz, Startup incubation space
Mr.Antony Davis,Journalist, Film maker

Ms.Sakshi Korde, Co-Founder and Director, Satva – Labs Innovations Pvt Ltd, Mumbai.

Mr. Anil Kumar Muniswamy
Managing Director
SLN Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Mr.Santhosh Nair
CEO The Angel Exchange

Prof. Sen B Mathews
Director, Center for Placement and Corporate Relations
Kristu Jayanti College

Mr.Srini Bhopal
Mr.Girish Batra
Mr. Wintson Rosario

Mr.Hemant Sharma Founder

Dr.Ricky Jacob,Founder & CEO,Paysack

Mr.Girish Batra
Founder, Glocal Projects, Bangalore



How to open a new Enterprise
How to get the fund for the project
Students interacted with entrepreneur




Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme

Mr. Girish Batra, Founder, Glocal Projects, Bangalore



Qualities required by an entrepreneur
Traits of leadership


II. Other Activities
* Mr. Jiran Kurian, III Sem MCA Business Proposal forwarded to Mr. Girish Batra, Founder, Glocal Projects, Bangalore for mentoring and forwarding to the investors.
* Formation of Institution Innovation Council President, Convener, Faculty Member, Student Coordinator
* Finalizing the Expert members from Nearby Incubation Centre, Investor, Technical Expert and Alumni entrepreneur
* Selection of young entrepreneur from Kristu Jayanti Incubation Centre as members for IIC
* Initiative for Setting up MHRD Innovation Cell (MIC) – Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) application form submitted on 30th October 2018.
* Provisionally selected for registering in Institution Innovation Council (IIC) on 12th November 2018.

III. Achievement
* Innovation Cell of Ministry of HRD, Government of India has selected our college for establishing Institution Innovation Council (IIC) on 14th November 2018.

Date: 12/07/2018
Number of beneficiaries: 53
Name and details of the Chief Guest: Mr. Girish Batra, Founder, Glocal Projects, Bangalore
Objective: The aim of this session is to know more about the Entrepreneurship and qualities of a good leader in today’s World.
. The session started with the introduction of the Guest for the day - “Mr. Girish Batra”. He started with the session by speaking about the entrepreneurship and the difference between entrepreneurship and ideapreneurship. He also gave us an inspirational speech about Apple Chief Ex. Steve Jobs, Paytm Founder, Amazon and their inspirational stories.
The session became more interesting when he spoke about the 10 traits of a good leader. The session became more enthusiastic, when students started to share their entrepreneurship ideas, .This interactive and motivating session was taken as an opportunity to explore the ideas of entrepreneurship. He concluded by giving a brief idea about his Glocal Projects and how they train people to come up with their entrepreneurship plans.

Date: 01/09/2018
Number of beneficiaries: 03
Name and details of the Panel Experts: Prof. Muruganantham A, Prof. Bala senthil kumar, Prof. Abraham
Objective: To start a business “Escores”, a cloud-based system for conducting shooting championships all over India

The presentation given by Mr. Jiran Kurian, III Semester MCA along with Mr. Dolwin Davis and Mr. Deepak, IV MBA business companions were present, whose business on “Escores”, a cloud-based system for conducting shooting championships all over India. In the presentation Mr. Jiran talked about the system will provide profiles for shooters and a platform for sellers. The system will be available on Android, iPhone, and Windows.

He briefed about their products and service of Escores works on three segments 1. For rifle association’s / clubs, 2. For Shooters, 3. For Sellers. All three segments will have to create Profile in Escores where the profiles for association and sellers will be provided by the administration team and the shooters profile will be activated by the respective associations. This strategy is implemented to prevent fake profiles.

He also discussed about marketing strategy, competitors, financial analysis for 5 years and management and operations were presented. The panel expert asked clarifications and gave suggestions like to find out the market potential, how to approach investors for the business.

Date: 04/09/2018
Number of beneficiaries: 55
Name and details of the Panel Experts: Prof. Muruganantham A, Prof. Stephen Deepak, Prof. Abraham
Objective: To cluster and form a business groups based on their interest and provide them a platform to develop further.

Prof. Muruganantham started off with welcoming the panel of experts and young entrepreneurs for Idea Cluster Formation program. Prof. Stephen Deepak took over the session by enumerating on how to build business and areas of business. He also spoke about Kristu Jayanti Incubation Centre providing business support for the young incubators by training, mentoring, taking business to the next level.

Prof. Stephen spoke about how the Idea Cluster formation is going to group the students based on their business interest. During the session form was circulated to choose the area of business which they are interested accordingly the students were grouped.

Number of beneficiaries: 02
Name and details of the Panel Experts: Prof. Muruganantham A, Prof. Stephen Deepak Objective: To start a business –“Food Business” supplying snacks to IT organizations in Bengaluru.

Mr. Manish, I Semester B.Com presented a business plan on starting off a business on supplying Snacks (Samosa) to IT companies in Bengaluru. He proposed his plan of how to sell the product with action plan of hygienically packed samosas to companies and also had plan of sharing the profit margin of one percent to social welfare organization.

The panel of experts gave the suggestion of study the market with plan of action to sell the product to the company employees. The revised business plan to be submitted for further course of action was suggested to Mr. Manish.

Admission 2019: The Result of MBA Counselling held on 09th March 2019 [View Result]. Next counselling will be held on 13th April, 2019| UG students(2015-18 Batch) who have graduated in June 2018 can collect their consolidated marks card from the Examination Office during working days.| UG students of 2013-16, 2014-17 and 2015-18 batches and PG students of 2015-17 and 2016-18 batches who have passed all the courses by appearing for supplementary examinations during October/November 2018 can collect their supplementary marks card and Provisional Degree Certificate from the Examination Office during the working hours.| First semester results of One Year Post Graduate Diploma students(2018-19 Batch) are published online through the ERP solution. Students can verify the same and shall report to the Controller of Examinations in case of any grievance. Last date for application for revaluation is 9th March 2019. Supplementary students can view their results through the link provided in college website | MBA/PGDM V Trimester Supplementary Examination Application and Fee payment can be done on or before 28-Feb-2019.| Industrial Visits and Project Viva Voce for BBA VI Semester students shall be held on 19th March 2019. BBA VI semester students have to report by 8:30 AM in the campus on 19-March-2019 for the same.|

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