IMPORTANT DATES: Full paper submission: 30th January, 2019 Intimation of acceptance of paper: 04th February, 2019 onwards Conference dates: 15th & 16th February, 2019


    12th International Conference

The world has entered into the fourth industrial revolution. Corporate think tanks have been discussing the effect of “Industry 4.0” on business. The world has seen three major revolutions – mechanization, electrification and information. The fourth revolution is termed as ‘Industry 4.0.’ This new industrial revolution is expected to take international business by storm. Germany adopted ‘Industry 4.0’ as a German national strategy in April 2013. The future industry innovation trends indicate utilisation of data analytics, increased level of business intelligence in manufacturing, service, integration of cyber-physical systems, and smart work platforms. Rightly said, these define ‘industry 4.0.’

The line differentiating physical, digital and biological interface is now just a blur. The way we interact with emerging and digital technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), analytics and the Internet of things (IoT) is witnessing a rapid transformation. Artificial intelligence has revamped the business ecosystem.

Industry 4.0 is in motion, transforming industry, societies, and all economies of the world. The possibilities that businesses face are limitless. Innovative strategies and competitiveness is the way forward. Whether it is customer service, or talent management, or alternative business strategies, Industry 4.0 has challenged the existing status quo. It has not just redefined how work is executed but also questioned existing types of work. Industry 4.0 is a clarion call for business leaders to deal with this disruptive shift comprehensively and seize the new opportunities it has brought. It is time for all to forge ahead with courage and confidence to build a new world utitilising this new generation of technological change.

At this juncture, School of Management, Kristu Jayanti College, Autonomous, Bengaluru organises the 12th International Conference on “The Future of Business - Industrial Revolution 4.0”, in the KRISYM series (Kristu Jayanti International Symposium).

The aim of the KRISYM 2019 is to nurture international research in Business Management as well as to provide a forum to present current research results in the form of technical sessions and plenary sessions during the conference in a tranquil and pleasant atmosphere.

KRISYM aims at the following specific objectives:

  • To debate on the challenges and opportunities of Industry 4.0 across diverse economic sectors.
  • To reinvent strategies that ensure well balanced ecosystem for Industry 4.0.
  • To look at global trends to assist in developing and maintaining the workforce
  • To impart participants with knowledge relevant to growth opportunities in the small business environment
  • To analyse the role of AI, IoT and digital revolution in modern business


30th January 2019

Full paper submission

04th February, 2019 onwards

Intimation of acceptance of paper

15th & 16th February, 2019

Conference date

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The submitted papers will be peer reviewed and evaluated based on the originality and relevance to KRISYM. The selected papers will be published in “International Journal of Advance and Innovative Research” (e-ISSN:23947780) UGC Indexed No. 63571, provided they are presented during the plenary session of the conference.

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

  • Opportunities with Industry 4.0
  • New Generation Factories
  • IoT and the Industrial Transformation
  • IoT & the Blockchain
  • Consumers Privacy Challenges in IoT
  • Smart Station
  • Industrial Internet
  • Building smart cities sustainably
  • Cyber security
  • AI in digital marketing
  • AI and IoT in Manufacturing
  • AI in Quality Control
  • The Digital Enterprise & Employees
  • Talent acquisition for Industry 4.0
  • Creating a better future through Connected intelligence
  • Smart Data Mining
  • Business Analytic across Manufacturing Industry
  • Value creation & Investment in Content