Other Activities

Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav
Department of Media Studies (UG) commemorated the 75th Independence Day with a virtual photography competition on the theme ‘Servants of the Nation’ and a collage competition with the theme ‘We are One’ on August 15, 2021. Students from BA Visual Communication and BA JPCS stream actively participated in the event. Mr. Emmanuel Edwin, III Sem BA Visual Communication, secured first place in the photography competition and, Ms. S. Aaqifah Hilmi, III Sem BA Visual Communication secured first place in the collage competition.

“The collage competition encouraged the use of recycled materials. I found myself scanning through newspapers for relevant cut-outs and text. More importantly, the theme helped me reflect on the idea of Unity in Diversity- a trait that India is most known for”, said Ms. S. Aaqifah Hilmi when asked about her experience in the competition.

National Reading Day Quiz
Department of Media Studies (PG) of Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous), Bengaluru, organised an Online Reading quiz on June 19 on the occasion of National Reading Day for the postgraduate students via the Zoom Platform at 4 pm.

The programme coordinator of PG, Dr Juby Thomas, and the class teacher of first-year PG students presided over the event. Haptarshi Roy Saikia and Abhiram JP of MA Journalism and Mass Communication were the quiz masters.

The quiz consisted of around 40 questions. "Who wrote the famous book 'We The People'?" was the first question, and Kritika Mohinta of MA Journalism and Mass Communication answered, "Nanabhoy Palkhivala" and won the first point.

Students excitedly chimed in with answers to questions ranging from asking guessing the authors of famous books and other media-related questions. Several students reaped points, and after totalling, Prathana Neoge was titled as the winner of the quiz.

The event ended with a concluding note from Dr Juby Thomas. She spoke about the importance of reading and urged everyone to read the Constitution of India to be aware of the rights bestowed on the Indian citizens.

Finally, the vote of thanks was given by one of the quiz masters, Abhiram JP. He thanked the college, Principal Rev. Fr. Augustine and the Dean of Humanities Dr Gopakumar for encouraging them to organise the event.

International Day for Biological Diversity 2021- Intra Collegiate Fest
On the occasion of International Biological Diversity Day, Department of Media studies (PG) organized ON REC Media Fest 2021 through virtual mode on 22 May 2021. The theme of this fest was “We are part of the solution #for nature”. The idea behind choosing this as a theme was to draw student’s attention towards the fact that biodiversity continues to be the answer for a significant number of sustainable development challenges. The fest provided a platform to the creative minds with artistic challenges to empower them to think beyond boundaries and it also aims at bringing the best talent among the students.

The valedictory session was held at 4.30pm. Dr Sakila Nongmeikapam, Assistant Professor, Department of Media Studies (PG), Kristu Jayanti College gave the valedictory address. Dr Juby Thomas, Head, Department of Media Studies (PG) felicitated the organisers and the participants. Throughout her speech, she encouraged the budding journalist to think differently and think out of the box. She also mentioned the significance of competitions a in a student’s life and how events are helpful in providing students with a great learning experience. She also motivated the students and appreciated the class animator for organizing such an important event and the participants for their enthusiastic participation.

The results for the events were announced, with enthusiastic applause and encouragement from the audience. The events, namely, Best reporter, Best TV News Anchor, Best RJ and Best Cartoonist, the submissions were taken through Google forms. The competition was opened to all first year MA Journalism & Mass Communication students. Media. Twelve students participated in the ON REC Media Fest and the winners were awarded. The students who received the awards in the four categories were:

Best Reporters – Rumi Besra and Swetha Prasad
Best TV News Anchor – Karan Ashwath
Best RJ and Best Cartoonist – Chanchal V Thilakan
The response for the fest was heartening as the entries received from the young competitors left an positive impression on everyone associated with the event.

E- Magazine iCAN releases at the 44th Edition of Vichaarmanthan
‘iCAN’, an e-magazine from the Department of Media Studies was released at the 44th Edition of Vichaarmathan on 18 December 2020. The chief guest, a renowned professor in the field of development communication Dr. Srinivas R Melkote and Fr. Dr. Augustine George, Principal, Kristu Jayanti College virtually released the e-magazine “ iCAN” in the presence of more than 800 students, faculty members and students from other institutions from various parts of India.

The e-magazine was released after a one-hour enlightening talk by Dr. Srinivas Melkote, Professor Emeritus, School of Media and Communication Bowling Green State University, USA on the “Role and Place of Communication in Development: Implications for the Field”.

iCAN is an e-magazine initiated by post graduate students of Journalism and Mass Communication (MA JMC), Department of Media Studies to create awareness about the various aspects of COVID-19 and to provide invaluable information about the pandemic. The initiative is a part of the continuation of the noble initiatives taken at Kristu Jayanti College, both offline and online to support neighbourhood community and its stakeholders in response to the current pandemic situation.

The Department of Media Studies, Kristu Jayanti College organises the prestigious “Vichaarmanthan” programme every year, inviting dynamic global and Indian visionaries to impart insightful knowledge and generate stimulating dialogues on the significant role of media and communication in contemporary society.

Kindly find iCAN 2020 Magazine link from Kristu Jayanti College Server.

Wellness hour for I MA JMC students
The students of the first-year JMC course conducted an hour-long wellness session to bond and interact with their classmates and their class animator Dr. Juby Thomas on 20th OCtober at 3.00 pm. The event, conducted over the Zoom platform, was hosted by J Padmaja, a student of the class.M

Padmaja started the meeting by conducting a treasure hunt. The students were given 45 seconds to find and show objects that were yellow, sharp, spherical or unusual. While some could find all the objects that matched the criteria, a few were unable to do so. Nonetheless, this game ensured the participation of all attendees and served as an effective ice- breaker for the session.

The next challenge was to solve a puzzle displayed for them on the screen. Participants were also encouraged to guess the words associated with that puzzle. This was followed by another game in which students had to extract as many smaller words as possible from a bigger word that was cued on the screen.

The last game of the session was ‘Continue the Story’. The host started the game by displaying a phrase on the screen while the students took turns to continue the story by adding other phrases to it. Although the completed story was quite different from the one they started with, it presented them with an opportunity to unleash their creativity.

The success of the first wellness hour prompted students to plan the consecutive sessions with a different host every week to guarantee the participation of all students in the class.

Group Discussion on Relevance of Gandhian Thoughts in 21st century
“Relevance of Gandhian Thoughts in 21st century" a group discussion was organized by the third semester MA JMC students on 2nd October 2020 to enlighten the different aspects of Gandhian thoughts with regard to the present day scenario.

The final year students of MA JMC started the discussion by touching various aspects of Gandhian ideologies. Gandhi as the prophet of future of technology was highlighted by Bal Francina, a final year, MA JMC student by referring to Gandhi’s book ' Swaraj'. “Gandhi's vision of the secular state is a place where religious values and discourse are cherished and respected in all spheres of life, the public as well as private, but no religion is allowed to dominate the other, " stated Nishitha S Phirangi, final year MA JMC student while highlighting Gandhi’s views on secularism, and also reminded “Our constitution is a ray of HOPE, H for Harmony, O for opportunity, P people's participation and E for equality". Ms Aileen Sara Jacob, final year MA JMC student led the discussion on Gandhi's vision on women empowerment, “He was of the opinion that until and unless women develop with regard to knowledge and education, they can't find a proper place in society and economic fields”. And she concluded by saying even today the struggle continues.

Gandhian approach to untouchability, working conditions in the 21st century, and ideas on the Swadeshi movement by Gandhi its relevance today and Gandhian thoughts on humanity were also echoed during the discussion. “Gandhi's view on economics is idea of swadeshi, mechanization, industrialization, trusteeship, villagism and decentralization of economy” mentioned Joyce Joyson and Sristy Chhetri, focused on the idea “ Nature belongs to everyone and no one should get more or less of it rather it should be equal”. With examples from real life Mayank Kabtiyal, final year MA JMC student addressed the need to adopt Non-Violence for a better world and the participants posed a question on the recent rape incidents. Senorita Lakra, final year MA JMC student engaged all the participants in a pledge regarding Swacch Bharat Abhiyan. "I will not litter and will not let others do so".

The program was initiated by Ms. Nishitha Phirangi and Gopinath K M the student coordinators under the guidance of Dr Juby Thomas, coordinator, Media Studies (PG).

With the involvement of faculty members and first year MA JMC, the group discussion was successfully conducted to enlighten the minds of the students with the ever green Gandhian thoughts. Prof. Abraham, Prof. Aby Augustine, Prof. Anju Michael and Dr Sakila were the other faculty members present.

Value Added Course
The Department of Media Studies (PG) commences its 14-day Value Added Course (VAC) from 14 September to 28 September. The VAC in Cultural Studies and Semiotics are particularly offered for Master in Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC) students who have enrolled for the academic year 2020-2021, aiming to enable students to inculcate research skills and critical thinking.

“The objective of providing Value Added Course (VAC) for fresher is to nurture research skills and critical thinking and also aims to provide a better understanding of society and culture among the students”, said Dr. Juby Thomas, coordinator, Media Studies-PG.

The first day of the program saw student’s engagement and active participation, making the classes interactive and beneficial for the students. ‘The sessions were “inspiring and engaging”, and the best way to start one’s academic journey’, Karan Ashwath, I semester student told us when asked about his feedback on the first day of VAC classes. The thirty-hour VAC program will have three sessions a day from 9:15 a.m-1:15 pm.

Dr. Juby Thomas, along with Prof. Anju Michael, Prof. Aby Augustine, and Prof. Sreesanth from the Department of Media Studies will discuss multi-dimensions on cultural studies and the applications of semiotics in communication research.

The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of Kristu Jayanti College in association with the Department of Media Studies, Christ BRG Campus, organised Twilight Talks – a month-long online lecture series from May 6 to May 30, 2020. The collaborative platform brought 21 accomplished resource persons from the media industry and academics to share their experiences and insights. The half an hour online session on every evening provided an interactive platform for the media students to interact with them.

The webinar series began on May 6 with a lecture on the ‘role of media in the time of crisis’ by Mr Dominic D’Souza, Vice President, Legal Regulatory with the Hinduja Ventures and former journalist. He explained the trends in media during the time of the pandemic. He also presented the challenges faced by the media and also the ethics that needs to uphold during crisis and distress situation. In the following day, Prof Umesh Arya, Life Coach, Healer and Corporate Trainer, Media Teacher took a session on 'Fact-Checking and Data Verification' where he introduced students various fact-checking tools and methods. The first week of Twilight Talks also had sessions from Dr K G Suresh, Director General at Indian Institute of Mass Communication and Mrinal Chatterjee journalist-turned-media academician.

The second week of Twilight Talk had six prominent speakers from different areas of journalism. The second week started a talk with Mr Arun PR, a screenplay writer, a director associated Malayalam film industry, who shared his journey from a screenplay writer to director. Ms Keya Acharya, President of the Forum of Environmental Journalists in India (FEJI) spoke about environmental journalism and Mr Vasuki Belavadi author and a Faculty Fellow, UNESCO Chair on Community Media at the University of Hyderabad expressed his views about ‘Fake news: Newsfeed and Diffusion of Misinformation.’

Mr Ravi Kumar Dhulipala imparted his insights to the budding media enthusiasts about the scope of anchoring as a profession. Students got a glimpse of ‘ scope of digital advertising ‘ through the informative interactive session by Sherya Krishnan, VP – Marketing and Communications. Bhargav Roy, Technical Director at Doordarshan, talked on the changes happening in the post-production stage in television and broadcast industry.

The third week series of Twilight Talk has five experts. Mr Arun Bose, writer-director shared his journey and experience in the film industry. Following days had a session from Mr Anup Menon and Ms Kavya Narayan, Client Servicing, DNA Entertainment who shared insights about their areas of expertise in media. Ms Kavya explained in details about planning events and making a career out of it. Prof Manu Chakravarthy, an author, gave an insightful talk on the wonders of cinema. He explained how the concept of time was experimented by different filmmakers. Dr Juby Thomas, Faculty of Kristu Jayanti College provide a positive talk about the future of journalism and its scope.

The last week of Twilight Talk had insightful sessions by various experts. Dr Tan Ee Lyn, a veteran investigative journalist spoke about her journey in the field of journalism. Her talk had an insight into the eastern perspective of journalism, especially when covering the crisis. The following day had a session by Dr Ashwini Falnikar, Faculty Christ Deemed to be University. She session covered the topics of government, communities and communication which were always interlinked for the development of the nation. She shared her ten years of work in different areas in the country and how it benefitted the communities. On May 27, Wednesday, Mr Joseph Ammakutty Jose, RJ Radio Mirchi, shared tips on how to be an effective RJ. He said a good storytelling skill is essential to connect with the audience. The following day’s session was by Mr Adarsh Nalam, independent content strategist and PR Consultant who spoke in detail about the PR industry, media developments, shifts in agencies and branding tactics to the audience. The last session of the Twilight Talks was by Mr Edison Thomas, Editor, Indulge-New Indian Express Supplement, Chennai. He said print media has a long way to go and audience trust print because the information in the newspaper is validated and verified.

The twenty-one day long online lecture series ended on May 30, Friday. It connected more than two-hundred journalism students and academicians of Kristu Jayanti College and Christ University. In the pandemic crisis, the Twilight Talks helped to provide well-rounded understanding about the role of media and journalism and the changing trends in the coming future.

For almost 1.5 years the residents of Hennur, Narayanapura and Kothanur have been witnessing road menace in their localities. The roads have turned into a dust bowl. The dug up roads to lay pipes haven’t been repaired and the prolonged exposure to dust and pollution has invited a lot of health concerns. The Jayantians’ decided to take a step to create awareness. Final year BA JPENG students organized a voluntary ‘free mask distribution campaign’ to create awareness on the seriousness of the issue on February 7, 2020; in the tri-junction of K.Narayanapura Cross. The news about the campaign was published in 15 newspapers and TV channels in Kannada, English, Malayalam, Marathi and Hindi for seven continuous days.

During this initiative students interacted with shopkeepers, vegetable vendors and bakery owners. Majority of them reported a drop in their business due to dust and the inability to display the products due to dusty air. Security guards of the nearby apartments and other offices were on the view that a single mask is insufficient to them and such initiatives by students are highly beneficial to them due to the nature of their job.

The campaign also intended to build a positive attitude towards wearing a mask, this awareness campaign aimed by students enhanced a positive attitude. Students of Journalism from Kristu Jayanti College, Autonomous saved their pocket money to help people around K.Narayanapura beat air pollution by supplying masks. Their independent efforts are really commendable to empower the pedestrians, students, auto drivers and the shopkeepers who are exposed to air pollution.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little Extra!!! And Kristu Jayanti College always goes the extra mile to make its students into socially responsible citizens and this initiative is proof of it.

The students of Kristu Jayanti College celebrated the importance of life among the underprivileged fellow beings. A three day campaign in Bengaluru was organized by the final year undergraduate students of Journalism. The campaign began with paying respect to the elders in the society and commemorated their contributions. With a theme “Light amidst the Darkness,” a three-hour programme was conducted at Gunella Preethi Nivas – Home for the old on January 16 and 17, 2019 to bringing hope, light and joy to the elderly members of the home for the old. “We were overwhelmed by the positive response from the members, as an elderly gentleman expressed his gratitude on behalf of the house. He also encouraged us to be strong, bold and passionate in all our endeavors as they consider us as the future of the nation,” opined Yana Sylvester, a final year student.

“The purpose of the campaign was to nurture kindness and compassion among the students and teach them to make a difference in their local community after the college hours. Around 150 students actively participated in the campaign and it was overwhelming to see them spreading happiness in the life of the deprived fellow beings in the neighborhood,” opined Dr. Juby Thomas, coordinator for the campaign.

The three-day campaign ended on January 20, 2019, with an exclusive gathering of Jayantians at JMJ Sneha Sadan Children’s Home. It ended with mirth and fun abound as all the children were treated to delicious snacks and gifts that enlightened them. The students empowered the children to shape their story, where organizers, as well as the children, enjoyed a great deal with much exuberance and enthusiasm. The little ones relished an evening of entertaining activities which included fun games, dancing, and sing-offs where the children were able to showcase their talents in different ways. “Seeing the smiles on their faces just made our day,” said Diya Ann, a final year Journalism student of Kristu Jayanti College. “Parting ways with them was the most painful part,” she added.

Being able to dance together in unity was the highlight of the campaign; each and every one who were part of the initiative learnt the value of unity and friendships and that no obstacle can put an end to one’s happiness as long as they’re in unison. Every single student jumped and leaped and laughed wholeheartedly with the children and elderly members, proving that age does not act as a barrier between them.

Rural exposure program organized for MA Journalism students

Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Kristu Jayanti College, Bengaluru organized a rural exposure programme for the second semester MA JMC students in Kesaregere Village, Mallur district on December 17, 2018. The first part of the journey was to the Government Higher Primary School, Kesaregere. The school has 102 students. Journalism students conducted parallel sessions on health and hygiene for the children. They also taught them basic communication skills and rhymes. A group of students were involved in painting the benches, desks and walls of the school and also helping in cooking for the children. Several indoor and outdoor games were organized. Outdoor games like musical chair, lemon and spoon race, throw ball and kabaddi were organized for the children.

In the afternoon students were split into various groups and went to each house in the village and conducted a media exposure survey. The program ended with a valedictory session in the school at 3.30 PM. Dr. Juby Thomas, faculty coordinator for the program presided over the function. Mr. Venkatesh, The Headmaster, two teachers Sarasvati S V and Muniratna distributed the prizes to the winners.

Rural Exposure Program
The Department of Mass communication and Journalism organized a rural exposure program for the first and second year postgraduate students on 27 February 2018. Students visited Byalahalli, a village located at Kolar District. The day began with a formal session with the teachers and the students in the government school. Drawing, craft and sports competitions were conducted for the students in the school. Journalism students made all possible ways to create awareness on various safety tips and conducted sessions on spoken English and ethical values.

In the afternoon students were split into various groups and went to each house in the village and conducted a media exposure survey. The program ended with a valedictory session at 4.00 Pm in the school and Prof. Juby Thomas distributed prizes to the school children.

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