Investors Club

Kristu Jayanti College initiated “INVESTORS’ CLUB” for all UG students to train on Basics of Stock Market, Investment Opportunities and develop skills. Investor Training Programme bridging the gap between the classroom and the financial workplace.

The core ideology of the club is cultivating the interest of students in finance as an academic subject and also as a career option. The club activities cover a broad range of domains in finance like investment avenues, trading and settlement. The core activities include conducting knowledge sessions, quizzes, case analysis, career preparation session, mock trading and guest lectures, experts from BSE, NSE, Mutual Funds, NCDEX and MCX to educate the KJC students and to create awareness regarding the Stock market and commodities market (capital market) and in particular working of the stock trading in Indian exchanges by virtually.

  • To give practical training on online trading though virtually
  • To create awareness about new investment avenues
  • To help students on functioning of stock market and its related aspects
  • To insight the investors’ education (IPF) offered by capital markets
The registered members meet once in a week at appropriate time whenever students are having free hour and discuss on current market updates. The members are also clarifying their doubts regarding the functioning and trends of markets. The Investors’ Club covered the following topics like
  • Equity Markets in India
  • Asset Allocation (Investment Channels)
  • Trading in Stock Market
  • Why not other investments,
  • What is intraday and delivery day,
  • Methods of orders,
  • About Mutual Funds,
  • Stock Market Indices (how to calculate SENSEX) and Speculators,
  • Truth about BITCOIN Exchange,
  • Masala Bonds,
  • Non-convertible Debentures,
  • What are the pros and Cons of Stock market and BITCOIN Exchange
  • Capital Markets
  • Technical Analysis
List of Activities
  • Screening Live Trading
  • Virtual trading competition in association with DSIJ, Track Invest and ICICI Direct
  • Discussions on share market trends with Club members through news and evidences
  • Case Study - Portfolio Construction (Stock Market)
  • Case study – Investment Plan
  • Quiz on selected investment
  • Flipped classes
  • Knowledge sharing

Expert Lecture - Commodity Derivative Markets and Opportunities
Date: 28/10/2020
Classes Attended & Number of beneficiaries : 239- V-B.Com Finance Specialization Students and Honours
Name and details of the Resource person
AVP, NICR (NCDEX), New Delhi
Resource person 2
: Mr. RAM GOPAL YADAV Deputy Manager, Knowledge Management, NICR, New Delhi

The Investor's Club of Kristu Jayanti College organized a guest lecture on Commodity Market and its Opportunities. The resource persons were Mr.Niraj Shukla (AVP,NICR), and Mr.Ram Gopal Yadav(Deputy Management, Knowledge Management ,NICR) .The session began with an insightful introduction about the commodity market , functioning of the market, types of commodities ,Regulatory Functions and other relevant details .The session broadened the views of the commodity market for the audience. The opportunities in the Commodity Market and the courses available in the NICR were also explained in brief. The students gained knowledge on commodity markets and understood the trading procedures in commodity markets. The presentation ended with an interactive Q & A session.

World Investor Week - 2020
World Investor Week is a global campaign to raise awareness and highlight the investor education and to protect initiatives of security regulators. The Investors’ Club, Dept of Commerce organized a week-long program from the 6th of October to the 12th of October,2020 to raise awareness about the different aspects of Investments. The resource persons for the sessions conducted during the World Investor Week were Prof. Kiran Kumar and Prof. Arti Singh, Faculty coordinators of investors club.

The sessions covered information on various topics such as Investment opportunities, Mutual Funds, the Do's and Don’ts, Mantras of Investment, Regulatory Bodies and Methods to trade in the market. The participants were introduced to a Virtual Trading Challenge with the help of DSIJ which helped them experience how real time trading in stock market functions. The World Investor week proved to be a very useful session as it helped the participants gain theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of Trading and Investments.

Guest Lecture on Mutual Funds in India
Date: 28/01/2020
Venue: Mini Auditorium – I (Admin block) 2nd -Floor
Time: 12:00 PM
Number of beneficiaries: 120
Name and details of the resource person: Mr. VARRUN YOGANATHAM, Regional Manager - RBD Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Limited, Bangalore

Mr. Varrun focused his session mainly on the Investment channels (Asset Allocation) and Tax planning for savings and investment; prominence was given to Mutual Fund which is considered to be most one of the most interesting investment avenues in India.

The session began with discussion on investment basics, key factors involved in investment and returns. The following points were discussed

  • Mutual Funds: Second, he spoke about the meaning and importance of mutual funds with advantages followed by modus operandi of mutual funds, types, analysis and Equity scheme for long term.
  • Investing in Mutual funds through SIP and its benefits: Finally, he emphasized the concept of SIP, how it is beneficial to investors in the form of Insurance and tax this was explained with practical examples.

OUTCOME: participants found the session to be extremely useful and informative. The session helped the participants to gain more knowledge about investment specially Mutual Funds (SIP). They were posed several questions to the guest and all the doubts were addressed by the speaker.

Date: 30/10/2019
Time: 3:30-4:30
Classes Attended & Number of beneficiaries: 50 UG Registered students
Topic: About Wealth Management
Name and details of the resource person: Prof. K. KIRAN KUMAR, Investors Club, Coordinator, Faculty of Commerce (UG)

On the occasion of World Investor Week, the KJC Investors club initiated value added course to the registered students and giving 2 credits as part of their academic career, with regard to this the following topics covered under the first session i.e., wealth management. This session led by the Mr. K.Kiran Kumar, club coordinator, he spoke about meaning, importance of wealth management. Moreover, he taught about wealth management process with live examples followed by Investor life cycle.


Date: 10/10/2019
Time: 3:30-4:30
Classes Attended & Number of beneficiaries: 27 UG Registered students
Topic: Portfolio Construction
Name and details of the resource person: Prof. K. KIRAN KUMAR, Investors Club, Coordinator, Faculty of Commerce (UG)

The session led by Mr. K. Kiran Kumar, Faculty coordinator, the following topics covered by Mr. Kiran in his session, objectives of portfolio, Approaches and Portfolio Construction.

First he started with portfolio construction activity with given proforma and asked the participants to share their knowledge and experience with other students, on what basis they have created portfolio and what kind of factors applied. Secondly, he spoke about two important objectives of portfolio construction with regard to selection of stock and determining objective. Third, he taught about approaches like traditional and modern. Finally, he highlighted the last concept that is construction of portfolio with process and given more examples for every step.


Date: 09/10/2019
Time: 3:30-4:30
Classes Attended & Number of beneficiaries: 27 UG Registered students
Topic: Trading and Settlement (types of Order and Tradings)
Name and details of the resource person: Prof. K. KIRAN KUMAR, Investors Club Coordinator, Faculty of Commerce (UG)

The session led by Mr. K. Kiran Kumar, Faculty coordinator of Investor Club, he highlighted the topics of How to sell and buy with different types of trading through different orders in stock market like market order, limited order and GCT orders with examples. Further, he spoke about the process of trading and settlement and how it starts and end like finding a seller and buyer at one place like one line trading once it found, next the order will go to broker and depositories limited with exchange of cash and securities and said about T+2 settlement.


Date: 05/10/2019
Time: 3:30-4:30
Classes Attended & Number of beneficiaries: 44 UG Registered students
Topic: Stock Market Indices and Speculators
Name and details of the resource person: Prof. K. KIRAN KUMAR, Investors Club, Coordinator, Faculty of Commerce (UG)

Mr. K. Kiran Kumar led the session on Sensitivity Index and Speculators, he delivered the lecture on how to calculate sensitivity index and what are the factors to be considered for selecting 30 companies in BSE-30. Secondly he discussed about different types of speculators generally found in stock market and also spoke about their activities or functions in stock market.

Date: 04/10/2019
Time: 3:30-4:30
Classes Attended & Number of beneficiaries: 48 UG Registered Students
Name and details of the resource person: Dr. ARTI SINGH, Investors Club, Coordinator, Faculty of Commerce (UG)

Dr. Arti singh, Faculty coordinator, insight about Mutual Funds, Advantages and disadvantages of mutual funds, Schemes of mutual funds and types of risk.

First she spoke about meaning and importance of mutual funds, she also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of MF followed by different schemes of mutual funds which is available in the market and she given examples of schemes like equity funds, tax savings funds and gilt edged funds etc., Finally, she discussed about types of risks.

Date: 03/10/2019
Time: 3:30-4:30
Classes Attended & Number of beneficiaries: 49 UG Registered Students
Topic: Trading in Stock Market (BSE and NSE)
Name and details of the resource person: Dr. ARTI SINGH, Investors Club, Coordinator, Faculty of Commerce (UG)

This Guest Lecture was completely about “Trading in Stock Markets and about BSE and NSE”. Madam, spoke about the functions of stock market and explained in a detailed manner along with the classification of stock market as primary & secondary. Further adding Dr. Arti spoke about eight players in primary market along with their roles in primary market follower by different stock exchanges of India like Bombay Stock Exchange [BSE], National Stock Exchange [NSE], Multi Commodity Exchange [MCX], Over the Counter Exchange of India with their history and functions.


Date: 01/10/2019
Time: 3:30-4:30
Classes Attended & Number of beneficiaries: 50 UG Registered students
Topic: Equity Markets in India
Name and details of the resource person: Mr. THILAK RAJ, Regional In-charge, BSE –Bangalore

Second session led by Mr. Thilak Raj and he spoke about Equity Capital Markets in India and methods of selling and buying in stock market followed by the precautions before investing in stock market.

Firstly Mr. Thilak Raj, who was Regional in-charge of BSE (IPF) Ltd., Karnataka. He spoke about BSE and brief introduction on it. He showed some videos on Traditional Trading which was followed by BSE before 1996 and said some physical signs they used before when trading. Secondly, he spoke about importance of stock exchange in the role Indian economy and given some important tips to the participants students.


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