MSC BT 2019

 Course Code  Course Title
 MBT204A11  Cell Biology
 MBT204A12  Molecular Genetics
 MBT204A13  Biochemistry
 MBT204A14  General Microbiology
 MBT2L4A11  Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics Practical
 MBT2L4A12  Biochemistry and General Microbiology Practical
 MLS402A11  Biostatistics
 Course Code  Course Title
 MBT204A21  Biochemical Techniques and Enzymology
 MBT204A22  Molecular Biology
 MBT204A23  Immunology and Immunotechnology
 MBT204A24  Environmental Biotechnology
 MBT2L4A21  Biochemical Techniques, Enzymology, Immunology and Immunotechnology Practical
 MBT2L4A22  Molecular Biology and Environmental Biotechnology Practical
 MLS402A21  Bioinformatics
 MEX5A1A01  Extension Activity
 Course Code  Course Title
 MBT204A31  Genetic Engineering
 MBT204A32  Medical Biotechnology
 MBT2L4A31  Genetic Engineering and Medical Biotechnology Practical
 Elective Groups [Any ONE to be opted]
 Group 1
 MBTA04A31  Animal Cell Culture and Biotechnology
 MBTAL2A31  Animal Cell Culture and Biotechnology Practical
 MBT402A31  Essentials of Plant Biotechnology
 Group 2
 MBTB04A31  Plant and Agricultural Biotechnology
 MBTBL2A31  Plant and Agricultural Biotechnology Practical
 MBT402A32  Essentials of Animal Cell Culture and Biotechnology
   As per Annexure II
 MLS402A31  Research Methodology
 MIE5I2A01  Industry Institution Exposure
 Course Code  Course Title
 MBT204A41  Bioprocess Engineering and Biosafety
 MBT204A42  Genomics and Proteomics
 MBT2L4A41  Bioprocess Engineering and Proteomics Practical
 MBT2P6A41  Project
 MLS402A41  Intellectual Property Rights and Bioethics
 MRE501A01  Research Empowerment Seminar
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