Campus Culture

1. Attendance
* The students are expected to maintain 80% attendance in every subject to be eligible to write the semester exams
* Attendance carries 30% weightage for the calculation of internal marks for each subject
* The college timings - 9 am to 4 pm, divided into six periods with a 10-minute break at the end of every period.
* It is expected that the students be in time for the first period since the attendance will be taken at the beginning of the hour.
* Attendance is taken separately for each period.
* Attendance in Current Affairs classes and Club activities is compulsory.
* Special prizes will be awarded to those who have 100% attendance during the graduation ceremony.

2. Internal Marks
* Every subject has 10 marks allocated for internal assessment (BA/BSc/Bcom/BBM) and 20 marks for BCA
* The internal marks are assessed as follows: 50 % through internal tests (2 term tests); 30% through attendance; 20% through class assignments.

3. Leave
* In case of leave the student should submit the prescribed leave application form duly signed by the parent, recommended by the class teacher and approved by any of the fathers
* The leave application should be submitted the next day after taking leave.
* Leave of more than 3 days requires the Principal's permission
* Those who participate in college, club activities, represent College in various events, etc. have to submit prescribed attendance forms duly signed by authorized respective Club Staff Coordinator.

4. Dress code
1. There are some special occasions when students have to come in complete formals (eg. Inauguration, Dept. fest, etc)
i. Boys: Full sleeve shirt, formal trousers, tie, shoes
ii. Girls: Churidhar with shawl
2. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday students are expected to be in formals
i. Boys: Shirt, non-jean trousers, neat footwear
ii. Girls: Salwar with shawl/lose shirt and trousers
3. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday students are allowed non-formal wear (except those departments which have club activities during those days)
i. Boys: Shirt/T-shirt (Collared/decent/without any printed matter), decent jean/trousers
ii. Girls: Salwar with shawl, decent jean/trouser, t-shirt
4. Strictly no track suits/three-fourth pants/cargos are allowed
5. The dress code applies to days of examinations also

5. Two wheeler users
* The two wheeler users should compulsorily have a driver's license and other documents necessary.
* Riders should wear helmets. Only then they will be allowed inside the college premises.
* Riding in triples, over speeding, etc. is a punishable offence.

6. Class and Campus discipline
* This is a ragging free campus. Ragging is banned not just in the college but also outside the campus. Even interaction between juniors and seniors is discouraged in the initial weeks to prevent ragging. The college discipline committee monitors the discipline regarding this matter.
* Smoking/chewing tobacco/using intoxicating substance is banned in and around the college. If the student is found indulging in any such activity by any authority it could lead to suspension.
* Chewing gum is strictly prohibited
* The students should not scribble on the desks, walls, blackboard, or class notice board.
* All notices to be displayed should carry the signature of the authorities of the college
* Students should help maintain the cleanliness of the campus, toilets, etc.
* Students should avoid sitting on top of desks, staircase, windowsill, etc.
* ID card to be carried always
* Growing long hair prohibited; Using different hair colour is not accepted; Beard, goatee, is not allowed.
* Piercing of ears, nose, eye brows and wearing studs is prohibited.

7. Communication
Students should strictly observe English as the medium of communication.

8. Cellphone
* Usage of cellphones in the college buildings is prohibited.
* If there is a breach in this rule the cellphone would be confiscated.

Note: New landline number of KJC is (080) 68737777. The previous numbers will be retained for few days, hence we request you to use the new number for further correspondence. | Examination 2020: Time Table for the Final Semester UG/PG Online End Semester (Component II) Examination July 2020 is shared through the college mail id| Guidelines for UG / PG Online End Semester / Trimester Theory Examination June / July 2020 [View Result]. | Kind Attention: Passed Out students who have applied for Supplementary End Semester Theory Examinations April/May 2020 [CLICK HERE TO VIEW] | Admission 2020: The Result of BA / BSc / BCA Counselling held on 06th August, 2020 [View Result]. | We will be proceeding with Admissions 2020 through Online interview. Schedules will be notified through registered email addresses. Please refer to the admission page for details. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS].

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