MCA 2019

 Course Code  Course Title
 MCA204A11  Microprocessor and Microcontrollers
 MCA204A12  Concepts of Computing and Data Structures
 MCA204A13  Computer Oriented Numerical and Statistical Methods
 MCA204A14  Operating Systems and Linux
 MCA204A15  Relational Database Management Systems
 MCA2L2A11  Microprocessor and Microcontroller PracticalS
 MCA2L2A12  C and Data Structures Practical
 MSE4L2A11  Soft Skills
 MTC5S1A01  Technical Community Presentations
 Course Code  Course Title
 MCA204A21  Design and Analysis of Algorithms
 MCA204A22  Object Oriented Programming with Java
 MCA204A23  Computer Networks
 MCA204A24  Software Engineering
 MCA204A25  Accounting for IT Professionals
 MCA2L2A21  Algorithms Practical
 MCA2L2A22  Java Programming Practical
 MSE4L2A21  .NET Programming Practical
 [Any ONE to be opted]
 MIE5A1A01  Industry Exposure
 MWK5A1A01  Workshop
 Course Code  Course Title
 MCA204A31  Web Technologies
 MCA204A32  Data Mining and Data Warehousing
 MCA204A33  Information Security
 MCA204A34  Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML
 MCA2L2A31  Web Programming Practical
 MCA2P2A31  Software Engineering Mini Project
   As per Annexure II
 MSE4L2A31  Research Methodology
 [Any ONE to be opted]
 MKT5S1A01  Knowledge Transfer Sessions
 MSD5L1A01  Software Development
 Course Code  Course Title
 MCA204A41  Middleware Technologies
 MCA204A42  Data Science and Big Data Analytics
 MCA204A43  Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
 MCA2L2A41  Network Programming Practical
 MCA2P2A41  Enterprise Computing Project
 Elective Courses [Any ONE from each group to be opted]
 Group 1
 MCAA04A41  System Simulation
 MCAB04A41  Theory of Computation
 MCAC04A41  Advanced Parallel Processing
 MCAD04A41  Cloud Computing
 Group 2
 MCAS04A41  E-Commerce and M-Commerce
 MCAT04A41  Software Testing and Quality Management
 MCAU04A41  Multimedia Communications
 MCAV04A41  Agile Methodologies
 MSE4L2A41  J2EE Practical
 [Any ONE to be opted]
 MRP5R1A01  Research Paper Presentation/ Publication
 MOL501A01  Online Course
 Course Code  Course Title
 MCA204A51  Internet of Thingse
 MCA204A52  Mobile Application Development
 MCA204A53  Software Project Management
 MCA2P2A51  SPM Project
 Elective Courses [Any ONE to be opted]
 MCAA04A51  Open source Technologies
 MCAB04A51  Software Testing Tools
 MCAC04A51  Cloud Application Development
 Elective Courses Group 2 [ Any ONE Domain to be opted
 Domain 1
 MCAS04A51  NoSQL Databases
 MCASP2A51  Project on NoSQL Databases
 Domain 2
 MCAT04A51  Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques
 MCATP2A51  Project on Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques
 Domain 3
 MCAU04A51  Digital Image Processing
 MCAUP2A51  Project on Digital Image Processing
 MSE4L2A51  Python Programming Practical
 [Any ONE to be opted]
 MAE501A01  Aptitude Enhancement Sessions
 MEX5A1A01  Extension Activity
 Course Code  Course Title
 MCA2P0A61  Major Project
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