Expert Lecture

Expert Lecture on Emotional Hygiene: Key to Hope and Happiness
“Values are related to our emotions, just as we practice physical hygiene to preserve our physical health, we need to observe emotional hygiene to preserve a healthy mind and attitudes” - Dalai Lama

Department of Social Work, Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous), Bengaluru organized an expert lecture on the topic “Emotional Hygiene: Key to Hope and Happiness” in celebrating World Mental Health Day 2021 on 08th October 2021 from 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM on zoom platform. 75 participants had attended the program. The session was organized to create sensitisation on emotional hygiene and also to ensure to keep others happy to lead a productive life.

The Speaker for the session was, Ms Yogeeta Kadian, Founder and Director, Manosamvaad, New Delhi, A Psychologist and Hypnotherapist by profession. Ms Yogeeta started her session by asking a question on how everyone was feeling. Based on the answers, the speaker highlighted the significance of knowing our mental health and its role in everyone’s life. She discussed physical and emotional hygiene and also enlightened about emotional injuries such as Rejection, Rumination, Failure and Self- Esteem which can damage one’s confidence and affect one’s mental status. The session revolved around the practices needed, to achieve emotional hygiene such as awareness of emotional pain, protecting self-esteem, challenging negative thoughts and helping one own self to come out of the difficult situations as no one else would. The session was concluded with an impactful message:- “Many of us invest fortune making ourselves look good to the world, yet inside we are falling apart. It’s time to invest inside and make oneself resilient, confident and powerful who can conquer the world.”

The efforts by the faculty members under the guidance of the Head of the Department of Social Work made this program a real success and it was helpful for the participants who could understand the importance of practising emotional hygiene in their daily lives and to stand strong in all the challenges. The session was well planned and executed and it had a tremendous impact on the participants which taught them to express and not to suppress their feelings. Mental health starts with you, if you take care of your mind, you take care of the world. Therefore, invest in mental health and claim the power back.

Expert Lecture on Role of Social Workers in Community Development
The Department of Social Work, Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous), Bengaluru had organized an Expert Lecture on the Role of Social Workers in Community Development on 29th September 2021 in the field of Community Development. 38 students from II MSW had attended the session.

The program started with an invocation prayer by the dept. choir followed by the welcome address by Mr Claire Paul (Student Coordinator). Ms Offiliya (Student coordinator) introduced the guest speaker of the session, Mr Thomas, Project Manager, Care India, Bangalore.

Mr Thomas initiated his session by asking the expectations of the session from the participants where each one shared their expectations and he addressed all the expected areas in detail. Sir spoke about the different National and International Organizations working on various themes such as Child Rights, Child Education, Human Welfare and Disaster Management. The session was focused on the areas of community development and their dimensions. The speaker enlightened the ways and means to improve the professional standards of social workers. He emphasized the roles and responsibilities required by the social workers to outshine in the field of Community Development. The session gave an overview of the functionality of the profession and defined the initiatives which are aimed towards the empowerment of the community at all levels including economic, social and cultural.

The program was ended with a Vote of Thanks by Ms Aarya, a student of MSW and gave the memento as a token of gratitude to the guest. The session was enriching and highly imparting on the various dimensions of community enrichment programmes for the budding social workers in building their career.

Expert Lecture On Employment Trends For Msw In Industrial Sector
The Department of Social Work, Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous), Bengaluru had organized an expert lecture on “Employment Trends for MSW in Industrial Sector” on 29th September 2021 for students of social work. A total of twenty five post graduate second year students of social work participated.

Dr M, Victor Prasad Kumar, Vice President, HR & Strategy, El-Measure India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore was the Expert Speaker for the session. Dr. Victor started the session with an introduction of human resources and explicated the term Human Resources for the student participants to understand. The guest speaker highlighted the significant roles, sub-functions and the contribution of human resource with respect to Business Outcome. Sir emphasized the importance of MSW-HR and the methods of social work including case work and group work that has immense potential in the field of human resource in industrial sector. The expert speaker explained that MSW HR deals with the fundamentals of Human Resource Management since its existence and functioning of human behaviour at work. Hence, the focus of the course was more on human psychology, Industrial Psychology, Resource Development, Empowerment, Engagement and Support. Further, the session was oriented towards corporate social responsibilities and building up of conducive environment for resource efficiency and growth. The session ended with key discussion on the current employment trends for Social Workers in HR and the reason for them being preferred at present over MBA HR in organizations.

The program concluded with a question-answer round. The session was completely interesting, interactive and imparted various dimensions of career building for freshers. It highlighted the requirement of right skills to become a successful HR professional and be part of the corporate/industrial sector. The session left a tremendous impact on the participants and motivated them to equip with skills and knowledge in the field of human resource management. The session was well executed and the right content was delivered by the speaker.

The program was well organized and planned under the guidance of the Dr. Jonas Richard A, Head of the Department and the efforts of the faculty members of the Department of Social Work along with the student coordinators. The participants had an overall enriching session during which the speaker focused on important perspectives of career development and skill training and how to choose the right field according to the interest, skill and demand of the industries in the present era.

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