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Model United Nations
Date: 16 & 17 February 2023
The much-anticipated Model United Nations was conducted by the Debating Society of Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous) on 16th and 17th February 2023. The MUN was inaugurated by Fr. Emmanuel PJ, Director, of Kristu Jayanti College of Law, Kristu Jayanti College. After the Inauguration, the various offices of the MUN dispersed to their respective venues to begin intensive sessions that continued for two days. The MUN came to a successful close following the Valedictory Session where the chief guest, Dr. Gopakumar AV, Dean of Humanities, Kristu Jayanti College, handed out awards to the successful delegates.

KJMUN 5.0 was planned and delegated meticulously to committees like UN Security Council, UN Human Rights Council, UN General Assembly- Crisis, UN Office on Drugs and Crime, UN Economic and Social Council and UN International Press. During the two days of KJMUN, each office witnessed their delegates efficiently displaying their negotiation and diplomacy skills. On day I, 16th February 2023, 10:30 am, marked the beginning of the proceedings of the committees of KJMUN 5.0. A smooth beginning with roll calls, GSLs and declarations of the agenda, promised a day full of productive management experience for all. On Day II, the second day of the Model United Nations, showed that things could get fun with time where each committee displayed their talents and effortlessly carried out their duties focusing on their respective agendas.

Orientation for Freshers – During this orientation the students were shown a presentation that detailed the various activities that the debating society organises such as Monthly Round-tables, Oratorio’22, and KJMUN’23. They were made aware of all competitions they can look forward to participate in and organise and the opportunities they will get to attend inter-collegiate debates, Model United Nations and other speaking events hosted by various colleges across the country. The new members of the debating society asked several questions which were answered by the secretaries and the teacher coordinators.

Roundtable I – The Debating Society, Kristu Jayanti College, Bengaluru, organised a round table discussion on the topic “Will the Right to Bear Arms Lead to a Dystopian Society?” on 21st of October, 2022. It was moderated by the secretaries of the Debating Society, and was judged by Asst. Prof. Chitra Susan Thampy and Dr. Rajeesh C.S., faculty coordinators of the Debating Society. The members had a constructive conversation about the advantages and drawbacks of the right to bear arms while examining the American scenario. They were able to learn more about the subject from the other speakers and supported their statements with precise examples and facts. Akash Negi of BBA-AM B won the title of “Best Speaker” for the session.

Roundtable II – The Debating Society of Kristu Jayanti College Bengaluru organised a second roundtable for debating society participants on “Is Dictatorship is Better than Democracy?” It was moderated by the secretaries of the Debating Society, and was judged by Dr. Rajeesh C.S., and Asst. Prof. Chitra Susan Thampy faculty coordinators of the Debating Society. The members actively participated in the stimulating exchange of dialogues. They showed their skill of having a controlled yet balanced conversation. Despite the opposing point-of-views, they presented themselves with rationality and the entire event displayed their rigour in research. Mayank Bharti from BTGE, 1st semester won the prize for ‘best speaker’.

Roundtable III – The Debating Society, Kristu Jayanti College, Bengaluru, organised third round table discussion on the topic “Will Artificial Intelligence Transcend Human Intelligence?” on 17th of November, 2022. It was moderated by the secretaries of the Debating Society, and was judged by Dr. Barnashree Khasnobis and Dr. Rini Reba, faculty coordinators of the Debating Society. The members had a constructive conversation about the advantages and drawbacks of the artificial intelligence in the present and future. They were able to learn more about the subject from the other speakers and supported their statements with precise examples and facts. Harleen Dhunda from PYEN, III semester, won the prize for ‘best speaker.’

Roundtable IV – The speakers engaged in a debatable exchange about the rights to speech, how those rights are violated and how those rights can be preserved. The topic for this session was “Is Freedom of Speech Relevant in a Functional Society?” Dr. Rajlekshmi and Dr. Naveeth Babu were the judges of the event. The best speaker award was given to Harish Rathinam from BBA department. Dr. Rini Reba Mathew and Dr. Barnashree Khasnobis gave their valuable inputs after the session.

Roundtable V – Roundtable V was conducted on 31st January, 2023 on the topic, “Can National Education Policy (NEP) Refine the Education System in India?” The participants actively participated in a healthy argument on NEP. They communicated their support as well as refutation towards implementation of NEP. Prof. Rini Reba Mathew was the judge of this event. Vaibhav Arora from IInd Semester, BA English Literature bagged the award for Best Speaker. Prof. Rajlekshmi gave her valuable comments and concluded the session.

Roundtable VI – The sixth session of Round Table was conducted on 21st March 2023 at 03.30 pm. The topic for the days was “Is Cancel Culture toxic?” Ms Devika Shibu and Mr Rohan Srinivas moderated the session with utmost passion and spirit. Participants presented their views on the topic followed by a heated debate where they showcased their research. Participants put forward several examples of cancel culture from current scenarios and even referred to age old incidents of cancel culture. The session witnessed the true debating skills of the students. The best speaker was Ms Sharanya Iyengar from VI sem BCOM ACCA.

KJMUN Orientation – The Debating Society conducted a two-day MUN Orientation Series on 7th February, 2023 in preparation for the upcoming Model United Nations. The sessions were efficiently handled by Mr. Prathik Jayaprakash, Junio Editor in Boring News Company, an Ex-Jayantian and former debsoc secretary, ensured that the spirit of MUN would be revived at the fifth MUN. With majority of the members being unaware of the proceedings MUN, proper planning necessitated the Orientation to take place for three days to include the participation of all.

Model United Nations
Model United Nations, conducted by the Debating Society of Kristu Jayanti College, is rightly titled ‘the ultimate battle of diplomacy’ on the 12th and 13th December, 2019. KJC MUN was brought to life as an initiative of the student heads of the club in 2017. The curtains to the third edition of KJC MUN were drawn on 12th & 13th December 2019. This year marked the first 2 day Model United Nations in college as well as a massive turnover of over 300 registrations.

The event involved participation of students across all departments in college. The participants represented eighty nations in six different committees. The committees consisted of Security Council, Office on Drugs and Crime, InterPOL, Environment Assembly, Human Rights Committee and All India Political Party Meet. Participants also played the role of members of different new networks as part of the International press. Each of the committees provided a platform for students to debate and resolve issues of international importance while adhering to a strict code and procedure of diplomatic conduct. Agendas were discussed in sessions including moderated and unmoderated caucuses which extended for the entirety of day one.

The second day saw more action as the crisis was revealed. This was tactfully done through an initial committee wise release of crisis updates which culminated in a joint crisis session where the agendas of all of the six committees were inter-linked. The hypothetical situations presented to students helped to hone their problem solving skills as well as enhances one’s ability to think on one’s feet.

Date: 17/12/2018
No. of Participants: 277
The Debating Society of Kristu Jayanti College with the Literary and Cultural Association, organized the 2nd edition of Model United Nations on 17 December, 2018.

The concept of the Model United Nations is to create an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events in world politics, international relations, foreign policy, diplomacy and the United Nations' agendas. MUN 2.0 is envisioned to be an extra-ordinary intellectual and social conference that will bring together an amazing assortment of young minds from the college to gain first-hand experience of negotiating processes by playing the role of diplomats representing different countries from across the globe.

Jayantians have been very enthusiastic to be part of MUN. Each department was invited to send students as delegates. 256 students participated as delegates in the Model United Nations.

Committees and Agenda:
Disarmament and International Security (DISEC/General Assembly) :
1- Reaching to a consensus on the establishment of International Arrest Warrants.
2- Issue of Political Corruption and Insecurity within Domestic Governments.
Reducing stockpiles of WMDs.

Social Cultural and Humanitarian Committee(SOCHUM):
1-Discussing the implications of modern slavery with special reference to Human Trafficking and girl child sex racketing.
2- LGBTQ Rights all over the world.

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime:
1- Countries' blind eye to drug lords and cartels present within territory
2- 2- Narco-Terrorism - Trade and its financing

Security Council:
1- The question of Statehood and allocation of Unclaimed Territories.
2- The Sino-Indian Border Dispute

International Press: The unbiased journalists questioning, investigating and reporting the proceedings of conferences

GOT: 1- Measures taken to survive the long winter

The Delegates were given training by faculty coordinators to familiarize them about MUN proceedings. Background guides about agendas are provided to guide the delegates in research.

Total number of students: 156
First Session: Introductory session
All the students interested in public speaking and debate gathered in Mini Audi 1 on 26/06/2017 and registered as members of Debating Society. They were given an introductory session on public speaking and debating skills.

Moderated Debate Sessions
All the members were divided as teams of two members each and mock moderated debates were conducted on 29/06/2017 and 30/06/2017.

PES Parliamentary Debate
Faizan Munshi ( I B.Com ACCA), Pooja Shiva(II Bsc BT) and Ismail Hussain(II BCA ‘D’) represented the college at the National Parliamentary Debate organized by PES University, Bangalore, from 26/08/2017- 28/08/2017.

Indian Academy Debate
Samson Sabu( III BBA ‘D’), Safwan Rafiq Majgaonkar (III BBA ‘D’), Jibin Jose(III BBA ‘B’) and Yatan Upadhyaya(III BCA ‘A’) represented the college at Founder’s Day Inter-Collegiate Debate Competition hosted by Indian Academy Degree College on 29/08/2017 and 30/08/2017.

KJC-MUN- Model United Nations
The first chapter of KJC-MUN was the major activity of Debsoc for the odd semester. The members of debating society were the members of organising committee by default and MUN was open to entire student community of the college. The students who enrolled as delegates were trained through eight training sessions organised by the members of debating society under the guidance of staff coordinators. Mock MUN sessions were conducted prior to the final event.

Date- 01/09/2017
Student Delegates: 171
Total number of students who were part of MUN- 196
Audience: I Semester students from Kristu Jayanti College of Law

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