Course Code  Course Title
 MEL161201  History of English Language and Literature
 MEL161202  Literature and Life - A Thematic Study
 MEL161203  Rereading Shakespeare
 MEL161204  The Augustan Age
 MEL161205  The Romantic Age
 MEL161206  The Victorian Age
 Soft Core Course
 SHU160201  Communication Skills
 Course Code  Course Title
 MEL162201  Literature Up to 20th Century
 MEL162202  Indian Writing in English
 MEL162203  World Literature
 MEL162204  Subaltern Literature
 MEL162205  American Literature
 MEL162206  Introduction to Film Studies
 Soft Core Course
 SHU160202  Environmental Communication
 Course Code  Course Title
 MEL163201  English Language Teaching I
 MEL163202  Gender Studies
 MEL153203  Research Methodology
 MEL163204  Literature from SAARC
 MEL163205  Diasporic Literature
   Choice Based Credit Course
 Course Code  Course Title
 MEL164201  English Language Teaching II
 MEL154202  Literary Criticism
 MEL164203  Creative Writing
 MEL164204  Translation Studies
 MEL1642P1  Project Work
 Elective Courses [Any one to be opted]
 MEL164A01  Russian Literature
 MEL164B01  French Literature
BBA VI Semester Project Viva Voce for the 2016-19 Batch and the previous batch students will be held on 19-Mar-2019. Supplementary students for the Project shall contact the HOD before 1-Dec-2018 for the project review schedule.| Results: Second Semester results of One Year Post Graduate Diploma (2017-18 Batch) is published online | Admission 2018: Law Programmes Admissions to all Law Programmes for the academic year 2018 is closed.

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