Kalajyothi, the literary, cultural and arts fest of the UG department is the signature fest of the Literary and Cultural Association and the first fest of the academic year. As the name suggests, the fest marks the lighting of art that illuminates beacons of creativity across the college as students from different departments come forward to display their skills. For the newcomers, it is an exhibit and a platform through which they can showcase their uniqueness and talent while senior students find it as an opportunity to display their development and love for the arts that has grown in their time with Kristu Jayanti College.

The fest comprises of competitions in Dance, Music, Literature, Drama and Fine Arts, thus testing the talents of students in all the major five areas of the arts. In its search of unique and fresh talent each year, the Literary and Cultural Association (LCA) of the college introduces a new competition every year, thus expanding its outreach among students and staying relevant within the changing landscape of art in the modern world.

‘Kalajyothi 2019’, the annual intra-collegiate cultural and literary fest opens a platform for the students to showcase their talents through various events. The week long fest, from 29 July, 2019 to 03 August, 2019, saw the participation of thousands of students from the different departments of the college. The fest incorporated both secular and gospel events. Students were encouraged to participate and online registrations were open from 15th July 2019 to 23rd July 2019. On 23rd of July, a colorful and memorable Kalajyothi promotion was organized. The promotion took place in the 2nd hour 10 minutes break. It had the involvement of students from various departments. The promotion was based on the theme, “a tribute to Legends of Literature and culture”. Promotion could bring awareness about the importance of Kalajyothi. Kalajyothi was officially inaugurated on July 27th 2019.

There were many new events introduced in Kalajyothi 2019, they were: Rap, Documentary Video, Jam, Herbal Bouquet, Jewelry Making, Installation, Poster Making (Digital). Enthusiastic participation was seen in all the events.

The fest featured 12 literary events, 16 fine arts events, 6 theatre events, 11 music events and 8 dance events in the secular category. The gospel category had 15 events. More than 3,500 registrations were recorded for the various events and over 1,623 students participated in the various events.

Preliminary rounds were held for dance, music, skit and mime events. Literary Events saw the most participants with 421 aspirants. Another event which caught the attention of the crowd was ‘Adaptune’, where dancers had to use their improvisational skills of dancing and were put to test, which was zealous fun for the participants and audience alike. The fest ended on 3rd August, 2019 with an engraving show by various band performances and dances. The dance and music events were judged by the Jayantian alumni who are dance and music exponents.

The prize winners of Kalajyothi will be representing the college at various inter collegiate fests during the academic year 2019-2020.

Kalajyothi, the Intra-college arts, literary and cultural fest of the UG Department was organized by the Literary and Cultural Association (LCA) of Kristu Jayanti College. It started on 23rd July, 2018 and came to an end on 28th July,2018. As the name suggests, the fest was completely dedicated to highlight the different talents of the students.

The fest was comprised of Dance, Music, Literature, Drama and Fine Arts competition which served as a great platform to the students to display their talents in their preferred fields of interest.

More than 2000 students were a part of this fest and the best were awarded. The title of “Stars of Kalajyothi” was given to the students who were the winners of numerous events.

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