Guidelines for Student Photographers / Videographers

The mission of Kristu Jayanti College is to provide educational opportunities and nurture excellence. Many activities and programmes are organized by various departments and the college towards this endeavor. Documentation of such events and programmes in the form of photographs and video clips is important and the college has authorized the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication to develop and maintain a process of documentation and media production. In this context certain guidelines are in place to ensure photographing and filming of events / programmes are done effectively and ethically by authorized personnel.

Any form of photography and filming by unauthorized personnel is prohibited on campus. As per the Kristu Jayanti College Media Policy, prior written permission has to be taken from the Principal / Vice-Principal to photograph / videograph the campus / students / faculty / staff.

Kristu Jayanti Student photographers/ videographers will be given a badge if authorized to photograph/videograph the in-house events and any other promotional events. The copyright of these visual media materials remains solely with Kristu Jayanti College.

Following guidelines has to be strictly followed by the Student Photographers/ Videographers-

  • Any indecent representation of any of the stakeholder of the college via photographic/audio-video medium will lead to disciplinary action and suspension of the badge / from the college.
  • Respect to the privacy of an individual must be an ethical tenet that student photographer/ videographer must uphold. Any close-up or extreme close-up image of an individual has to be taken only with the consent of the individual photographed or filmed.
  • Student photographer/ videographer must refrain from any form of image, audio-video manipulations.
  • Student photographer/ videographer after capturing the images/audio-video footages of the in-house events and any other promotional media materials of the college should submit photograph(s) or video file(s) in the repository on the same day of the event.
  • Student photographer/ videographer should collect the on-duty leave form from the respective Head of the Departments and signed by the staff-in charge of the KJC TV productions/ Photography Club staff coordinator after the submission of the photograph(s) or video file(s)
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