Course Code  Course Title
 MPS204B11  Theoretical Foundations of Behaviour
 MPS204B12  Cognitive Neuroscience I
 MPS204B13  Social and Community Psychology
 MPY204B14  Research Methods in Behavioural Sciences
 MPS2L3B11  Computer Applications in Behavioural Sciences Practical
 MPS2L3B12  Computer Based Cognitive Neuroscience Assessments Practical
 MPS2P2B11  Minor Project
 Course Code  Course Title
 MPS204B21  Cognitive Neuroscience II
 MPS204B22  Life Span Psychology
 MPS204B23  Statistics in Psychology
 MPS204B24  Applied Fields in Psychology
 MPS2L3B21  Memory, Thinking and Learning Practical
 MPS2L3B22  Personality Assessment Practical
 MPS402B21  Rehabilitation Psychology
 MRP5R2A01  Research Paper Presentation/ Publication
 MOL502A01  Online Course specified by the Department
 Course Code  Course Title
 MPS204B31  Positive and Indigenous Psychology
 Elective Groups [Any ONE to be opted]
 Clinical Psychology
 MPSA04A31  Clinical Psychology I
 MPSA04A32  Psychotherapeutics I
 MPSAL3A31  Assessment of Cognitive Abilities Practical
 MPSAL3A32  Screening Test for Children Practical
 MPSS04A31  Human Resource Psychology
 Industrial Psychology and HRM
 MPSB04A31  Human Resource Management
 MPSB04A32  Human Resource Development
 MPSBL3A31  Human Resource Assessment Practical
 MPSBL3A32  Organizational Behaviour Profiling Practical
 MPST04A31  Psychopathology
 Counselling Psychology
 MPSC04A31  Fundamentals of Counselling Psychology
 MPSC04A32  Theories of Counselling and Psychotherapy
 MPSCL3A31  Cognitive and Aptitude Assessment Practical
 MPSCL3A32  Individual and Group Counselling Techniques Practical
 MPST04A31  Psychopathology
   As per Annexure II
 Course Code  Course Title
 MPS204A41  Alternative Psychotherapeutics
 MPS2P6A4  Research Oriented Practical and Dissertation
 MPS2I4A41  Internship
 Elective groups [Any one to be opted]
 Clinical Psychology
 MPSA04A41  Clinical Psychology II
 MPSA04A42  Psychotherapeutics II
 Industrial Psychology and HRM
 MPSB04A41  Organizational Behaviour
 MPSB04A42  Industrial Relations and Labour Law
 Counselling Psychology
 MPSC04A41  Group and Family Counselling
 MPSC04A42  Applied Areas of Counselling
 MPY5A2A01  Psychoeducation and Field work
UG 2016-19 batch students who have graduated during June 2019 can collect the consolidated marks card from the Examination Office during working days.| The Parent Teacher meeting will be held in the College Auditorium (St. Kuriakose Elias Auditorium) at 2.30 p.m. on Saturday, March 07, 2020.| Information regarding those who have already applied for 54th Annual Convocation in 2018 of Bangalore University must mandatorily complete the NAD registration [CLICK HERE TO VIEW DETAILS]| Admission 2020: The Result of PG Counselling held on 25th January 2020 [View Result]. Next Counselling will be held on 29th February, 2020 | Admission 2020: The Result of MBA Counselling held on 25th January 2020 [View Result]. Next Counselling will be held on 07th March, 2020 | End Semester Examination Fee Details March / April 2020 for UG / PG Programmes CLICK HERE TO VIEW DETAILS |

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