BA Political Science, Sociology

Political Science:
The course in Political science aims at providing comprehensive program of research in the fundamental areas of discipline: political institutions and process; the origins, development and transformations of theory and concepts; understanding different approached to political analysis; political philosophy, political theory, public administration, its principles, International relations, This course aims at moulding and making the student an ideal citizen. The course introduces various facts of the profession with a blend of theoretical politics with practical knowledge. The course makes him to contribute more for the nation, prepares him for the competitive world to take up administrative service.

While pursuing a graduate program in Sociology, students examine all levels of society and all social orders critically- from the elements and regular qualities of small groups to complex private and open administrations. This course helps the students to know about the political and social bases and open approaches and distinctive effects on people, gatherings and social orders. The programme prepares the students for professions in social administration, law, business, government and training ensures social aptitudes that give experiences of human social associations.

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