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ARTS & CULTURE (Music, Art, Dance, Drama)

It is believed the best education involves more than classroom learning and nurtures the personal, creative and physical development of all students. These 'outside-the-classroom' activities expose aesthetic skills, teach leadership, team work, and responsibility to society. At Kristu Jayanti, involvement and participation are the key aspects. Literary, Creative and Cultural activities are given special emphasis. The performing arts are highly valued, where outstanding facilities and gifted teaching artists often elicit productions that well exceed the expectations of student musicians, actors, and singers. To promote the artistic and cultural aspects of the students a literary and cultural association is formed by the College.

Literary and Cultural Association (LCA)
Extracurricular activities are a critical component for students to shape their future as it helps develop their talents, interests and passion. Kristu Jayanti College under the banner of the LCA provides a spectrum of opportunities that a student might be interested in and can develop a passion for. Kalajyothi - the intracollegiate literary and cultural fest, music and dance concerts, workshops and training programs, etc., are few of the many avenues for cultural and artistic expression organized by the LCA.

Theatre Workshop and Training
Workshops / training in mime, skit, one act play and drama are held annually. These programmes enable fine-tuning the theatrical and acting skills of students. The workshop is handled by nationally renowned theatre exponents. The students are inducted into rigorous training after a selection process that includes many rounds. The workshop spans for 50 hours and includes training in acting, expression, makeup, lighting, etc. The college teams trained through the workshop have excelled in zonal, national level events and various intercollegiate events. Students who successfully complete the training session / workshop are eligible to earn 3 extension credits.

Training in Choir
Professional training and guidance is provided to students to equip them with basic knowledge on music theory. Students selected through an audition are trained to master the basics of singing such as breathing technique, range, ear training, scales, intervals, modulation, etc. The choir, after the training session performs during ‘Woodrock’ the music concert held during each semester and at various prestigious intercollegiate music festivals. Students who successfully complete the choir training of 50 hours are eligible to earn 3 extension credits.

Guitar Certification Course
Music training sessions in Guitar give an opportunity for students to learn the basics and advanced modules in playing the musical instrument. Training sessions are held twice a week to cover 40 hours of training. During this course, students have the option of choosing either Basic or Intermediate or Advanced levels. Students who successfully complete the choir training are eligible to earn 3 extension credits.

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