Department of Life Sciences

Synapse: An Annual online and print newsletter published by the Department of Life Sciences focus the activities, achievements and other contribution in the field of Lifesciences. The Newsletter synapse provides an interactive platform for the students and Faculty members of the department to publish articles and innovative ideas in the science field also highlights the various department activities such as fest, exhibitions and expert talks. The newsletter also highlights the research activities and achievements which can be beneficial to the student community.

Unit of Forensic Science

VERITAS: VERITAS - A bi-annual online newsletter to be published by the Unit of Forensic Science, Department of Life Sciences at Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous), Bengaluru serves as a platform for the students and faculty members of Forensic Science to publish articles and interesting updates. The newsletter is published in a rich interactive flipbook style to keep the reader engrossed in its contents. It highlights the activities of the Unit of Forensic Science and gives an overview of research undertaken by students and faculty members which benefits the contributors and the readers."

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