Many accidents occur in day to day life like explosion because of LPG leakage. Major harm will be caused, if gas leakage is not detected early. But now the gas leakage can be detected using the MQ5 gas sensor In this IOT based gas leakage detector, installed in campus device will get connected to WIFI, the minimum and maximum parameter can be set accordingly. This device will continuously monitor the level of LPG gas present in the air. While monitoring, if the value of LPG gas in air is within the set limit, then the Green LED will glow giving a safe sign. Whenever the gas exceeds above the predefined limit, Red LED will glow and simultaneously an alert will be sent to the concerned authority.

Smoke detectors are a critical life-saving device that must remain operational in case of a fire. IoT-connected smoke detectors installed in campus transmit functional information through the network and can send real-time alerts. Alerts can be sent to administrators as phone calls, SMS messages or emails to notify smoke detector malfunction or detection of smoke. With a reliable smoke detector and a solution for improved reaction in the event of fire, the damage can be reduced.

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