Convocation - General Guidelines

2nd Convocation of Bengaluru North University

UG/PG Students whose Reg. nos. starting with 18 and PG Students Reg. nos. starting with 19 are eligible to apply for the 2nd Annual Convocation of Bengaluru North University

Notification No. Ex-II/2nd CONVOCATION/2022 dated 04.07.2022

Applications are invited for award of the Degree Certificates for students from UG 2018-19 Batch, PG 2019-20 Batch and PG students of 2018 Batch (who missed applying for convocation certificate during 1st Annual convocation) for the 2nd Convocation of Bengaluru North University. Only those candidates who have been declared successful in the Degree Examinations conducted till December 2021 are eligible to apply.

Submission of application form and fee payment procedures:
Students are requested to download the application form (attached herewith) and fill in the relevant details, affix their photographs (with white background), sign the form and upload the form through the link given below. The “payment details” column on the application form is inapplicable and can be ignored. Students are requested to pay the fee online after uploading their applications along with all semester marks cards including the supplementary marks cards (if any).

The link:
a. Convocation fee for Indian Nationals : Rs. 2350/-
b. Convocation fee for Foreign Nationals : Rs. 8790/-

Last date for submission of duly filled applications 7th July 2022

1. The candidate while filling the convocation application should write their name in full as registered in the Examination. The students are also required to provide / submit the information about their optional / electives / specialization subject opted by them and copies of all semester marks cards.
2. The candidate should invariably enter their Contact address / telephone nos. / Mobile No. / Email ID on the application for further correspondence, if any.
3. The candidates should ensure that the particulars entered in the application forms tally with details in the marks cards regarding name and subject of study and marks obtained, etc.
4. The convocation fee once paid will not be refunded or re-adjusted for the next convocation.
5. Only those candidates who have been declared successful in the Degree Examination conducted till December 2021 are eligible to apply.
6. The candidate while filling out the convocation application form should affix their recent passport size photographs (with a white background) without fail.
8. The application forms can be downloaded on the College website Candidates while filling the applications should write their names as registered in the examinations and other details in CAPITAL LETTERS ONLY.
9. Incomplete & incorrect applications and inadequate sets of marks cards will not be considered by the university and no correspondence will be entertained in this matter. Students should upload the complete set of all the semester marks cards including the supplementary marks cards (If any).

Steps to be followed and documents to be kept ready before paying the fee.

  • i. Download the application form [CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD]
  • ii. Fill in the details (in capital letters only)
  • iii. Affix recent passport size photo (with a white background only)
  • iv. Please execute your signature where so indicated
  • v. Check whether all the copies of marks cards are available including the supplementary marks cards (if any)
  • vi. Proof of current status:
  • A copy of Company ID Card / Offer letter, if employed.
  • A copy of College ID card if pursuing higher studies.

Students who are not currently working or pursuing studies can submit a duly signed declaration on a plain sheet and upload the same.


Convocation - General Guidelines
Convocation Certificate is issued by Bangalore University

The notification regarding application for convocation of Bangalore University will be published in Bangalore University / Kristu Jayanti College websites and College notice boards. (The Bengaluru North University should be contacted only by students admitted from 2018-2019 batch onwards)

1. Application form for Convocation
The request for the Convocation Degree Certificate should be made in the prescribed application form. The application form is available in the Kristu Jayanti College Office or can be downloaded from the Bangalore University Website ( / (

2. Eligibility criteria for Convocation application
Students who have completed the programme successfully and acquired the total number of credits allotted for the programme are eligible to apply for Convocation.

(If there is any correction in the information on the marks cards, the same has to be brought to the notice of the Examination Office before applying for convocation.)

3. Instructions for filling the application form

    i. Student while filling the application should write their names in CAPITAL LETTERS as registered for the examinations (or as printed in the marks card).
    ii. Students should compulsorily write their contact address / Telephone Nos. / Mobile / Email ID in the application for further correspondence.
    iii. Student should write the correct optional and special subjects as mentioned in the marks cards.
    iv. Incomplete and incorrect applications will not be considered by the University and no correspondence will be entertained regarding this matter. The convocation fee once paid will not be refunded or re-adjusted for the next convocation.
    v. Student should make a copy of the duly filled application and obtain an acknowledgement copy from the college as a proof of application submission in the college.
    vi. Student should ensure that the particulars entered in the application form tally with the details in the marks cards pertaining to name, subject of study, month/year of passing/class declared etc.
    vii. Student should affix two passport size photographs on the application form in the box provided.
    viii. Students should not submit the applications directly to the University. They have to submit the same in the Kristu Jayanti College Office.
    ix. The working hours of college office will be from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm on week days and 9.00 am - 12.30 pm on Saturdays.

4. I. Enclosures [ Documents to be attached along with the application form]

  • i. Copies of Semester Mark Cards (All Semesters including supplementary marks card).
  • ii. Self-addressed stamped envelope (For sending intimation regarding issue of Convocation Degree Certificate).
  • iii. Three Passport size photographs.

Documents required

1. Duly filled convocation application form plus a copy of the filled form
2. NAD registration acknowledgement
3. Online convocation fee paid receipt
4. Copies of Mark Cards (all Semesters).
5. One self-addressed stamped envelope.
6. Three passport size photos.
In addition to the above, Foreign National Students should submit
i Copy of the Residential Permit.
ii Copy of the Passport

Expected duration for receipt of degree certificate issued by the University
i. Once the filled in application is submitted, it will take approximately one and a half years to receive the certificate from Bangalore University.
ii. Once the college receives the degree certificates from the University, intimation will be sent to the student from the college via email to the email address given by the student in the application form.
iii. The certificate will not be dispatched through post. The certificate has to be collected in person by the student or by the authorized person on behalf of the student with the required documents as mentioned in section no.5.

5. Documents required to collect the original certificate by an authorized person
If the student is unable to come personally and collect the convocation degree certificate he/she can authorize someone on his/her behalf to collect the same. The general guidelines for the same are given below:

i.The Student has to email the scanned copy of the handwritten authorization letter to Authorization letter can also be faxed to 080-68737799.
ii. After sending the Authorization letter through fax/email the student has to inform Principal / Financial Administrator / Student Welfare Officer through telephone regarding the authorization made in order to collect the Original Certificate.
iii. Authorized person should carry one original proof of identity along with a photocopy of the same.
iv. The authorized person should carry a copy of semester marks cards [all semesters including supplementary marks cards] while collecting the original certificate.

Process of filling the application form

First Step: Online convocation fee

Visit Bangalore University Websites :

  • Click on Convocation fee payment tab
  • Click autonomous college convocation fee payment
  • Fill the application form
  • Select fee type, calculate the fee and save the file
  • You will be directed to the payment portal
  • After successful payment, print the acknowledgement

Second Step: NAD Registration

  • Click on 'NAD Student Registration'
  • Click on 'Students'
  • Click on 'Register Now'
  • Upload the E -KYC file (Aadhaar Paperless Offline e-KYC)
  • Enter your file password (four digit) and submit the file
  • Click on 'Login' and generate User ID and Password
  • Once login is successful enter your Aadhar No. and date of Birth
  • Your photo will be displayed on the screen, enter your details
  • Click on 'University' and select Bangalore University
  • Then type the college name – Kristu Jayanti College and submit.
  • After successful registration, acknowledgement with NAD ID will appear on the screen
  • Print the acknowledgement.

Third Step: Direct submission of the duly filled form to the college office.
Candidates are required to submit the duly filled application with required documents to the college office on or before the specified date. Scanned documents are not acceptable

Convocation Application through Tatkal Scheme
Students who missed to apply for the convocation certificate during the University Notification period, can apply for the same through Tatkal scheme after the convocation ceremony of the University (tentatively after six to seven months from the convocation notification).

Documents required
1. Duly filled convocation application form
2. NAD Registration acknowledgement
3. Online convocation fee paid receipt
4. Copies of Mark Cards (all Semesters).
5. Three passport size photos.
In addition to the above, foreign National Students should submit
i. Copy of the Residential Permit.
ii. Copy of the Passport

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