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Insight 2020- 6th National Conference on ‘Transforming lives through Inclusiveness’
The Department of Psychology organized the 6th National Conference - Insight 2020 on 9th and 10th January 2020, at Mini Audi III, Kristu Jayanti College, from 9:00am to 5:00pm. The conference was inaugurated by Dr. Anitha Kurup, Dean School of Social Sciences, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore.

The speaker shared her view on inclusiveness in Education. She stated that there are 27 universities, 695 colleges in 1948, having objectives of Expansion and Equality whereas today India has got 993 universities, 39931 colleges and the objective is Quality and Excellence. The challenge for universities today is whether to create knowledge or enhance skills for employability. The speaker suggested that pedagogy of higher education should have inter-culturalism and interdisciplinary aspects incorporated in it. During the 2nd Keynote session, Dr. Rajani Ramachandran, Assistant Professor, Calicut University spoke on Neurodiversity and Inclusive community. She focused on bringing children with special needs into mainstream education. According to 2011 consensus, 2.68 crore children out of 121 crore are disabled. The speaker also spoke on how the legal system has benefitted children, enabling children with disability to attend school and have meaningful and employable education.

She stated that the attitude of parents and teacher of autistic children and policy makers are negative and that the need for integrating Neuroplasticity and Neurodiversity, by focusing on instructional needs of each and every division and include students with cognitive disabilities into mainstream which will encourage inclusiveness to a great extent.

The afternoon session commenced at 1.45pm and there was a special programme of music, dance and skit by Christ special school children followed by mime and dance by the under graduate and post graduate students of Psychology on the theme -Inclusiveness of differently abled, to sensitize and promote awareness on being inclusive in all walks of life. Five short films on different aspects of differently abled in school, college and work place setting were screened for the sensitization of issues and discriminations prevalent in the society.

Day 2 Started with commencement of scientific session by 10am, Chairpersons of the session were Dr. Guneeth Kaur, HoD, Dept. of Psychology, Jain University and Dr. Molly Joy, HoD, Dept. of Psychology, Kristu Jayanti College. 12 Papers were shortlisted for presentation and 2 best papers were selected.

The Afternoon session commenced by 1.45 pm with panel Discussion. The moderator for the session was Prof. Dr. Ashok H.S, former Chair Person, Dept of Psychology, Bangalore University. There were four panelists who addressed different aspects of inclusiveness. Prof. Dr. S. Venkatesan HOD, Dept of psychology, All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysore addressed on inclusiveness in policy making. Ms. Mahiraa Jaan, Dance Artist- Miracle on wheels, spoke on the importance of expression which has immense physiological, psychological, emotional benefits apart from various other implications. She said that practicing inclusiveness in including training and teaching art forms will bring in social change and benefits for differently abled. The next panelist Ms. Sophie Bint Dawud, TEFL Instructor, spoke on inclusiveness in gender equity, how society is biased in terms of skills and behavior, to achieve one’s need to feel included. Mr. Ritesh Rajani, HR Diversity Engagement partner, IBM Asia Pacific, spoke on Inclusiveness in workplace. He stated the importance of work place inclusion in HR, corporate, strategy both in policy and practice, creating an atmosphere and awareness on principle of inclusion and ensuring inclusion in all forms.

The valedictory ceremony commenced by 4.15pm. The Chief Guest for the valedictory session was Dr. B.S. Ponmudiraj, Deputy Advisor, Academic NAAC, UGC and MHRD, Government of India. He was welcomed by Rev. Fr. Josekutty PD, Principal, Kristu Jayanti College. The chief Guest in his valedictory address enlightened about transforming life with determination and that the change should come from within an individual. He also emphasized on values of inclusiveness.

The department magazine ‘Pravaha” was released during the valedictory ceremony by the chief guest. Also, the Best Paper was awarded by the chief guest to the delegates.

The conference was made successful by 200 internal participants and 27 delegates from various colleges across the country. The conference was very insightful and the learning opportunities enabled each individual to embrace inclusiveness in different walks of life, both personal and professional. The feedbacks received also suggested that the quality of the topics discussed and addressed, and the presence of the distinguished guests made the conference a grand success.

Proprium Series - Seminar
Title: Trends in Psychology
Date: 14th August 2019
Number of beneficiaries: Final year B.A., 1st & 2nd M.Sc Psychology and 1st & 2nd year M.Sc Counselling Psychology students.
Resource Person details: Prof. Dr. Basavanna Mallappa Former Professor, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati (AP)
Objective: The main objective of the program was to make the students aware of the career opportunities and emerging trends in the field of Psychology.

The Post Graduate and final year BA (JPEng) students of the Psychology Department of Kristu Jayanti College attended a workshop on ‘Trends in Psychology’ on 14th August, 2019. The resource person, Prof. Dr. Basavanna Mallappa, is a former professor of S.V University, Tirupathi and also an epitome of knowledge in the field of Psychology. He enlightened the students of Psychology with his presence and knowledge on 14th August, 2019. His talk mainly revolved around recent trends in the subject. He also spoke about his books based on his years of experience in the field. He started his talk describing the uniqueness of Psychology and how it is different from other fields. He gave an objective view on how this subject impacts all possible situations in our society. He then compared this subject with Philosophy and Mythology and spoke how these are connected to mental health. He mentioned anecdotes from Roman and Greek Mythology.He gave his unique perspective to Psychology and women; and blended these two topics in one. He spoke about western psychologists and explained them based on the impact they have on this subject. He also gave few personal insights which gave a personal touch to his talk.

It was an enlightening and enriching experience for the students as they got to know the subject and its possibilities from a different perspective.

4th National conference Insight
Proceedings of Day 1
The 4th National conference Insight with the theme “Modern Tools and Technology in Research: Trans-disciplinary Perspectives” began with 88 delegates from different parts of India. The inaugural session commenced at 9:30 am with the invocation song sung by the department choir and welcome address by Dr. Krishnan Bhatt followed by lighting of the lamp. In the conference prelude Dr. Molly Joy elaborated on the conference theme and the significance of having an inclusive dialogue with experts in research and applied psychology. She also spoke on the relevance of the transdisciplinary approach and use of modern research tools. She also mentioned about the publication of papers in UGC approved International Journal of Psychological Science (IJPS), with a high impact factor of 6.696. Out of the 60 Papers received 21 were selected for the same.

In his presidential address Rev. Fr. Josekutty P.D., Principal Kristu Jayanti College spoke on the significance of a transdisciplinary approach and the need for efficient use of modern tools and techniques in research. He also emphasized on the importance of sharing this knowledge and its application for the overall wellbeing and growth of the society.

The Chief Guest for the session Mr. Girish Kumar was introduced by Ms. Kavita .R. In his inaugural address Mr. Girish Kumar spoke about the substantial impact of research on the society. And the relevance of modern tools and techniques that are helpful in the accuracy of data analysis. He also accentuated on the need to master the various tools and techniques in research. The inaugural session ended with the vote of thanks by Ms. Sanjna Sajan, Conference Student coordinator.

The first Panel Discussion was moderated by Dr. Ashok H.S. which began at 10:45am with a discussion on Positive psychology led by Mr. Sreesha, Pegasus Institute, Bangalore who emphasized on the application and significance of appreciative inquiry, Appreciative Experiential learning and participative action research.

The second discussion on educational psychology was led by Dr. Srikanta Swamy who pointed out the application of technology for efficient teaching learning practices, and how information technology, instructional technology, smart board, flip over classroom need to be used to empower the learners.

Dr. Surendra Veeriah spoke on the two psychological dimensions in psycho oncology: psychosocial and psychobiological. He also emphasized on the need to focus on quality of life and further research in the field.

The discussion on cognitive neuroscience was led by Dr. Jamuna Rajeshwaran who gave emphasis on the relevance of neurofeedback in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with different levels of brain damage and the need for further research and application of modern techniques in this process.

Four scientific sessions were conducted in different venues on day one and two in which 32 papers were presented on positive psychology, educational psychology, clinical psychology and industrial psychology. The best paper was selected and will be announced during the valedictory ceremony. Day one ended with a cultural program.

Proceedings of Day 2
The second panel session was moderated by Mr. N.P. Singh who began the session with an emphasis that psychology is the future for national security of our country. Mr. Bhaskar Roy gave an introduction to Nano technology and discussed the difference between micro, macro and Nano scales and their size comparison. He also elaborated on the application of nanotechnology in various areas of day to day life. In her discussion on forensic psychology Dr. Malini Subramanyam accentuated the role of various techniques like brain mapping and narco-analysis to unearth the exact details of various crimes. She elaborated on how the brain waves reveal the participation of the convict in the crime.

Dr. Vijay Mishra in his discussion on quantum physics spoke on the various developments in the field of quantum physics and how human beings perceive what they see. He also mentioned about quantum Mysticism, the role of Nano science engineering and cell culture. Mr. Sailesh R. elaborated on artificial intelligence and the difference between artificial intelligence and human intelligence. Mr. N.P Singh concluded the session by the role of psychologists in managing combat stress. The positive and negative aspects of combat stress and the various stressors in the life of a combat.

The valedictory ceremony was attended by Shri N. P. Singh, Chief Guest accompanied by Rev. Fr. Augustine George, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel P. J., Dean Dr. Gopakumar A.V., HOD Dr. Molly Joy, Faculty coordinator Shri Vigraanth Bapu K. G., and student coordinator Ms. Shruti Chandran. The guests praised the success of the conference and also emphasized on the need for usage of tools and techniques in research. The vote of thanks was proposed by Shri. Vigraanth Bapu K. G.

Department of Psychology organized Two day national conference on Deconstructing Professional Psychology: Big Fish in Small Pond on February 2017. Chief Guest, Shri Prahalad Rao, Director, Thomas Assessments Bangalore spoke about the applied psychology spectrum in all the fields and in particular about organizational applications and behavioral assessments which have a huge role in all types of organizations. He emphasized the growing influence of Psychology across different areas and stated that the importance of psychology shall keep growing in the days to come.

Session I: Psychology of Self , Dr Geetha Appachu, stressed on the older concepts of self from the vedic time to the present day understanding of self ,she quickly highlighted on the significance of self and also explained few techniques through which we can know and accept self

Session II: Indian Psychology, Dr. George Mathew, spoke on Indian psychology and different cultural approaches and applications. He highlighted the philosophical, literary and cultural aspects of Indian thought pertaining to psychology and the role Indian Psychology played in shaping thought and behavior in society.

Session III: Research in Psychology, Dr. Arun Tipandjan discussed the importance of research and the role of research in many applied areas of Psychology. He stressed on the importance of research and the scope offered by different approaches to research. He particularly stated that cross cultural researches are very rare or almost nil in India and the opportunities in such study. He also mentioned photo voice techniques, world café and qualitative data analysis.

Session IV: Counselling and consultation: The Road less Travlled, Fr. Simon dwelt on different approaches to counseling and the application of counselling in varied areas and the importance of skills in a counselor- in particular the ability to listen and the ethics of caring.

Session V: Psychpathology and Disability Rehabilation, Shri. Jini Gopinath compared Western context vis-a-vis the Indian context in relation to rehabilitation and Psychopathology. He stated that the process is a team work and involves institutional and long term commitment. He stressed that rehabilitation should address emotional coping, mental and psychological adaptation in a positive way to disability.

Session VI: Psychopathology and Disability Rehabilitation, Dr. Krishnaveni, spoke in detail of different application areas like PMS, compensation management, learning and development, employee engagement, organizational structuring and other miscellaneous areas of human resource development where psychology plays a major role and has vast scope.

The valedictory was chaired by Dr. George Mathew.

World mental Health Day
One day seminar was organized to observe the World mental Health Day; the topic selected was ageing as one of the factors which play a major role in the mental health of ageing population. Dr. N.L.Suman, from NIMHANS spoke on various tactics to have positive attitude towards ageing and also explained the various mechanisms to cope with the changes due to ageing.

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