BBA AM 2023 Batch

 Course Code  Course Title
 21BBA2T411  Business Accounting
 21BBA2T412  Business Management and Practices
 21BBV2T411  Airline and Aviation Management
   Open Elective
 22ENG1T313  Contemplations in English Literature
 Any one to be opted
 21KAN1T314  Saahithya Saarathi I
 21HIN1T314  Hindi Kahani aur Hindi Vyakaran
 22AEN1T311  Listening and Comprehension in English
 21SBC4T211  Skill Enhancement Course: Skill Based - Digital Fluency
 21VBC4A111  Skill Enhancement Course: Yoga for Well-Being
 21VBC4A112  Skill Enhancement Course: Health and Wellness
 Course Code  Course Title
 21BBA2T421  Statistics for Managerial Decisions
 21BBA2T422  Organisational Behaviour and Communication
 21BBV2T421  Aviation and Environment
   Open Elective
 22ENG1T323  Glance: Readings from English Literature
 Any one to be opted
 21KAN1T324  Saahithya Saarathi II
 21HIN1T324  Hindi Gadhys aur Prayojan Mulak Hindi
 22AEN1T321  Conversation Practice in English
 21EVS1T321  Environmental Studies
 22VBC4A221  Skill Enhancement Course: Value Based I
 Course Code  Course Title
 21BBA2T431  Advanced Business Accounting
 21BBA2T432  Global Business Management
 21BBV2T431  Airline and Airport Marketing
   Open Elective
 21ENG1T333  Confluence of English Literature
  Any one to be opted
 21KAN1T334  Saahithya Sinchana III
 21HIN1T334  Hindi Kavitha, Samachaar Lekhan aur Reporting
 21AEN1T331  Essential English Reading
 21SBC4T231  Skill Enhancement Course: Skill Based - Artificial Intelligence
 22VBC4A231  Skill Enhancement Course: Value Based II
 Course Code  Course Title
 21BBA2T441  Logistics and Supply Chain Management
 21BBV2T441  Aviation Finance
 21BBA2T443  Human Resource Management
 21ENG1T343  Reminiscence of English Literature
  Any one to be opted
 21KAN1T344  Saahithya Sinchana IV
 21HIN1T344  Hindi Natak Sahitya, Patralekhan aur Aalekhan
 21AEN1T341  Fundamentals of English Written Communication
 21INC1T341  India and Indian Constitution
 21SBC4T241  Skill Enhancement Course: Skill Based - Financial Education and Investment Awareness
 22VBC4A241  Skill Enhancement Course: Value Based III
 Course Code  Course Title
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 21BBA2T451  Banking Law and Practices
 21BBV2T451  Aviation Accounting
 21BBA2T453  Income Tax I
 21BBVAT351  Logistics and Aviation Management
 [Any ONE to be opted]*
 21BBAAT351  Advanced Corporate Financial Management
 21BBAAT352  Consumer Behaviour
 21BBAAT353  Compensation and Performance Management
 21BBA5T451  IT for Business
 21SBC4T251  Skill Enhancement Course: Skill Based - Cyber Security
 Course Code  Course Title
 Core Papers [All Compulsory]
 21BBV2T461  Aviation Law, Air Traffic and Security
 21BBA2T462  Income Tax II
 21BBA2T463  Business Analytics
 21BBVAT361  Airport Management and Ground Handling operations
 [Any ONE to be opted]*
 21BBAAT361  Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
 21BBAAT362  Advertising and Media Management
 21BBAAT363  Employee Relation and Engagement
 21BBA5T461  Goods and Services Tax
 21SBC4T261  Skill Enhancement Course: Skill Based - General Aptitude
 21SBC4I261  Internship
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