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The students of Kristu Jayanti College celebrated the importance of life among the underprivileged fellow beings. A three day campaign in Bengaluru was organized by the final year undergraduate students of Journalism. The campaign began with paying respect to the elders in the society and commemorated their contributions. With a theme “Light amidst the Darkness,” a three-hour programme was conducted at Gunella Preethi Nivas – Home for the old on January 16 and 17, 2019 to bringing hope, light and joy to the elderly members of the home for the old. “We were overwhelmed by the positive response from the members, as an elderly gentleman expressed his gratitude on behalf of the house. He also encouraged us to be strong, bold and passionate in all our endeavors as they consider us as the future of the nation,” opined Yana Sylvester, a final year student.

“The purpose of the campaign was to nurture kindness and compassion among the students and teach them to make a difference in their local community after the college hours. Around 150 students actively participated in the campaign and it was overwhelming to see them spreading happiness in the life of the deprived fellow beings in the neighborhood,” opined Dr. Juby Thomas, coordinator for the campaign.

The three-day campaign ended on January 20, 2019, with an exclusive gathering of Jayantians at JMJ Sneha Sadan Children’s Home. It ended with mirth and fun abound as all the children were treated to delicious snacks and gifts that enlightened them. The students empowered the children to shape their story, where organizers, as well as the children, enjoyed a great deal with much exuberance and enthusiasm. The little ones relished an evening of entertaining activities which included fun games, dancing, and sing-offs where the children were able to showcase their talents in different ways. “Seeing the smiles on their faces just made our day,” said Diya Ann, a final year Journalism student of Kristu Jayanti College. “Parting ways with them was the most painful part,” she added.

Being able to dance together in unity was the highlight of the campaign; each and every one who were part of the initiative learnt the value of unity and friendships and that no obstacle can put an end to one’s happiness as long as they’re in unison. Every single student jumped and leaped and laughed wholeheartedly with the children and elderly members, proving that age does not act as a barrier between them.

Rural exposure program organized for MA Journalism students

Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Kristu Jayanti College, Bengaluru organized a rural exposure programme for the second semester MA JMC students in Kesaregere Village, Mallur district on December 17, 2018. The first part of the journey was to the Government Higher Primary School, Kesaregere. The school has 102 students. Journalism students conducted parallel sessions on health and hygiene for the children. They also taught them basic communication skills and rhymes. A group of students were involved in painting the benches, desks and walls of the school and also helping in cooking for the children. Several indoor and outdoor games were organized. Outdoor games like musical chair, lemon and spoon race, throw ball and kabaddi were organized for the children.

In the afternoon students were split into various groups and went to each house in the village and conducted a media exposure survey. The program ended with a valedictory session in the school at 3.30 PM. Dr. Juby Thomas, faculty coordinator for the program presided over the function. Mr. Venkatesh, The Headmaster, two teachers Sarasvati S V and Muniratna distributed the prizes to the winners.

Rural Exposure Program
The Department of Mass communication and Journalism organized a rural exposure program for the first and second year postgraduate students on 27 February 2018. Students visited Byalahalli, a village located at Kolar District. The day began with a formal session with the teachers and the students in the government school. Drawing, craft and sports competitions were conducted for the students in the school. Journalism students made all possible ways to create awareness on various safety tips and conducted sessions on spoken English and ethical values.

In the afternoon students were split into various groups and went to each house in the village and conducted a media exposure survey. The program ended with a valedictory session at 4.00 Pm in the school and Prof. Juby Thomas distributed prizes to the school children.

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