Research Initiatives

Socio-Economic Survey related to SDG 1

Poverty is a multi-dimensional problem; Poverty is one of the challenging problems across the countries in the world. No Poverty is the first goal among the sustainable development goals of the United Nation. Though there are several initiatives to end poverty, yet poverty is still a number 1 challenge for any country.

With the above background, Kristu Jayanti College UNAI Hub has initiated Socio-Economic Survey of the adopted villages to study the Socio-Economic conditions, Livelihoods, Income, Sanitation, Shelter, Health, Nutrition, Households Assets and knowledge on Social Security Schemes. Etc…

It is expected that this study would help out to understand the actual situation of poor households in the villages. This research study is planned in such a way that combine the Quantitative and Qualitative aspects of households to be studied for a better understanding of poverty and its dimensions.

It is hoped that this study would provide a road map to the International organisation, Development professionals, Corporates and Governments for the intervention among the poor households in the villages of Bangalore Rural

This project would create a greater impact in the lives of poor households in addressing the SDG 1: No Poverty.

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