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Department of Psychology organized Two day national conference on Deconstructing Professional Psychology: Big Fish in Small Pond on February 2017. Chief Guest, Shri Prahalad Rao, Director, Thomas Assessments Bangalore spoke about the applied psychology spectrum in all the fields and in particular about organizational applications and behavioral assessments which have a huge role in all types of organizations. He emphasized the growing influence of Psychology across different areas and stated that the importance of psychology shall keep growing in the days to come.

Session I: Psychology of Self , Dr Geetha Appachu, stressed on the older concepts of self from the vedic time to the present day understanding of self ,she quickly highlighted on the significance of self and also explained few techniques through which we can know and accept self

Session II: Indian Psychology, Dr. George Mathew, spoke on Indian psychology and different cultural approaches and applications. He highlighted the philosophical, literary and cultural aspects of Indian thought pertaining to psychology and the role Indian Psychology played in shaping thought and behavior in society.

Session III: Research in Psychology, Dr. Arun Tipandjan discussed the importance of research and the role of research in many applied areas of Psychology. He stressed on the importance of research and the scope offered by different approaches to research. He particularly stated that cross cultural researches are very rare or almost nil in India and the opportunities in such study. He also mentioned photo voice techniques, world café and qualitative data analysis.

Session IV: Counselling and consultation: The Road less Travlled, Fr. Simon dwelt on different approaches to counseling and the application of counselling in varied areas and the importance of skills in a counselor- in particular the ability to listen and the ethics of caring.

Session V: Psychpathology and Disability Rehabilation, Shri. Jini Gopinath compared Western context vis-a-vis the Indian context in relation to rehabilitation and Psychopathology. He stated that the process is a team work and involves institutional and long term commitment. He stressed that rehabilitation should address emotional coping, mental and psychological adaptation in a positive way to disability.

Session VI: Psychopathology and Disability Rehabilitation, Dr. Krishnaveni, spoke in detail of different application areas like PMS, compensation management, learning and development, employee engagement, organizational structuring and other miscellaneous areas of human resource development where psychology plays a major role and has vast scope.

The valedictory was chaired by Dr. George Mathew.

World mental Health Day
One day seminar was organized to observe the World mental Health Day; the topic selected was ageing as one of the factors which play a major role in the mental health of ageing population. Dr. N.L.Suman, from NIMHANS spoke on various tactics to have positive attitude towards ageing and also explained the various mechanisms to cope with the changes due to ageing.

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