Course Code  Course Title
 MPS151201  Cognitive Psychology
 MPS151202  Biopsychology
 MPS151203  Research Methods in Psychology
 MPS151204  Indian Psychology
 MPS1512L1  Perception and Psychophysics Practical
 MPS1512L2  Computer Applications in Psychology Practical
 Course Code  Course Title
 MPS152201  Theories of Personality, Learning and Intelligence
 MPS152202  Statistics in Psychology
 MPS152203  Health Psychology
 MPS162204  Life Span Psychology
 MPS1522L1  Memory, Thinking and Learning Practical
 MPS1622L2  Assessment of Personality Practical
 Course Code  Course Title
 MPS153201  Positive Psychology
 MPS153202  Social Psychology
   Choice Based Credit Course
 Elective Groups [ All courses from any one group to be opted]
 Clinical Psychology
 MPS163A01  Clinical Psychology I
 MPS163A02  Psychotherapeutics I
 MPS163AL1  Assessment of Cognitive Abilities Practical
 MPS163AL2  Screening Tests for Children Practical
 Industrial Psychology and HRD
 MPS163B01  Industrial Psychology
 MPS163B02  Human Resource Development
 MPS163BL1  Human Resource Assessment Practical
 MPS163BL2  Organizational Behaviour Profiling Practical
 Counselling Psychology
 MPS163C01  Counselling Psychology I
 MPS163C02  Counselling Psychology II
 MPS163CL1  Cognitive and Aptitude Tests Practical
 MPS163CL2  Counselling Diagnostics Practical
 Course Code  Course Title
 MPS164201  Alternative Psychotherapeutics
 MPS1642L1  Research Oriented Practical, Dissertation and Viva Voce
 MPS1542I1  Internship
 Elective Groups [ All courses from any one group to be opted]
 Clinical Psychology
 MPS164A01  Clinical Psychology II
 MPS164A02  Psychotherapeutics II
 Industrial Psychology and HRD
 MPS164B01  Organizational Behaviour
 MPS164B02  Industrial Relations and Labour Law
 Counselling Psychology
 MPS164C01  Areas of Counselling I
 MPS164C02  Areas of Counselling II
 Add-on Course
   Extension Activities

Add–on Course A student has to complete the Add-on course before/during the prescribed semester, as scheduled by the respective department, for obtaining a pass status; however, the credits awarded for the same will not be considered for GPA calculations.

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