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As the world outside becomes a smaller and an increasingly interconnected Global village, the campus of Kristu Jayanti College has also become a melting pot of diverse cultures. With students from the various states of India, the college also amalgamates a number of foreign cultures as well. The student population is a unique mixture of youth from different countries of Asia and Africa like Ghana, Costa Rica, the Middle -East, Korea etc.

As a result, the Ethnic Day is much anticipated and vibrant celebration of the cultures that the student body represents. Every year, the day is celebrated along with Onam- the harvest festival of Kerala. The students and faculty of the college come dressed in their ethnic wear and celebrate the spirit of unity and inclusiveness. The celebration of Onam in its typical style adds more colour and energy to the day.

Date: 21 September,2019
Venue: Quadrangle
Ethnic day, is festival in our college, it is a day dedicated for the celebration of diversity and ethnicity that Kristu Jayanti College takes pride in.

This year we celebrated ethnic day on the 21st of September, 2019. The celebration started with vibrant sounds of the Chendamellam, performed by our very own staff members and their team. Followed by the popular drum dance of Karnataka Dollu kunitha, performed by Mr. Hidayath and team. The energy was taken to the next level with an amazing performance by the college choir team. The day wouldn’t be called as ethnic day, if there weren’t any ethnic performances, the ethnic dances started off with, Garba, which was a traditional dance of Gujarat, followed by Ghoomar, the traditional dance of Rajasthan. Up next came, lavani, the traditional dance form of Maharashtra. Then was, Kollatta, one of the dance form of Karnataka followed by Manipur dance form and then Bhangra, which is the traditional dance form of Punjab.

Kristu Jayanti boasts of a diverse student community, we have representations not just from across India, but across the Globe and to prove this the students of the International Forum displayed their traditional music and dances, starting with a beautiful French song by Sabrina representing Ivory Coast, Africa, then a dance performance by the students of Nepal, led by Upama and team. Followed by the Tibetan dance by Dema and team, then performed by the Mizo students, the Cheraw dance, lead by Johnny and team, followed by The African students with their stunts and flexible grooves.

The cultural program witnessed 160 Jayantians captivating the crowd with their dance moves, performing for six different songs in six different languages.

The next performance was the kamsallea, another dance form of Karnataka, which amused the crowd.
This festival of ethnicity, diversity, and culture came to an end with all the Jayantians dancing to the vibrating rhythm of the Chendamellam and DJ Music.

On 19th September, 2018 Ethnic Day was celebrated. It was celebrated along with Onam- the National festival of Kerala. Since the college is diverse in its population students come from various countries of African and Asian continents. Students as well as the faculty members adorned themselves in their ethnic wear representing different parts of India and the world precisely. The college became a platform for diverse cultures. There were different traditional dances like Garba dance from Gujrat, Punjabi dance and music performances by the students. The traditional dance performance from Manipur and Mizoram exhibited the colorful culture of North-east India. The celebration was followed by a flash mob where all the students danced in the quadrangle together.

It came to an end with the traditional “Chenda Melam”. The day portrayed a miniature of India and blended numerous foreign cultures too. It is considered as one of the liveliest and vibrant days of the college and celebrates unity in diversity through acts that exhibit a cultural signature.

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