National Service Scheme (NSS)

NSS is a body for social service affiliated to the Bangalore University. Various programs are implemented through regular activities of the volunteers under the guidance of NSS programme officer. The main objective of the association is to arouse social consciousness among students to provide an opportunity to work for the underprivileged and the marginalized sections of our community. This would enable the students to develop personal goals and commitment to the larger community to which they belong.

NSS Committee Members
Dr. Sreedhar P D,
Ms. Kalyani V
Ms. Aneesha K Shaji
Ms. Ashwitha
Dr. C Nagadeepa
Dr. Hanumantappa B
Mr. Jayashankar J
Ms. Jeeva M
Mr. Manoj Prabhakar M
Dr. Margaret Mary T
Mr. Mohamed Nayaz Pasha
Ms. Navya M. Patel
Dr. Rubavel M
Ms. Shruthi Rose
Ms. Souparnika V T
Mr. Syed Muen
Mr. Vinod Baburao Meghsham

Workshop on Electric Car Designing and Future of Electric Car in India
Date: 28.02.2021
Time: 10:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.
No. of Beneficiaries (In-house): 562
Unit/Department: NSS, CSA, Computer Science Dept.,
Name and details of the Resource Person: Rahul Rajput-Founder SUVC, Bharath - Zonal Head SUVC, Kishore Murugan - Zonal Head.
Objective: Main objective of the workshop was to create an awareness among the students about the importance of electric cars and sustainable energy also about the future of electric cars in India.

NSS Unit, Kristu Jayanti College conducts various workshops and activities that are useful for the students every year.

The program started with a welcome address by Ms.Srujana (NSS Volunteer). Mr. Rahul Rajput, the resource person introduced the Topic to the students. Mr.Kishore Murugan - speaker started the session by giving information about the topic of electric car designing. Speaker also mentioned about the scope of Electric cars in the future of India.

Mr. Bharat introduced the usage of Electric cars, its basic functions, its working principle and its use for the environment. All the 3 resource persons conducted a Question and Answer session, where various questions and doubts were asked and the same were solved by the resource persons.

The session was very informative and interesting for all the volunteers as it was interesting and an innovative topic.

Expert talk on DATA PRIVACY
Date: 28/01/21
Platform: Zoom
Timings: 2:30 to 4:00
No of Participants: 289
Theme: Data Privacy

The event started at around 2.30pm, where all the volunteers joined the meeting through Zoom platform. The event started at 2.40pm with the welcome address to the guest Mr. Bansan Thomas George and Mr. Aman Firoz, Dr.Sreedar P.D along with the faculty members.

Honourable guest Mr. Bansan Thomas George and Mr. Aman Firoz addressed the gathering with their immense knowledge about data privacy which indeed gave all the students a clear understanding about right and wrong type of data and how to use the technology with maximum data privacy and how to think creatively and this also gave the ability to validate and not fear about data mis-leadings which is the main drawback at the moment. They explained about the difference between data and sensitive data.

Distribution of Masks and Covid Awareness among Young Children
Date: 19th to 26th January, 2021
Place: Neighbourhood of NSS volunteers
Participants: 44
No of beneficiaries: 87

We celebrate National girl child day on 24th January every year. It was started in the 2008 by the ministry of Women and Child development and the Government of India to spread awareness among people about the inequalities girls face in the Indian society.

As a part of the NSS activity for the month of January, we decided to spread awareness among girl children about coronavirus and its effects. We did the same by talking to girl children in our respective neighbourhoods and providing masks to them. We also made pluck cards and posters with slogans related to covid-19 and importance of girl children to educate about the same. This activity gave us the opportunity to share our knowledge about coronavirus to kids and their parents and to enlighten them about the consequences of it.

A total of 87 girl children benefitted from the activity, and needless to tell that there were many who got inspired by the work of the volunteers.

Guest Lecture on “Youth is the Best Time of Life”
Date: 16-01-2021
Timings: 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Participants: NSS Students
No of beneficiaries: 141
The youths are the strength of society. They are the face of the future of a nation. The youths are impulsive and are sensitive, but once they fix their target, there is no coming back.

Dr. Navya Darshan motivated the youths by reminding their duties and their responsibilities. Speaker mentioned that youths must keep their eyes wide open and protect themselves from any harm, an issue that is bothering must be discussed and acknowledged. Dr. Navya also mentioned that youths are humble and kind, but they believe in power and ideologies. They are progressive and have the potential to bring revolution. With their vigor and talent, they build up society and inspire others to do the same.

NSS Orientation Program
NSS Orientation Program was conducted on 27/07/19 with an intention of educating the newly-joined NSS volunteers regarding the rules and regulations to be followed. About 406 first year volunteers were given the overview of the list of the activities in NSS

National Service Scheme In Collaboration with Grama Panchayath (Ambalagere)
Swachh Bharat Plastic Awareness
Swachh Bharat Plastic Awareness campaign was conducted on 17 February 2020 at10.30am in Ambalagere village, Bengaluru rural district. Our NSS Student Volunteers along with the Villagers got into the act of cleaning the local school premises, nearby streets and also went on a drive with Grama panchayat people to create awareness on waste management, segregation of plastic and also suggested some measures to limit the excess use of plastics.

Plastic Waste Management
Plastic Waste Management awareness campaign was conducted on 03 February 2020 at10.30am to 1.30 pm in Ambalagere village, Bengaluru rural district. Our student Volunteers briefed the villagers about the plastic reuse and explained the harms that nature would face if the plastic usage increases. The students were divided into two groups. One visited the primary schools and created awareness among the school children, and another group visited the households and gave more input on the segregation and reuse of plastic. This programme benefitted about 850 families.

A survey related to Health and Hygiene
As a part of social activity, our NSS volunteers visited Purushanahalli. Village, Doddaballapura Taluk, Bangalore rural district on 21 January 2020. About 32 NSS Student Volunteers were involved in this activity. The volunteers were divided in to 3 groups. Each group prepared posters with respect to three different themes- Banning the usage of Tobacco, Educating the young children about the right touch and the last about the menstrual hygiene. They prepared posters and skit addressing these issues.

Organic Farming Plan and Hygienic Development Plan
As a part of social activity, our NSS volunteers visited Ambalagere village, Bangalore rural district on 27 January 2020, giving awareness among people on organic farming and Hygiene. About 18 volunteers prepared various posters showcasing the usage to effectively participate in giving Organic farming Plan and Awareness of Hygiene in ambalagere village. The main objective of this activity was to prepare an integrated development plan for the town using local resources and eco-friendly sustainable technologies to improve the people's standard of living.

Assessment and Training on Nutrition for Adolescent Girls
On 24th January 2020, NSS organized an Assessment and Training on Nutrition for Adolescent Girls in Shri Siddaganga Government High School, Purushanahalli, Doddaballapura Taluk, Bengaluru. About 35 NSS volunteers were actively involved in this programme. The NSS volunteers approached the adolescent girls present at the school for a training session on values of healthy eating habits and nutritional benefits of foods and the right intake of required meals at the right time.

E-Banking Awareness campaign
As a part of social activity, our NSS volunteers visited Kannamangala village, Doddaballapura Taluk, Bangalore rural district on 18 January 2020, providing awareness about E-banking and educating about the online services provided by the banks to the residents of Kannamangla. About 49 NSS volunteers were involved in this awareness creation. To do the same, they prepared various posters showcasing the usage of online banking services and showing live demonstrations of how to transact online. NSS volunteers even made a questionnaire pertaining to know knowledge prevailing with residents of the Kannamangala village.

Annual Blood Donation Camp - 2020
Blood donation camp was organized by Jayantian Extension Services (NSS, CSA & NCC) & MSW Department on 14/01/2020, at 9.30 am in association with Lions Blood Bank, NIMHANS Hospital and BMST. Many students as well as teachers volunteered forward to donate blood and about 680 units of blood were donated. The blood donors after donating the blood a Certificate of Appreciation was given to each donor as a token of Gratitude.

Annual Special Camp 2019
Date: 13/11/19 to 19/11/19
Place: Shri Mata Annapoorneshwari Rishi Tapokshetra ,DoddaMalaravadi
No. Of Students Participated: 171 NSS Volunteers
Beneficiaries: SSY Ashram and nearby villages
Kristu Jayanti College in collaboration with Shri Rishi Prabhakarji of Rishi Samskriti Vidya Kendra organized the NSS Annual Special Camp, which was conducted at Shri Mata Annapoorneshwari Rishi Tapokshetra,DoddaMalaravadi from 13th November 2019 to 19th November 2019. The activities carried out in the camp focused on the theme “SAMRUDDHA VISHWA (No Poverty), PARISARA SAMRAKSHANE”. The seven-day camp with its 171 dynamic young NSS Volunteers headed by the NSS Programme Officers Dr.Sreedhar PD, Prof.Vinod.BM, Prof.Kalyani.V and 16 faculty coordinators, had successfully paved the way for this mission. The detailed program description of the camp is given below.

DAY 1(13/11/19)
Day one of our camp was initiated with a meeting at the camp site at 11.00 am to one batch of students during which our students were briefed about the camp site, the ashram and basic idea about the regulations of the camp by NSS Programme Officer Dr.Sreedhar PD. Another session was at 04:50 pm, conducted by Dr. Sreedhar P D (NSS PROGRAME OFFICER) who instructed the students with the general rules and regulations to be followed and practised while in the camp to maintain its serenity and atmosphere. The second batch of students arrived by 06:30 pm. The students were segregated into eight different groups namely: Kshama, Uthama Margava, Sathya, Seiyama, Thapa, Thyaga, Akinchanya and Bhramacharya. Teachers were assigned to all the groups to guide the students throughout the camp.

NSS Special Camp 2019 was inaugurated in the presence of our chief guest of the day, Megaraja Raju, Principal. Dr Sreedhar P D spoke a few words about the experience gained in the previous camp which was carried out at the same place and the warm hospitality provided by the Ashram authorities, Sudheen Raj Ji. Megaraja Raju spoke about human growth and the various experiences they undergo during the process, he also spoke about the various practices that are followed. For a person to grow in harmony and to gain knowledge he / she needs a Guru, to direct them to the right paths, said by Megaraja Raju. Megaraju ended his speech with a short and meaningful story with a message. “People with good humane sense and service mind are the real pillars of the world”, said by Megaraja Raja. Following this, various duties were assigned to the groups.

DAY 2(14/11/19)
Yoga session was conducted at 05:30 AM, where all the NSS volunteers enthusiastically participated and performed various yoga asanas under the guidance of Dr. Sreedhar P D and Sharanya (NSS Volunteer). NSS Flag was hoisted by Mr Rubavel at 06:00 AM.

After the hoisting of the flag, all the volunteers volunteered for Shramadhan to clean the premises of a mango plantation within the ashram from 06:15 AM to 12:00 AM, with an hour’s break in between. Meanwhile at 11:00 AM NSS volunteers, Shwetha S (BSC), Padmashree, Shwetha S (BCOM) and Vinutha, Yeshodha engaged themselves in the service of teaching government school students of class 10th and 8th standard in the subjects of English and Science. Children’s Day was celebrated at the school along with the NSS volunteers who volunteered to teach the students on 14 November, 2019.

Post Lunch, the faculty coordinator of computer science department, Mr. Sevaga Pandian visited the NSS camp site for a guest lecture. He emphasised about ACT, with its abbreviation as Accountability, Commitment and Trustworthy and its importance in one’s life. Mr. Sevaga Pandian also stated that one should not react, but should respond instead. The human sensitivity to react to things immediately is not appreciated, but to analyse, think and judge one’s decision or state appropriate responses which will enhance a person’s stability as a human.

DAY 3(15/11/19)
Yoga session was conducted at 05:30 AM and all the NSS volunteers enthusiastically participated and performed various yoga asanas under the guidance of DR. Sreedhar P D and Sharanya (NSS Volunteer). A special meditation class was taken by Janarthan Ji who spoke about extraordinary memory power that human beings are capable of when trained properly, he also spoke about and one’s search of peace within one’s soul. NSS Flag was hoisted by Mr. Vinoth B at 06:30 AM.

After hoisting the flag, all the volunteers participated in Shramadhan, and cleaned the premises of a primary school and temple within the ashram from 06:40 AM to 12:00 AM, with an hour’s break in between. Meanwhile at 10:00 AM NSS volunteers, Shwetha S (BSC), Padmashree, Shwetha S (BCOM), Vinutha and Yeshodha took classes for 10 standard students for 2 hours on Science and English, an interactive activity was also conducted for the students.

In support of the NSS Special Camp, Rev Fr. Josekutty P D, Principal, Fr. Augustine George, Vice Principal, Fr. Lijo P Thomas, Financial Administrator and Fr. Philip, Principal, Kristu Jayanti School arrived at the camp by 04:30 PM 2019 representing the Kristu Jayanti Management in order to encourage the NSS volunteers for their service. Rev.Fr. Josekutty P D appreciated the NSS volunteer’s spirit of unity in what they do and volunteer’s attitude towards their service to the society. And also, the involvement and dedication of teachers towards NSS. Fr. Augustine George spoke about the appreciation that the Kristu Jayanti College has gained from the attitude and service of its students through their involvement as a volunteer. Fr. Lijo said that social service camps, similar to the one conducted by NSS trains the volunteers with life experiences through the camp work. Fr. Philip wished the NSS team for its duty and service to the society. Three NSS volunteers came forward to share the experiences they had gained by attending the NSS Special Camp.

At 07:15 PM special guests arrived in the camp to share few thoughts. Various members from diversified fields enriched the session with their valuable thoughts and experiences. Mr. Doddanna, an organic farmer explained about the four essential things a human requires to lead a peaceful life, which includes: healthy food, dhyana, yoga and good friends. A message that Doddanna wanted to convey was to reduce the use of petroleum leading to reduced air pollution and to cultivate the habit of organic farming. Mr. Ejas, a social activist / reformer spoke about equality among religions and practices followed by people, he also insisted that all should walk towards a nature friendly world. Mr. H P Srinivas, NSS officer and a kannada lecturer in Dayananda College discussed about the utilisation of the opportunities that one comes over.

Day 4(16/11/19)
The yoga session commenced at 05:30 AM and all the NSS volunteers enthusiastically participated and performed various yogaasanas under the guidance of Dr.Sreedhar P D and Sharanya (NSS Volunteer). The NSS Flag was hoisted by Mr. Syed Mueen at 06:00 AM.

Around 7.30am, the students carried out Shramadhan near the government hospital in the neighbourhood village. They cleaned the hospital premises. At 10:00 AM some NSS volunteers went to a government school to conduct tuition classes. Mr. Vijayakumar, Head of the Department of Commerce, Mr.Surendranath Reddy, Head of the Department of Management visited the camp site to interact with the volunteers. At 12:00 AM, a rally was conducted in the village on various subjects like poverty, disaster management, mental health, dust management, dengue awareness, save water, multi-crop system in villages, solar energy, waste management, culture and diversity, nomophobia, first aid and traffic awareness. The students prepared many posters on the above said themes and presented it to the general public thereby creating an awareness about the various social related issues.

By evening 07:05 PM, Bigg Boss Finalist Mr. Andrew Jaipal came to the NSS camp as a special guest. Dr. Sreedhar P D welcomed the gathering with the statement, “friendship of good people is like savouring the sweetness of honey”. Mr Andrew shared his college life experiences about his involvement in NSS camps, cultural activities and many more. Apart from being a celebrity Mr. Andrew is also a corporate trainer. Then the volunteers had an interactive session where they were allowed to express their experience in the camp and all the groups involved themselves in performing acts that conveyed a social message.

Day 5(17/11/19)
Yoga session commenced at 05:30 AM and all the NSS volunteers enthusiastically participated and performed various yogasanas under the guidance of Dr. Sreedhar P D and Sharanya (NSS Volunteer). The NSS Flag was hoisted by Mr. Nagesh at 06:00 AM.

After the hoisting the flag, all the volunteers came forward for Shramadhan, to clean the premises of a mango plantation within the ashram from 06:40 AM to 12:00 AM, with an hour’s break in between.

At 7:30 pm Mr. Srinivasan and Mr. Yakub visited the campsite. According to Mr Srinivasan, the present generation is mature and are aware about nation and are people with goals. He enlightened the students about jobs for art students. Then he spoke about the value and greatness of Gautham Buddha. He told that each and every person in India must be proud to be born in the “LAND OF BUDDHA”, he also motivated everyone to read Buddha’s books. Later he also spoke about monk Swamy Vivekananda who also followed Gautham Buddha. He also had an interaction with Ms Sruthi about Vivekananda.

Mr. Yakub being a poet sang a poem with the title “HANCHIKE” which was composed by him. The song was about distributing all the body parts to various people who needs it. He also said that noble thoughts from all the directions must be accepted.

DAY 6(18/11/19)
The NSS Flag was hoisted by Mrs. Aneesha at 06:00 AM. After hoisting the flag, all the volunteers took part in Shramadhan, road repair work within the ashram from 06:40 AM to 11:30 AM.

NSS volunteers Shwetha S (BSC), Padma, Vinutha, Shwetha S and Yeshodha engaged themselves in teaching 10th, 9th and 8th standard students of the nearby government school in the subjects of Science and English respectively from 10:00Am to 1:15 Pm. At 2:00 PM all the volunteers went trekking and reached the camp site by 6:30 PM.

Dr. Sreedhar P D gave general instructions about returning back to Bangalore from the camp site and assigned duties to all the eight groups and presented the cook with a momentum as a token of love for his service in the camp.

Cleanliness and waste disposal Drive
A clean campus drive was carried out on 07 December 2019, at 1.45 pm. The NSS volunteers were divided into different groups, and they were directed to different places. One set of students cleared the dry wastes around the college campus, and one more group removed all the wastes and bushes from the drainage areas. This initiative was to create awareness for the society in keeping their surroundings clean.

UBA- Campaign on Promoting the usage of Jute bags for waste disposal
In connection with UBA activity, an awareness campaign was conducted about the usage of jute bags for waste disposal in various villages like Kannamangala, Purushanahalli, Nagenahalli, Genjanahalli, Vadagere, Badhrapura on 9/10/19 at 8.30am. The main objective of this activity was to create awareness among people on the hazards of using plastic bags and to motivate them towards the use of fabric (cotton or jute) bags. In this regard, our NSS volunteers distributed jute bags to the village and encouraged them to use those bags for waste disposal. This programme benefitted about 850 families.

Plastic free Life Campaign
Plastic free Life Campaign was carried out on 4th October 2019, at 12.00 noon in K. Narayanapura Cross. About 30 volunteers participated in this campaign and about 150 households were benefitted. The students prepared various posters showcasing different issues pertaining to plastic usage. Utilising these posters, our NSS volunteers addressed the public pointing out the hazards about plastic usage. They also emphasized the use of cotton or jute bags.

Visit to old age home
As a part of social activity, our NSS volunteers visited various NGO’s- Holy Cross Institute, Preethi Nivas Trust and Mercy Home on 2nd October 2019 at 10.30 am. About 15 volunteers spent their time with the senior citizens. Students interacted with them individually where the students understood about their lives. The sister In charge of the home spoke to our volunteers and also narrated about the situation of the old people.

Awareness session on Waste Disposal
As a part of social activity, our NSS volunteers visited Cratis Hospital on 2nd October 2019 to learn about the disposal of toxic medical waste from the hospital. The students addressed various queries to the staff in the hospital through which they gained complete information about the mediwaste disposal.

UBA- Baseline Household Survey in Adopted villages
Our college students conducted a survey in various adopted villages like Kannamangala, Purushanahalli, Nagenahalli, Genjanahalli, Vadagere, Badhrapura on 16/7/2019 at 9.00 am. A survey form was used to collect various details from the villagers like respondent details, their household infromation, their status of migration, awareness about various government schemes that would benefit them, availability and accessibility of resources and problems they are facing. Social mapping was also carried out where the volunteers figured out the various resources avaliable to the village residents and also made it available for the villagers to have a glance at it. Apart from these activities, our students prepared a case depicting the demographic factors of the villagers.

Rural Community Development & Field Practice
Rural community development programme was conducted in V.Nagenahalli on 14th September, 2019 at 10.00 am. About 30 NSS volunteers took active involvement in this programme and about 150 houses sought benefit from this programme.
Objective of the programme:
• To observe the village and recognize their problems.
• To study about the village using participatory Rural Appraisal Method for Rural Community Development.
• To share study information to the community people.

The programme commenced with an orientation session on Rural Community Development & Importance of Field work to the students. The students were explained about the basic concepts of PRA which included Watch, Listen, Learn, Establishing rapport, Map and Facilitation.

The students were given exposure to Participatory Rural Appraisal practice which would enable the students understand the rural condition and make them understand on the Rural Community Development.

The students have been grouped into 4 teams and assigned to do a study the community people and their status. The students were asked to do the assignments in the following areas-
1. Transact walk - Observation of the resources and facilities, which are available in the village.
2. Social mapping - Drawing the village map with road, Street lights, houses etc. in the center of the village with people participation.
3. Problem tree-Observation of the village - Discussion of Core Problem of the village & Its causes and effects.
4. Case study–Case study about one household`s income, lifestyle and everything about the family.

Dengue awareness Campaign
Dengue awareness Campaign was carried out on 17/08/2019 at 2pm. The NSS volunteers formed different groups and the groups were directed to various places like K.Narayanapura, Kothanur and Geddalahalli. The students carried various posters & banners and created awareness about dengue infection, its causes and symptoms. The public was also educated about the remedial measures to prevent it.

Repairing potholes
Potholes repair work was carried out on 17/8/19 at 2.00 pm. In connection with Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the NSS volunteers took an initiative of closing the potholes on the roads towards Narayanapura cross.

Initiative to create litter free campus and environment
Three activities were carried out by NSS student volunteers on 24/8/19 at 2.00 pm.
• Creating litter free campus
• Creating litter free environment
• Repairing of potholes from our campus towards
About 600 volunteers grouped into three, made an effective contribution towards the various targeted activities thereby exhibiting their self-responsibility towards the societal requirements.

A Rally to avoid Narcotics usage
Kristu Jayanti College NSS volunteers in collaboration with Indian Narcotics Department conducted a rally on 26th June 2019 at 8.00 am inorder to create an awareness for the youth with regards to consumption of drugs. The rally took place from started from Reva University to BSF ground (Yelahanka) covering around 8kms approximately and it was headed by Army officials and local police. Posters and banners were projected to the public regarding consumption of drugs, the effects of the drugs over the long run of life, and the remedial measures of overcoming it. The rally was informative to the public. During the Valedictory session on BSF ground, the chief guest G N Chinnappa (Official from Bangalore city civil court 303) stated about the youth’s exploitation by drugs and its impact on increase in crime rate. He also stated that youths should be properly educated and these kinds of rallies would actually serve that purpose.

Environment Day Celebration
All volunteers from various clubs and associations like CSA, NCC, Environmental Club in collaboration with Alumni Association and K. Narayanapura government school, celebrated Environmental day on 15th June 2019 in a veterinary hospital, K. Narayanapura. More than 30 participants took active part in this activity. The program was inaugurated by Rev Fr. Josekutty P D ,The principal of Kristu Jayanti College along with Mrs.Hemalata, The Head Mistress of K Narayanapura government school by planting the sapling. Mrs.Hemalata motivated the students to plant more sapling inorder to create a green filled surrounding and to extend a concern for protecting the environment.

A clean campus drive
A clean campus drive was carried out on 29th June 2019, at 2.00 pm. The students were divided into many groups and they were directed towards various neighbourhood areas of our college. The main objective of this initiative is to ensure a clean environment around us.

With an intention of sensitizing the adolescents on the internet addiction, risk factors, treatment and prevention of social media addiction, awareness programme was conducted to 9th grade students of Government High School, Kothanur on 23/1/19. NSS volunteers explained the positive and negative effects of social media. They also briefed about the effective usage of social media for intellectual development. Apart from this interactive session, a Poster as well as a video Presentation was also carried out to give them, a clear view on the effects of social media.

In collaboration with BBMP ward Agara, our NSS unit conducted a programme on creating awareness about the electronic voting system on 06.03.19 to our college students. The members from BBMP introduced the students to Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) in the electronic voting machine. They explained the working mechanism of the voting machine and various benefits of VVPAT. About 2000 students gained practical insights from this programme.

Santrupti was conducted on 8.3.19 during which all the outgoing NSS senior volunteers were honored with certificate and mementos for their effective contribution to NSS for the past three years. Special appreciation was also given to few volunteers for holding certain additional leadership qualities, handling various tasks & challenges and also for overcoming certain contingencies during the conduct of certain activities. Annual NSS report was presented in this programme briefing the detailed list of activities that were carried out during the academic year of 2018-19.

SMOG-FREE BANGALORE CAMPAIGN was carried out by NSS volunteers in Sri Siddhartha Sanivasa High School, Kothanur, K.Narayanapura on 31st January 2019. Various activities like street play, thematic dance and poster presentation focusing on nature conservation were conducted in the school through which the students gained complete awareness about how to preserve our nature and promote afforestation. This activity was of great success as the school students also joined our NSS volunteers in raising slogans and taking oath on nature preservation.

Visit to Mercy Home
On 19th January 2019, NSS organized a visit to Mercy Home, Gubbi Cross. About 25 NSS volunteers were actively involved in this programme. There were about 45 old and destitute women abandoned by their family/children in various stages of ageing process in the twilight of their life need care and love and people to convey their concern and feelings.

Our Volunteers interacted with each inmate and also organized some games and songs in which the inmates also participated. Apart from interaction, the volunteers also donated certain provisions for the home. This activity was carried out in order to inculcate the sense of social belongingness among the students.

Rally on creating Voting awareness
On account of Voters day, a mega rally was conducted on 25th of January 2019 on voting awareness by Jayantian Extension Services and Department of Political Science in collaboration with Horamavu Agara BBMP ward Govt.Officials. The rally covered the neighbourhood localities like K.Narayanapura, Kothanur and Nagenahalli. The rally involved the participation of 1500 members which included the volunteers of NSS, CSA, NCC and the students of Political Science. The students exhibited posters and placards that carried slogans pertaining to the importance of voting.

Awareness Campaign on Health, Hygiene and Importance of gaining Literacy
As a part of Youth week celebration, an awareness campaign was carried out on 19.01.19. This campaign focused on creating awareness about maintaining proper health, hygiene and the importance of gaining literacy among the public especially the workers at various construction sites across the villages like kothanur, K.Narayanapura and Geddalahalli. The students prepared posters on various themes relating to health, hygiene and importance of gaining education. The student volunteers clearly emphasized the importance of maintaining proper health and hygiene. In relevant to this, they suggested some measures like washing hands before having food, having proper diet, avoiding junk foods, drinking boiled water etc.

Blood Donation Camp
Blood donation camp was organized by Jayantian Extension Services ( NSS,CSA & NCC) & the MSW Department on 10/01/2019 in association with Lions Blood Bank, TTK Rotary Blood Bank and NIMHANS. Many students as well as teachers volunteered forward to donate blood and about 625 units of blood were donated.

Campaign Clean Village
This Programme was conducted on 4.1.19, where about 207 NSS volunteers contributed their efforts in creating a clean Village. These students covered various areas surrounding the campus which majorly included kothanur, K.Narayanapura. The students cleared the dry wastes that were spread across the village areas thereby creating a clean village.

NSS Annual Special Camp 2018
Kristu Jayanti College in collaboration with Shri Rishi Prabhakarji of Rishi Samskriti Vidya Kendra organized NSS Annual Special Camp at Shri mata Annapoorneshwari Rishi Tapokshetra, Doddamaralavadi from 16th November 2018 to 22nd November 2018. The activities carried out in the camp focused on the theme “SAMRUDDHA VISHWA” (No Poverty) and “JANAKALYANA SWACHHATA ABHIYAN”.
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NSS Activity - Swachh Bharat Abhiyan October 02, 2018

A First aid training program was conducted on 12.12.18 for the NSS volunteers. The session was carried out by two doctors - Dr.Ginto Paul and Dr.Naveen from White Cross Clinic. Dr.Ginto Paul explained about the first aid, its purpose and functioning principles. He also briefed about the kind of first aid treatment to be administered for burns, choking, insect bites & sting, fractures & dislocations, Sprains & Strains and finally for cardiac arrest.

Road Traffic Awareness programme was conducted on 22/09/2018 in the Main Auditorium where about 314 NSS volunteers witnessed the programme. The session was carried over by the NSS Students Coordinator Mr.Varun Govind who presented information regarding traffic rules and regulations that are to be followed. He also emphasized the measures that need to be adopted by each and every citizen to avoid unnecessary problems caused by traffic.

NSS orientation was conducted on 04.08.18 in the Mini Auditorium at 2.00 pm. About 212 first year volunteers actively participated in this event. The students were given a detailed presentation about NSS, its vision, mission, rules and regulations to be followed. They were also briefed about the list of activities that are conducted under the banner of NSS

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was conducted in two government schools- K. Narayanpura Govt.School and Siddhartha Govt.School on 4.08.18 at 2.00 pm. Two groups of second year NSS volunteers actively participated in this activity. They cleared all the dry wastes lying in around the school campus thereby creating a clean environment for the young children

Independence Day celebration was successfully conducted on 15/08/18 at 7.30 am in our college campus. The celebration started with a parade by NCC officers followed by flag hoisting by our Principal Fr.Josekutty PD. About 209 NSS volunteers took part in this celebration.

Swachh Campus drive was conducted after the Independence Day celebration at 8.30 am in our college campus. About 209 NSS volunteers were involved in this clean campus drive. The students cleared the dry wasted lying in and around the campus.

Guest talk on ‘HEALTH AND HYGIENE’
A guest talk was conducted on 5.7.18 on health and hygiene. Mr.Arjun, Clinical administrator and Dr. Mahesh, White Cross Clinic addressed our students regarding Health, Hygiene and Weight management Mr.Arjun gave more insight about different types of foods and their nutritional values which grabbed the attention of the students. Dr.Mahesh in his address explained about the life expectancy rate, rate of death happening during the adolescent age of both boys and girls, injuries due to violation of traffic rules, suicidal cases, drug addictions and other health related diseases. It is the right time that this activity was conducted as it is the right time to give awareness to the students about following proper health and hygienic food habits. The session was highly informative and beneficial.

A Cleanliness campaign was carried out in the neighborhood villages on 7.07.18. About 115 volunteers participated in this event. The members were divided into two groups. One group was directed to move to Kothanur and the other group moved to K.Narayanapura. They took the responsibility of clearing the dry wastes that were spread around. The students enthusiastically and actively participated in this event. This activity ensured that all the wastes are cleared ultimately making the environment clean. The students also created awareness among the public about maintaining cleanliness in the premises surrounding them.

NSS volunteers along with the NSS programme officers visited the NGO- Home of Hope located in Doddagubbi on 18.08.18 at 1.30 pm. About 16 NSS volunteers actively engaged in this programme. An amount of Rs. 10000 was collected from the college and was donated to this NGO. Lot of medicines, food items, clothes and groceries were purchased and distributed to the Women’s Wing of this home. This contribution was of great help to them as it met some of the basic necessities of the people leading their lives in the trust.

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