MSW 2018

 Course Code  Course Title
 MSW204A11  History and Philosophy of Social Work
 MSW204A12  Sociology for Social Workers
 MSW204A13  Social Case Work
 MSW204A14  Social Group Work
 MSW2I4A11  Concurrent Field Work I
 MSW402A11  Human Rights
 MLE5A2A01  Life Skills Education for Social Work Professionals
 Course Code  Course Title
 MSW204A21  Counselling: Theory and Practice
 MSW204A22  Psychology for Social Workers
 MSW204A23  Community Organization and Social Action
 MSW204A24  Social Work Research and Statistics
 MSW202A25  Communication for Social Work Practice
 MSW2I4A21  Concurrent Field Work II
 MSW2I2A22  Social Work Camp
 MGS502A01  Gender Sensitization Training
 Course Code  Course Title
 MSW204A31  Social Welfare Administration
 MSW202A32  Disaster Management
 MSW2I4A31  Concurrent Field Work III
 MSW2P2A31  Minor Project
   Generic Elective as per Annexure II
 Elective Groups [ All courses from any one group to be opted]
 Human Resource Management
 MSWA04A31  Human Resource Management
 MSWA04A32  Labour Legislations
 Medical and Psychiatric Social Work
 MSWB04A31  Social Work in Health Care
 MSWB04A32  Family Social Work
 Social Development
 MSWC04A31  Rural and Tribal Community Development
 MSWC04A32  Project Formulation and Management
 Course Code  Course Title
 MSW204A41  Correctional Social Work
 MSW204A42  Social Justice and Empowerment
 MSW202A43  Corporate Social Responsibility
 MSW2R4A41  Dissertation
 MSW2I4A41  Concurrent Field Work IV
 MSW2I2A42  Block Placement
 Elective Groups [ All courses from any one group to be opted]
 Human Resource Management
 MSWA04A41  Industrial Relations
 MSWA04A42  Organizational Behaviour
 Medical and Psychiatric Social Work
 MSWB04A41  Psychiatric Social Work
 MSWB04A42  Health Care Administration
 Social Development
 MSWC04A41  Urban Community Development
 MSWC04A42  Social Entrepreneurship

Add–on Course A student has to complete the Add-on course before/during the prescribed semester, as scheduled by the respective department, for obtaining a pass status; however, the credits awarded for the same will not be considered for GPA calculations.

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