The tradition of dance is one that is upheld and cherished within Kristu Jayanti College. Different forms of this art from, ranging from classical to contemporary and celebrated and encouraged. Nrityadarpan is an intra-collegiate programme that is specifically designed to showcase the talent of Jayantians in the art of dancing. Students are auditioned and the selected performances are showcased on that day. It is a much anticipated and vibrant celebration of the art of dance that is enjoyed by students and faculty alike.

On 6th March, the Jayantians experienced a divine enchantment of Nrityadarpan, a unique and unparalleled journey where different genres of dancers converged to create the sublime Jayantian Ensemble. This year the dancers performed under the theme of Mythology through graceful movements, emotive expressions, and hypnotic rhythms of dance. The audience witnessed the art of dance elevated to its most divine form, as the dancers brought our heritage to life through the timeless art form.

The dance concert started with an Inaugural performance on “Surya Kouthavam,” an artistic tribute to the divine energy of the Sun, Lord Surya. Who is the source of all energy and the remover of darkness? This Nrityadarpan we had seventy-two participants who showcased different mythological characters across the globe. The hauntingly beautiful myth of Psyche and Eros, a moving love story coming from the rich mythology of ancient Greece was a very interesting choreography. It was a very challenging and magical choreography depicting the divine beauty and strength of Aphrodite, the fierce and cunning of Athena, and the thunderous might of Zeus. Indian mythological dance forms showed the fierce performance of Kalinga Narthana, the Bollywood team celebrated Lord Ganesha, and the semi-classical team performed for Varaha, the third avatar of Lord Vishnu, who reigns supreme among all gods. The Krishna Leela performed by the semi-classical team won all the hearts and appreciation. On the whole, the show was a grand success.

The annual intra-collegiate dance extravaganza, Nrityadarpan 2022, was held on 11 April, 2022 at the SKE auditorium. The event was a confluence of the vibrant talents of the students of Kristu Jayanti college. There were a total of 10 scintillating performances, performed by 108 trained dancers, that showcased a wide variety of dance forms namely; Classical, Indian Contemporary, Western, Bollywood Eastern, South Asian Folk, Malayalam Folk, Bhangra and Khalbalia.

The auditorium was brimming with the effervescence of the performances. The event was witnessed by the crowd of students from all combinations of courses along with Fr. Principal and other members of the management and also the faculty members.

Nirthyadarpan 2019 intra collegiate dance fest started with the theme “Rediscovering different styles in dance” was conducted on the 30th of January 2020. In an effort to trace the rich heritage of dance tradition, the Literary and Cultural Association of Kristu Jayanti College organised Nrityadarpan 2020, an intra-collegiate dance showcase. This year, the programme sought to highlight various styles of dance which had a mix of eastern as well as western styles.

The dances on display included Bhasweete Dance which potrays the Rabindra Nritya, Contemporary Dance, Mixture of Kerala Dance, a Western Dance, Theme Dance which focused on Women Empowerment, Bollywood Dance and an Afro Dance These dances often tell stories through their vivid and aesthetic expression. Each performance was accompanied by rich, classical music and rhythmic beats while the dancers themselves were decked in colourful, traditional costumes as well as western costumes and adorned with classic jewellery.

The highlight of the programme was the Western Fusion performance that recounted the theme “Say no to drugs”. The performances were vibrant and captivating as it displayed the celebration of each dance forms that are still so full of aesthetic value and visual appeal. The audience was left thoroughly entertained and with newfound respect for classical and folk dance.

Nirthyadarpan 2019 intra collegiate dance fest started with the theme “Discovering the treasures of our heritage” was conducted on the 19th of January 2019. The program highlighted classical-Indian dance styles and traditional folk dances from different parts of the country. The dances on display included Dandiya and Garba from the state of Gujrath, Bhangra from Punjab, Kamsale from Karnakata, Margamkali from kerala. The highlight of this program was the classical fusion performance that narrated the story of mankind from birth to salvation. Kathak displayed the joy of childhood; kuchupudi threw light on teenage years and Bharatanatyam the difficulties of life and final conclusions. There were 82 participants.

‘Nrityadarpan’ is the annual intra collegiate dance concert of Kristu Jayanti College which aims to celebrate the art of dance and culture forms. The programme was held on 19th December 2017. The event was witnessed by the crowd of students from all combinations along with Fr. Principal and other members of the management and also the faculty members.

This year, Nrityadarpan witnessed 12 performances by 72 dancers that was inclusive of different and exquisite dance forms. The participants executed steps for Classical, Shiva Thandav, Regional Retro, Navarasa , formation dance, Hollywood retro, Lavni, Indian Fusion, Indian Folk , Semi classical and Western dance.

Nrityadarpan, the inter-collegiate dance festival was organized on 25th February 2017.The show lasted for 2 hours in which 38 participants performed in 6 events. The various forms of dance performed included Classical,western, contemporary folk, free style ,retro and contemporary. There were around more than 500 plus audience to enjoy the show.

Nrityadarpan, the intercollegiate dance festival organized by the literary and cultural association, was held on 5th March 2016. The theme for Nrityadarpan this academic year was “ Navarasa”- the nine moods. The various forms of dance performed included classical, western, contemporary folk, free style ,retro and contemporary. There were around more than 500 plus audience to enjoy the show. There were 60 participants and 9 dance shows were displayed by the students.

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