Yuva Milan

Short film Screening:
The second day of Yuvamilan 2019 was phenomenal in every aspect. It enthralled the volunteers. Prof. Rama Gokula Krishna from the Department of Social work screened a short film titled “The Urban Green” for the CSA volunteers. The video emphasized on creating and sustaining cities abundant with energies. The ideas of basic architecture of a building or a property which need to be changed radically and to construct buildings which are more environment friendly like constructing building with solar panels, solar power, green earth and green roof were highlighted in the film. After screening, students shared their views on the video. There were 121 CSA volunteers took part in this Programme.

Guest lecture on “Cyber Security”:
Mr. Dalwin Vinoth Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Application, Reva University, Bangalore, came to enlighten the students about cyber security. He introduced the cyber world and its innumerable possibilities to the volunteers. He highlighted the aspect of cyber security which is the focal are of current scenario. He also construed the significance of Information security, which is designed to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. The Session was interactive where the students gained abundant knowledge about the pros and cons of cyber world. Along with theory he has showed students some practical examples which were really constructive.118 CSA volunteers benefited from this Programme.

Guest lecture on “Food and Nutrition”
The fifth programme of Yuvamilan 2019 was a talk on Food and nutrition. This guest lecture emphasized on the need to maintain good health. The students were taught about healthy food habits by Prof. Priya Josson Akkara, faculty, Department of Life Sciences, Kristu Jayanti College. Prof. Priya explained the students about various food habits which included information about their calorie level like carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, and minerals etc., Professor also suggested how to avoid junk food and how to keep our plate with nutritious food. 104 volunteers participated in this programme.

National youth Day celebration and Self Defense Training
National Youth Day is a way of expressing gratitude and remembering the ideals of the social reformer, philosopher and great thinker, Swami Vivekananda. On the occasion of National youth day CSA organised guest lectures and self defence programme for CSA volunteers Lecture series is followed by a demonstration session on Self Defense headed by Mr. Arun Kumar, Student Coach and Mr. Prasad, International Taekwondo Championship Gold Medalist of INDIA. He has been the coach at various championships and his students have bagged loads of medals in national and international arena.

The inauguration of, “YUVA MILAN 2K18” was organized by the Center For Social Activities of Kristu Jayanti College , as part of the commemoration of National Youth Day, on Friday 12th January 2018.The event marked the commencement of Youth Week.To mark the National Youth Day, the movie “VIVEKANANDA – HIS LIFE, HIS OWN WORDS” was screened. The movie immensely motivated and inspired the Jayantians to boldly face the challenges of life and to be an agent of change in today’s world.

The function apparently fostered the ideas of great leader, Indian Monk and himself a message for the youth, Swami Vivekananda who realized the inevitable role of youth in changing the world with “muscles of iron” and “nerves of steel”. He wanted the youth to equip themselves with purity, patience and perseverance to be a part of positive change that will have impact on entire society. It’s high time that youth should fill the brain with high thoughts, highest ideals, place them day and night before you and out of that will come Great Work.

Plant Nourishing
The ‘Plant Nourishing’ programme as part of Yuva Milan 2k18 organized by Center for Social Activities of Kristu Jayanti College was conducted on 13th January 2018.

On 13th January 25 CSA Volunteers gathered near the Nagenahalli Lake at 8.00 am. The plants that were planted as part of “Van Mahotsav” were watered with the water fetched from the nearby lake. The surroundings were cleaned and the plants were fenced. The programme was concluded at 11.00 am. The programme threw light on the relevance of planting and protecting plants and trees to solve the emerging environmental problems.

The Debate programme, as part of Yuva Milan 2k18 was organized by Centre for Social Activities of Kristu Jayanti College on Tuesday 16th January 2018.

On January 16th around 100 CSA Volunteers gathered in Room no.301 at 4.30 pm. The topics for the Debate were:
• Should Youth Enter Into Politics?
• Can Mahatma Gandhi’s Principle of Non-Violence Still Be Formulated?

The student coordinator gave the guidelines to the participants. Three teams consisting of two volunteers each came forward and presented their views on their respective topics. The time allotted to each team was 15min-(4+1 for each person)

First Aid Training:
The “First Aid Training” Programme, as part of Yuva Milan 2k18 was organized by Centre for Social Activities of Kristu Jayanti College in association with Bangalore Baptist Hospital on Tuesday 17th January 2018.

On January 17th around 300 CSA and NSS Volunteers gathered in Mini Auditorium 2 at 3.30 pm. The chief guest of the day was Dr. Kingsly Robert Gnanadurai, MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine).He was accompanied by Dr. Vivek, Dr. Immanuel and Dr. Archana of Bangalore Baptist Hospital. Dr. Kingsly Robert delivered a very informative and useful talk on the importance of calling for help, managing the situation, avoiding being frustrated , providing immediate first aid to the patient and promoting recovery at times of emergency. There were demonstrations on giving CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), the emergency procedure that combines chest compressions often with artificial ventilation in an effort to manually preserve intact brain function and to restore spontaneous blood circulation and breathing.

Awareness on RTI:
The “Awareness Programme on Right To Information” as part of Yuva Milan 2k18 organized by Center For Social Activities of Kristujayanti College was conducted on 18th January 2018.

On 18th January around 110 CSA Volunteers gathered in the Mini Auditorium 2 at 3.30 pm under the guidance of CSA student coordinators. The lecture on RTI and its relevance was given by Mr.Manjunath C.G (M.A. LL.B, LL.M, M.B.A, M.B.L, PGDIPR, KSET, (PHD)) ,Assistant Professor ,Kristujayanti College .He was successful in giving a bunch of relevant information regarding the Right To Information Act, 2005. With much practical experience in the subject he set out the practical regime of RTI to the students. The main objective of RTI is to promote the accountability and transparency in the working of every public authority and to empower the citizens and thereby eliminate corruption, a firmly rooted evil of today.

Presentation on Great Leaders:
As part of Yuva Milan 2k18 a Presentation on Great Leaders was organized by the Centre for Social Activities of Kristujayanti College on 19th January 2018. The great event of presenting the great leaders began with the inaugural address by the CSA coordinator in the Mini Auditorium-1 at 3:30pm. Around 100 CSA volunteers eagerly participated in the event. There were seven teams present for presenting their leaders. The first team was of Ms. Prema who talked about Jawaharlal Nehru. His powerful words like “Youth should not be slaves of tradition” made the crowd thoughtful. Second presentation was about Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, the 11th President of Republic India and was presented by Ms. Suchitra.

Defensive Techniques for Women and Potluck
The programs named “Potluck” and “Defensive Techniques for Women” as part of Yuva Milan 2k18 was organized by Centre for Social Activities of Kristu Jayanti College on 20th January 2018.The first Programme of the last day of Yuva Milan i.e. Potluck was scheduled at 1:00pm. On 20th January 2018, around 20 CSA volunteers gathered near Car parking area and shared each other their foods. The Programme was a great success.

Video Screening
As per the declaration of the government 12th January is celebrated as the National Youth Day on the birthday of Swami Vivekananda. KJC’s Centre for Social Activities has organised “Youth Week” from 12th to 21st January. The first day of youth week was scheduled with a video screening of Swami Vivekananda. The video projected various incidents of his life and his teachings. The video screening was conducted

Guest Lecture:
The second day of the youth week was enrolled with a guest lecture on human trafficking & women harassment by Dr.Rajalaxmi who is an achiever and a role model for both men and women. She is a Gynaecologist and infertility specialist and also holds PG in Paediatrics and degree in Psychology. She gives lecture free of charges. She is the founder of Srishti Life, an organization working on child safety. The team consists of 240 members.

CSA also celebrated Youth Day on 13 January 2016 which was graced by Mr.Vinod Kumar, Faculty member of Management department with his presence. 100 CSA volunteers had participated on this youth day celebration. In his talk, he enlightened the importance of Leadership skills among Youth and he highlighted quotes of Swami Vivekananda. He discussed with the students about the teachings of Swami Vivekananda, in a hope to impart them moral values and enlightenment. He highlighted the role of CSA volunteers in community development and he interacted with the students too. He wished the students to embark on a successful journey.

First Semester results of M Com. / M Com. FA / M Com. CGMA - I Semester (2019-21 Batch students) are published online.| 7th National Green India Essay Competition Results CLICK HERE TO VIEW RESULTS |

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